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The World Has to Change

Updated on December 30, 2014

2015- Bring a change

Another year has come and gone and the next year 2015 has arrived to be welcomed by us.Just like every time even this year has got chances of just passing by without bringing any change,by the word change I don't mean a scientific change but rather a social change what the world is asking for, what our mother Earth is asking for.

Modernization has definitely been great for our society but it has even been accompanied by many social failures for humans which includes many social problems.The birthplace of all these problems is poverty. Poverty is the one which leads to all other problems which includes many horrifying crimes as well.

Money has become one of the most important component of today's world. In the present world it is not possible to live without money as it is a necessary devil. You need money to get yourself a shelter, food, clothes and in fact each and everything which is necessary for your survival in this world. Those who don't have the support of this devil in their lives have to unfortunately get themselves forced into the world of crime to get some money. Money is even believed to be like a bottle of beer, once you finish one bottle you would like to have more of it.

We can definitely say that money is the reason that leads to many crimes and to the devastation of our sumptuous world. But just like each coin has two phases even money can be used for good as well. When people give up their wishes of just amassing wealth and would start sharing it with those who are in need of it , they can make the world as beautiful as paradise is. The once who are having surplus money should start giving it away in charity as their little contribution can bring smiles to many faces by giving a life to them.

Facts say that 25% of the deaths in our society is due to poverty.99% of the crimes occur in our society either due to lack of money or because of its greed. 30 % of the people in the world cant support themselves and their family financially. By sharing or rather donating our wealth we all can reduce the numbers of deaths, crimes and bring happiness to many faces.

You may at times think that you donating money cannot bring a change in the society as it is believed that one individual cannot bring a change, but this is not the truth. About 1000 years ago it was believed that its only the birds which can fly and not humans but with the passage of time this believe has been proven wrong. If you donate then many other would look at you and be inspired by you to donate as well. This cycle will lead to a great change in the world.

There are still people in our society who believe in sharing their wealth as by sharing their wealth they sharing their happiness with others. Would you like a world free of poverty and all sort of crimes, obviously you would and for this all of us have to work together hand in hand. To bring a change we have to be the change.

Let us all welcome 2015 with open arms.Let us make 2015 a great year for all of us and. The year 2015 stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting desperately to be written. Let us all together make this chapter the best one yet in human history by demolishing the world of crime totally. Lets fight and win the war against the criminal world this year. Lets make a difference.



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