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The XM-25 Individual Airburst Weapon System - Changing the Face of Ground Warfare Today

Updated on April 12, 2013
XM-25 | Source

I don't get excited about war, I don't think many people do. There are very few things about the war in Iraq and Afghanistan that interest me. I thank the soldiers that risk and lose their lives to fight for freedom, and human rights, no matter what soil they live on. They have more courage and conviction than I could ever hope to have.

That being said the introduction of the XM-25 Sniper Rifle is the most innovative, amazing weapon I've ever seen. This weapon, that is in the field TODAY, is going to change the way a ground war is fought.

Imagine for a moment that your enemy could hit and kill you behind any cover. Rocks, walls, it doesn't matter, not if your enemy is carrying the new XM-25.

The XM-25 is essentially a grenade launcher. A very smart grenade launcher with a laser rangefinder that is used to determine the exact distance of a target. The user can then manually adjust the exact distance the round will travel before detonation. The grenade tracks the distance traveled by the number of spiral rotations it makes. It can be shot through a window of a building and then detonate inside the room. It can be shot over the heads of someone hiding behind a rock and detonate above them. This weapon is the first of it's kind, the first weapon to be used in the field by infantry that utilizes smart technology.

The US army began field testing the XM-25 in Afghanistan in the summer of 2010.

Innovation at it's best without a doubt. This weapon will absolutely change the way war is fought. The only part that scares meĀ is the thought of this technology falling into the wrong hands and being used against us.


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