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The Zodiac Killer and His Cipher from 50 years ago

Updated on January 5, 2021
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The Message From The Zodiac
The Message From The Zodiac

Well, well, well, 50 years later, a message from the American Serial Killer, Zodiac has been decoded by a team consisting of a Mathematician, a Web Designer, and a Logistician.

If you guys know about Who is Zodiac? And what are these codes all about? Then kindly move onto the last part about the Message Decoded recently. Or else just keep reading.

The Story of The Zodiac Killer

The Zodiac is an American Serial Killer, with most of his crimes being committed in the late 1960s and the early 1970s.

It has been predicted that he is responsible for over 37 murders, but only 5 of them are confirmed.

A Drawing of The Zodiac
A Drawing of The Zodiac

His first-ever confirmed murder was in 1968 when he approached the vehicle of a young couple and shot the man in the head and the running girl in the back. So, how did the police knew this was Zodiac? After some days, the Zodiac claimed the murder by sending police the information that only the murderer could have known. So they took his word and believed it was him.

Again in 1969, another young couple was killed, and the murder was claimed by Zodiac. He called the police and told them details about the murder.

The Picture from The Zodiac FIR Report
The Picture from The Zodiac FIR Report

Note: This is just like a just, for complete case report, check out this website -

This is when the suspicions started flowing, a similar incident happened way back in 1963, where a young couple was seen murdered on a beach, shot to death.

The man has been shot 11 times and the girl has been shot 9 times. Even though there was no evidence to prove this was the Zodiac, some people had their suspicions.

Another couple was gruesomely murdered by tying them in ropes and stabbing them again and again, fortunately, the man survived, but he was unable to give much information about the murder.

A 28-year-old taxi driver has also been shot to death in his car. The police thought this was a robbery attempt, until the San Francisco Chronicle received a letter from the Zodiac himself, claiming the murder of the taxi driver. There was also a piece of the taxi driver's shirt attached that he was wearing that night.

The Ciphers Sent By Zodiac Killer

July 31, 1969, was the day when Zodiac Started sending letters to the SF Chronicles. Some of the letters contained ciphers(a cryptogram), it's a puzzle that you need to solve to encode the message.

The 340- CipherJust when the police thought this could have been some information regarding the murderer or revealing his murder or his plans for the next murder, No, it was just a stupid showoff to keep the police engaged. The letters read things like " You will never find my name", " I like killing because it is so much fun".

The Cipher Sent BY Zodiac Killer
The Cipher Sent BY Zodiac Killer

The final letter by Zodiac came in 1974, which read " The Exorcist Movie was a Great Satirical Comedy". And after that suddenly the letters vanished, no signs of the Zodiac anywhere.

He just seems to have vanished into thin air.

But the police didn't stop their search for the killer. They had many suspicions. They even thought they had the man when Arthur Lee Allen was arrested.

If you have seen the movie or read the book, which you should, I would recommend everyone to read it, He was shown as the murderer ( The Zodiac). You can check the book at this link.

The Zodiac Movie Poster
The Zodiac Movie Poster

But in real life, even after 20 years of trying to find him, searching through his house, tracking him down, they were not able to find enough evidence to arrest him.

Even though he had a history of abusing children and showing hatred towards women, there was no clear evidence for the commitment of the murder. His DNA and the Handwriting didn't match with the ones in the letters. Allen was found dead in 1992 in his house.

Many people had their suspicions in the 1970s, but no one had clear evidence or proof to get them arrested. Until now, even after 50 years, the killer never got arrested and some of his messages are too tough to be decoded, even though they believed it had some useful information.

The Decoded Message

Ooff seems like I just drifted away too much from the real story title.

Anyways, 50 years later all this happened, group of 3 people, Samuel Blake, An Australian Mathematician, David Oranchak, An American Web Designer, and Jarl Van Eykeke, A Belgian Logistician were able to decode one of the messages sent by Zodiac called the 340 - Cipher using their program. This was a message sent by the Zodiac to the SF Chronicle.

Seems like they had to run a hefty amount of code just to stumble upon the final solution.

This is what the message says:

The mathematician explained that the Zodiac used different symbols for each letter and also instead of writing generally from left to right, the Zodiac used a diagonal way of writing. This is what made the message, so tough to decode.

Even though this message didn't have any vital information regarding the killer. The team of 3, are working on the next 2 ciphers sent by the Zodiac, hoping that they will find something significant. evidence

This is not the first-ever message sent by Zodiac that got decoded, In 1969, a message sent by the Zodiac was decoded by a school teacher and his wife, which read " I like killing because it is so much fun". But this was a pretty simple one compared to the one decoded now ( The 340-Cipher).

There has been some information too in the letters sent by Zodiac, but they were not able to find it at the perfect time.

In 1981, 10 years later, after a close examination of a letter sent by Zodiac in 1970 which had a cipher and a note at the bottom, which read " PS. The Mt.Diable code concerns Radians + #inches along the radians", Gareth Peun, a researcher noticed that the radian angle, when placed over the map as per the Zodiac's instructions pointed the location of his attacks.

Thanks for reading the article.


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