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The World Needs an America That Leads

Updated on August 17, 2015

A world in turmoil needs American leadership.

Two unthinkable things occurred in the last few months, a quasi-accord with Iran, the world’s chief financier and supporter of terrorism and the US opening relations with Cuba. Unthinkable because none of this is actually good for the United States of America. The US has spent almost a decade without leadership, and when the current administration does make a stand it is always against the best interest of the nation.

I am reminded of the 1970’s when Carter became President and the world seemed to devolve into chaos. It was a few years after the end of the Vietnam War, and a new very real and unimagined enemy suddenly had raised its ugly head, Islamic Terrorism. And we still had the Evil Empire that was the Soviet Union to contend with. America was without an anchor, without a leader. We felt vulnerable and weak.

Jimmy Carter, like Barack Obama wanted to reach out to people who were not our friends, and our friends, such as the Shah of Iran were left in the lurch. We stood by when the so called Islamic Revolution in Iran swept the Shah from power and replaced the secular government with a radical Shiite led theocracy whose leader, the Ayatollah Khomeini preached the most vile hate for our ally Israel and ourselves. He literally called us the Great Satan and Israel was the little Satan. Iran held Americans they had captured at our embassy hostage for 444 days, from November 4, 1979, till January 20th, 1981.

Beyond Carter’s effete dealings with the Iranian situation, he failed to see what his weak stand would create. Iran like other terrorist states wanted to import their so called Revolution, and they did import their Revolution, to Lebanon and elsewhere. Hezbollah aka the Party of Allah was an offshoot of the Iranian government and Lebanon devolved into chaos. When one thinks about it this is exactly the kind of thing that occurs when American fails to lead.

The Soviet Union a little more than 6 weeks after the Iranian students took over the US Embassy in Tehran invaded Afghanistan. They took Carter’s weakness for what it was, weakness. Again more issues would come up later because a democrat President failed to take a stand in the present crisis. In the killing fields of the Russians war in Afghanistan, Al Qaida was born. History shows what failed American leadership creates: It creates chaos.

Because American leadership has retreated from the world since 2009 like we did in 1977, we again have a world in disarray. Obama’s retreat from Iraq bore the rise of ISIS. His administrations failed leadership during the Arab Spring led to Benghazi. Other enemies such as Russia, China and Iran are taking advantage of the vacuum left in America’s absence.

We need now what we needed in 1979, a vastly different kind of leader. A leader who understands our enemies, our national defense issues, our national security problems. From domestic energy production to counter terrorism, to rebuilding the military and taking all threats to our national defense seriously we have a man who has the morals, integrity, experience and courage to do all of that and more: Rick Perry.

This is about leadership. About understanding what the stakes are and how high those stakes are on the world stage. Rick Perry’s experience as Governor of Texas more than qualifies him to be president. How many out there know he is an Air Force veteran, a C130 pilot who retired with an honorable discharge as a Captain. Those years as an Air Force officer showed him what our military was like with a lack of direction from Washington. No morale, no leadership, a US military merely going through the motion.

Rick Perry is the longest serving governor in Texas history and those years he spent in the Texas statehouse were not merely spent handling Texas domestic issues but he also spent time meeting foreign leaders, going out of his way to help allies like Israel, to securing the US/Mexico border when Obama would not.

Rick Perry views the world as many Americans see the world and that is a world better served by an America that takes charge. He knows American leadership once more can make changes for the better by leading. With a robust military, a concise counter terrorism strategy, to dealing with our enemies from a place of moral clarity and sound judgement Rick Perry is the one person who can get the job done because he’s been preparing for it his whole life whether he realized it or not. This is our moment to get an election right. Our future depends on it. The world needs an America that leads. Rick Perry is the man to lead us.


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