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The Zombie Flight of MH 370 Mystery

Updated on January 17, 2017

Evidence shows that the jet was flying around 284 mph when it plunged from 25,000 ft. altitude per minute. When the plane hit the Indian ocean, it literally was shattered into pieces. This was determined by computer simulations of last remaining flight data. The death spiral instantly ended 239 lives.

Can you even imagine what the last seconds were like? OMG.

Investigation of the wing flap found reveals that it was in a locked position, which can only occur if the pilot does so. This is different from the flaperon found in July 2015 on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean. This piece continually makes adjustments during the flight automatically without intervention or control of the pilot. The wing flap was found on Pemba Island near Tanzania. The flaperon was found 509 days after MH 370 vanished.

The locked state of the wing flap indicates that it was locked during the cruise in the last hours. This means the pilot was most probably incapacitated or dead and the plane was flying with no pilot until it ran out of fuel.

Search efforts have proved fruitless since it covers a 120,000 sq. kilometer search area. Search authorities ran extensive tests once the flaperon was found and using wind and ocean current data at the time the plane vanished. Using this information, they were able to backtrack the flaperon's movement across the ocean.

Now, the searchers are fairly certain where the missing flight is- between latitudes 32 to 36 degrees south, with a location close to 35 degrees south of particular interest.The final trajectory seems to be within 25 miles of either side of the 7th arc. It was not until the discovery of the wing flap in June 2016 and the flaperon that enabled researcher to create part drift models and backtrack them.

As of now, the search is halted due to winter conditions but will resume when permitting to focus search drones in the newly determined impact area.


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    • Charito1962 profile image

      Charito Maranan-Montecillo 

      21 months ago from Manila, Philippines

      Like everyone else, I am saddened by the loss of MH 370.

      Yes, it does remain a mystery. (And even I am puzzled!)

      Everyone aboard is presumed to be dead.

      I just hope the searchers will not give up. I hope more debris can be found as time goes by.

      I feel so sorry for the families of the passengers.


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