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The Arab Woman with the Egyptian Blue Bra

Updated on July 6, 2012

It is a shocking video of an Egyptian woman being stripped of her abaya during the recent Tahrir Square demonstrations against the military rulers. During the melee, the woman was stomped on and her blue bra was exposed to the world like a beaming light. The video is said to have been recorded by another woman with striking blonde hair who herself was attacked by the crowd or police.

The disgrace of exposing this woman's blue bra went viral across the Middle East and it has galvanized women everyone to stand up against authorities and oppression regardless of gender.

Women in the Middle East, despite all the propaganda of being put on a pedestal "close to God" that Islam states, suffer this sort of thing all the time. Foreign women are subjected to it as well and many men secretly think rape, if they can get away with it, especially in Arab countries. Women in these countries where the abaya is required provides a very false sense of security to them once the abaya is removed. The whole purpose of the abaya is to disguise what the woman truly looks like. If police or other men think nothing of it, they do not respect it and do what the police did: rip it off and expose the woman for lustful purposes. Even women news reporters in this area of the world are subjected to fondling and sexual assault from Arab men, especially foreign women. Arab men lust for blond hair, since it occurs very little in the Arab world naturally. Why do they have harems, if they truly worship the woman inside an abaya?

The attitudes of men in the Arab world may sympathize with the woman in the blue bra, they can easily turn into a hypocrite, as a woman without the abaya passes by and they eye her with lust.

After the blue bra event, thousands of Egyptian women protested in Tahrir Square to end the military rule in Egypt and oppression against women.

The only thing that happened was an apology from the government and that ONLY happened after the video went viral across the world's Internet.


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    • Darkproxy profile image

      Darkproxy 5 years ago from Ohio

      she got it almost as bad as the men who were killed protesting