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The Women's March of Irrelevance

Updated on January 21, 2017

So, this morning my husband went out to get breakfast to bring home. He went to Wawa because they have good breakfast sandwiches and while there he was sadly assaulted with the sight of several women going to the Women’s March on Washington. In fact it was a bus load. They were between the ages of 55 and infinity. That is who is marching today in DC and all over the country today, the screaming vestiges of the second wave feminist movement and their underlings.

When I see these mostly unattractive women screaming about abortion, and their issues with misandry I have several thoughts. It looks like a Nuremberg Rally for the National Misandrist Fascist Party. Their uniform is anything dowdy, ugly and dirty, their hair uncombed or if they happen to be younger dyed blue of various shades. You can tell they have had huge issues with men in their lives. They should be carrying signs that say Daddy didn’t love me enough, Daddy didn’t pay attention to me, my husband dumped me for the pretty blonde who looks like a woman etc. They are pathetic.

First off carrying a sign that says My Body My Choice and you look like a dump truck is cringe worthy. Why? Because usually the idiot carrying the sign looks like she’s never known a man in her life. Yes we know it’s your body and your choice. You chose to quote a great movie, POORLY! Look sign carrying loon, your choices are plethora, like washing, shaving, dressing well. Not difficult tasks. Your mother taught you those things, right? I mean its basic hygiene! USE IT!

Of course there’s the SS Obersturmbahnfuhrer of the Feminist movement and the Abortion death camp commanding officer, Cecile Richards with her short Reinhard Heydrich style military hair cut and expensive uniform like wardrobe droning on about saving Directive 66, AKA Planned Parenthood. And don’t tell me Abortion isn’t one of the things Planned Parenthood provides. That is a lie because that is literally almost all they do provide. The other big lie is the that birth control pills are not a huge risk to women. For heavens sake the Pill is a class 1 carcinogen! Look that up if you don’t believe me.

Yes, dried up old hags marching carrying signs about Trump grabbing your whatever you look ridiculous. First of all most of you are beyond make over status. I have seen enough photos to understand what we are dealing with is a large group of very emotionally unhealthy broads who wear their emotional issues on their faces and on their bodies. In fact it’s a flock of batshit crazies and no thorazine to be had. Am I mocking you? Yes. Why? You are marching for no reason. Your rights have not gone anywhere. Why are you out making fools of yourselves? I mean really, do you honestly really believe you aren’t equal? Do any of you even know what that word even means? It appears to this opinionista that none of you do. If you did you’d be home doing something productive, you would be at work. You would be living your lives in the full knowledge that you are as free as a woman has ever been in world history. But still here you are, a thundering herd of feminazi cows running roughshod over the rest of us and emasculating every man you can find.

I have talked about this before but you are misandrists and no dears ITS NOT OK! It is never ok. Ever. Hate is hate and just because you imagine oppression does not give any of you feminists the right to spew hate at a group you think is to blame for your miserable existence. You are likely to blame for most of it. You screech about choice and then blame everybody else for your issues which you caused yourselves. Please give me a break.

Want to know why I despise all of you so much. It’s because your game was tired 40 years ago. It is because I looked around at what reality was and heard the older women in my life and wondered why they were so angry. It is because I knew they were lying to themselves, to me and everybody around them about how awful their lives were.They became irrelevant to me and are becoming irrelevant to women all over the country. We are sick of this abuse of not only our femininity but the men in our lives.

A long time ago there was a lady on NPR who would start out her monologue in the mornings saying “Men are scum.” I can’t remember her name but I remember feeling really disgusted by the claim. My dad was not scum, my brothers were not scum, and my uncles were not scum. In fact it wasn’t till college that I discovered that there are some pretty bad guys and realized that my involvement with them was part of my doing. In fact I had a choice. No one coerced me to date that jerk. I dated him because that was my foolishness. And I learned eventually not to make those asinine choices. Weird. And it’s funny how I discovered that I was always the common denominator in that equation. The moment I realized it was me, I stopped.

I also have a question: I see a lot of Muslim women screeching on the platforms at these marches about equality why aren’t they rioting over honor killings, rapes, genital mutilation etc.? That’s where feminists should be confronting radical Islam and Sharia but no, not you females. No, you geniuses are crying about locker room talk. Really? Seriously? So, I guess none of you ever hung out with a bunch of Alphas huh? Can’t deal with guys being guys huh? Wow you are all so strong and powerful. Insert eye roll. Look if you can’t hold your own with the guys and get your large underwear in a twist over guys being guys you are neither strong nor powerful.

To me you are all just a sad remnant of a dying cause. Your cause is losing its power. Young women every day are walking away from feminism. We realize you never did anything for us besides cause us to doubt ourselves, devalue our sexuality, and create a world that has ruined the relationships between men and women. You don’t speak for me nor have you ever spoken for me or any of my friends. You attack prolife women and ignore the suffering women who have had abortions go through. When a woman learns to fire a gun for self-protection you act like it’s the worst thing she can do yet if she’s murdered by her stalker, or has a confrontation with somebody breaking into her home while her husband’s away you ignore that. You really would rather have us be victims because it furthers your platform of misandry. You act like the road to hell you have paved is none existent and yet you walk that road and your daughters and sons walk that road. It’s not just pitiable, its sick and I for one refuse to stay silent. I am going to remind you of your irrelevance everyday of my life because that is where you are going and have been going for decades. It is over. We are through with all of you.


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