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Trump The Terrorist: The Next Hitler

Updated on March 25, 2016

The Next Hitler.

Mitt Romney says that his campaign against Donald Trump is a result of hypothetically wondering how he would answer his grandchildren when they ask ‘What did you do to stop Donald Trump?’ This is a call to arms, and not the only one, with many who are against Trump asking people to help stop him: Anonymous, John Oliver, many social media influencers. So this is just my step to aid those endeavouring to stop him.

I just want to show people that everything that is happening now has happened before. People have compared Trump to Hitler and Its easy to draw parallels between Hitler’s attack of the Jews with Trump’s attack of Muslims and Mexicans. But the reasons behind this prejudice is exactly the same too.

In the modern era, we have an inbuilt fear of Muslim terrorists. Sadly some people drop the head word of that noun phrase and just hate on the Muslim faith in general. Trump preys of this inbuilt fear of the Muslims very well and has the whole country rallying to his side. This caused attacks on Muslims shops and wide-spread violence, just like when Hitler organised the night of broken glass in 1936. Hating Jews also wasn't an original concept when Hitler used that to his advantage, and used them as a scape goat for a lot of the economic problems.

Now I’m not saying Trump doesn’t hate terrorists. I’m just saying he blames Muslims as a whole for 9:11, and the attacks on Paris and Brussels. Just like Hitler blamed the Jews for losing WWI and the signing of the treaty of Versailles, which is completely uncalled for.

Trump The Terrorist

I decide to write this because of the resent attacks in Brussels. When the attacks in Paris happened, Trump used his policy to ban of Muslims entering the country to get a lot of support.

These people are monsters. They are extremists that don’t speak for a whole religion and a whole area of the world. They do these things - kill people, threaten Heathrow, attack major cities – because they are unable to break us on a massive scale and stop us to believe in what we believe.

Anyone who attacks someone because of their religion and the colour of their skin is a terrorist. ISIS do this. They attack predominantly White Christian nations and strike fear into people, even Muslims, everywhere. They are terrorists. Donald Trump attacks the Muslim religion and throws wood onto the fire, igniting disequilibrium and scorches chances of peace. He is a Terrorist, or at the very least a fear-monger.

It’s important, not to show terrorist’s you are afraid. My little sister refuses to go to Cardiff, the capital of Wales, because she sees it as a potential target for terrorism. It is hard to communicate to her that by doing this, by refusing to go to a city, they win. It’s like trying to tell a toddler not to be afraid of the monster under the bed, or the dark, because you need to show yourself as brave before you can beat the hold these monsters have on you.

Donald Trump is painting the idea that he is the answer to this problem, but actually he is the complete opposite of that. We can’t let these monsters see us run into our parent’s room because we heard a noise, or run up the stairs after we turn off the light. We need to stand brave and strong. Because, once we do that, we remove Trump’s façade and see him as part of the problem.


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