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Real Talk | Fixing government, poverty and the healthcare system

Updated on November 12, 2014

People stage government protests at Washington D.C. too

60,000-200,000 protesters of various ages demonstrated in San Francisco, 15 February 2003
60,000-200,000 protesters of various ages demonstrated in San Francisco, 15 February 2003 | Source

Government programs need to be changed & their policies

Many federally funded U.S. tax dollar programs such as the welfare program actually condition people to become much more dependent onto a system that doesn't truly have any real way out. Many families in the United States have been dependent on the welfare system for decades, these programs help folks yes, but they also hinder the chances for such physical impoverished areas in most U.S. cities to actually have potential to overcome poverty.

This sort of damned if you do, damned if you don't system is what is also known as the submission to pacification.

(As seen in the video up above JP Morgan Chase seeks to benefit off of the backs of that of the poor, and this is a serious matter to think about and to get corrected for sure.)


Modes of deception and lies as acts of Congress need to be changed

Laws are enacted that are to change the course of history for a certain defining moment in time, and definitely for that of the American people. What truth that lies in it all is something inherently undeniable, and that is most of the impoverished citizens of today and of that of the past had no choice in the matters at hand, nor did many of them care to even know what was occurring behind their backs, was about to occur, or what have you.

This is how congress really works in the eyes of those without power or a voice in Washington D.C., and if people are taught, and programmed to be dumb enough to accept anything, anything will go and fly over that of the masses. Such as all the De-regulations that occurred over time in the financial sectors without regard to any of it being wrong starting out. In fact it was the axe sort of speak in the end, that helped in a major way to bring much of the instability and utter collapse of the economy back in 2008. This all after the Bush Administration murdered our once healthy economy with an illegal 8 year Iraq war, and further De-regulations which was the deal sealer.

Adding the truest greed formulas of this commercial societies ways into the equation of things, most low income poverty stricken people have no chance to come up out of the sort of mental comma, they've been put in for decades. Many of them are brain washed by a dieing poor education system, they tend to copy whatever they see and hear from television that seems trendy as commercial buyers of artificial goods mostly.

Some drugs are a necesary evil and others are purely destructive

A child being immunized against polio.
A child being immunized against polio. | Source

Someone must pay the bills

So yes, in all effect the profits that have already been made for years on end, has indeed benefited the corporations responsible for corruption on the healthcare side of things.

This includes that of many US Government officials who should have been much more responsible, but neglected to care, to do the inspections they were being paid to do and all. (Today the USDA was forced to crack down, after years of De-regulations as well)

Those who worked in positions of staffing, medical offices, medical practitioners, and all those who've been placed strategically to simply apply temporary bandages on the system itself. All of them need to step down and correct their wrong doings, and many of them have done so today, but more needs to be done about our dependency on processed foods.

Especially those who've been farming much of the genetically modified produce such as corn, which they converted to high fructose corn syrup, then added it to almost every food item, and product on the shelf. (HFCS is currently being removed from most food products, but was used in most processed foods for over 30 years and been killing us slowly)

The manufacturers of such harmful products that brought on all of these health issues in the first place, should pay for much of the health damages and life losses millions of people have incurred as a end result of being misled all of these years.

Why should such criminals get away with literally killing us slowly, as it appears their still doing today (Processed foods are still being sold on the shelf).

Watch the last video at the end of this article for extensive evidence.

How does the healthcare system and medical providers, drug companies, pharmaceutical feed off of the poor as well?

A great deal of Americans are nutrient deficient who live in pure poverty, and even those folks whom were once considered to be so-called living well off are as well today. Most of them truly have no idea what it means to their immune systems to consume what is known as fresh organic foods (Look for PLU Codes on your grocers fruits and vegetable produce stands - link to an article to understand more), raw foods, and wholefoods which aren't processed at some laboratory, warehouse, or factory. Being born chemically dependent in every way shape and form is rough on any biological system, and definitely on that of the human body.

Many of these folks have been mentally conditioned to reject any kind of organic health knowledge merely by their taste buds alone, and since most artificial food products that are harmful to them are designed in laboratories to appeal to their sense of taste, smell and with artificial sweeteners, colors, unhealthy starches, fats and salts.

Most Americans are overweight (Many of us are morbidly obese), and a great deal of them suffer from some sort of physical ailment, mental disorder, diseases, are on some type of medication due to consuming such unhealthy foods and drinks. If the healthcare system truly cared these conditions wouldn't have ever existed in the first place in this country, and things are beginning to change, but for those who suffer the worst by being self consumed by the old ways of feeding themselves with poor nutrient processed foods, they still need re-education for the most part.

Then there's all the self destructive chemically dependent folks here who've been tricked into consuming mostly processed fast food items, addicted to alcohol, smoking, and many still using and pushing illegal drugs of all sorts of chemical substances that are hazardous to ones life.

The smoking of cigarettes and abusive drinking of alcohol are the number one leading legal killers, and eating poor nutrient deficient foods loaded with chemicals is the other that are still currently being consumed and widely commercially promoted.

For every need that comes up and for every pain or physical/mental ailment a person has, someone seeks to gain a great deal. It also keeps this system of so-called healing by means of feeding people prescription drugs and all going. Folks always having to make countess doctor and hospital visits, receiving dental work that does more harm then good (Amalgam fillings are cancerous, and highly toxic to the blood stream, but we get them inserted into our mouths year in and year out), consuming loads of anti depressants for mood swings, or some sort of mental instability, and so many other side effects of being a chemically dependent nation as a whole.

Things are being repaired in terms of health awareness, but much more work needs to be done today for sure. To put an end to poverty will be no good if our health is still deteriorating, and so this needs to be fixed once and for all.

Poverty creates unlivable conditions and perpetuates poor lifestyles

An example of urban poverty in this slum in Jakarta, Indonesia
An example of urban poverty in this slum in Jakarta, Indonesia | Source

Horror films promote violence

A famous scene from one of the first notable horror films, Nosferatu (1922)
A famous scene from one of the first notable horror films, Nosferatu (1922) | Source

Violence on Film poll

Do you show your children horror films, or have you in the past

See results

Facts about being programmed

This programming also has a grave affect on the people who actually have respectable income coming in, and enough to survive.

Just because you think your doing well financially, doesn't mean that you haven't digressed into such a mentality of focusing on the material aspects of life alone.

Many children minds are being corrupted mostly, and since they tend to watch television even more, as well as play violent video games suggestive of kill or be killed for the most part.

Hence leading them into such impoverished conditions when its their time to become adults, and fend for themselves. Mainly since they followed for so long all the wrong things, learned to become violent rebels without a cause pretty much, from abusing their usage of technology, media, and the likes and being misinformed or poorly programmed to do wrong deeds subliminally as well as psychologically scared by a imbalanced or unstable childhood environment.

Poverty spells ignorance, violence, and abuse

To make matters worse poor people are consistently being blinded to the real facts of life by learning all the wrong things, and choosing to be ignorant to their own inner and outer true natures due to the hustles of city life (Link to a powerful compelling story about survival in the mechanical jungles of New York City), and being uninformed through much of their lack of being unable to read or write properly at acceptable collegiate levels (illiteracy). They also tend to cling to negativity the most as seen on television, and from way back with cop and robber movies, and a host more of violent shows.

A vast majority of these individuals cannot even interpret a single law, that may have been changed or altered by congressional act, which may have been designed in the end to condemn them into a far worse socioeconomic disparity condition as modern history depicts time and time again. (The rich tend to play with the laws, and regulations which directly affect the lower class in a huge way, and especially for those living with barely nothing at all.)

These poor folks and unfortunate souls mostly depend on a modernized television style mentality, chasing all that they see on the box, that they hear on the radio, and by watching movies.

Many of them cannot even afford such luxuries as the Internet, a cable bill, or to pay for owning a cell phone. A great deal of them are incarcerated today due to giving in to the temptation to steal, to try and cheat their way for survival, and to attain wealth or simply to provide for their families. (This is one undeniable fact in American society, everything has been taken away from the native peoples here in the past, and we all are forced to pay for artificial goods today whether you have money or not)

Many of them also tend to even follow trending behavior, as well as mannerisms that's suggestive from such daily trends of the society of that given time period, which suggests them to behave as, or conduct their daily functions in many ways to emulate what they may deem as their role models on a psychological perspective.

So on a grand scale when one of these films or television shows depict abusive behavior, or any violent acts (Media violence research on Wikipedia). Well, its a programming that begins to take place, and for those people who've been the most uneducated from the very start.

Drug wars are real and the United States fights hard to end it

As part of the War on Drugs, the U.S. gives hundreds of millions of dollars per year of military aid to Colombia, used to combat guerrilla groups such as FARC, involved in narco-trafficking.
As part of the War on Drugs, the U.S. gives hundreds of millions of dollars per year of military aid to Colombia, used to combat guerrilla groups such as FARC, involved in narco-trafficking. | Source
Badge of the Drug Enforcement Administration.
Badge of the Drug Enforcement Administration. | Source
Seal of the Drug Enforcement Administration
Seal of the Drug Enforcement Administration | Source

So where's the proof of all of this? Is it the Drug Film Industry (hin't hin't)

A great example of this truth is when the drug epidemic hit the United States really hard in the 70's, 80's, and 90's. People were truly living a life of perpetual self destruction, and many folks were not only following the trends that they saw on the television, they were directly emulating much of what was being portrayed to them from that of Hollywood movies for the most part, which gangster movies being its frontal push to the viewers, and the drug pushers moved in further to perpetuate such a condition.

There's over 650 drug related films or movies according to Wikipedia, that have been crafted in essence to be a anti-drug campaigner, show resemblances to real life issues in society, and definitely to help the film directors, corporation funding them and staff earn massively. This all being done by the usage of surreal looking imagery and raw footage captured in their graphic scenes of violence, sex, drug abuse, and even weird subliminal messages being sent from many film makers of movies that aren't themed to be a drug movie at all.

Before television came into the picture many years back, the US Government had at various times sought out to gain from all of the illegal as well as legal activity going on. Especially when it came to setting up more agencies to crack down on illegal uses of drugs such as Alcohol and the prohibition movement of the 1920's and on all levels, the city, state and local officials also were all in on it.

Government officials and agencies all throughout the years have had federally funded programs, the CIA, and FBI create massive drug war campaigns to put it all to and end the drug smuggling from foreign soils, but much of it also went up in smoke over time as corruption on all levels of government allowed it to continue to flourish. This is where it became a hidden agenda and profit venture of perpetual collections, assessments, and further crack downs, drug busts, DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) drug operative campaigns and eventual Hollywood infamy films to earn even more profits off of it all, even from back in the early 1930's till today.

This is a image from 1925 and way back then drugs were an issue

A police raid confiscating illegal alcohol, in Elk Lake, Canada, in 1925.
A police raid confiscating illegal alcohol, in Elk Lake, Canada, in 1925. | Source

A medicinal liquor prescription

Prescription form for medicinal liquor : This is an official government document from the 1920s, a Medicinal Alcohol form. This form was used during the American Prohibition to acquire prescription alcohol, usually whiskey, for strictly medicinal pur
Prescription form for medicinal liquor : This is an official government document from the 1920s, a Medicinal Alcohol form. This form was used during the American Prohibition to acquire prescription alcohol, usually whiskey, for strictly medicinal pur | Source

When all the smoke clears and settles what tends to occur is?

Again and again over time this all appears to become a sort of game of cat and mouse, cowboys and Indians, or cops and robbers when you come to think of it. One thing that is quite certain, is that there will always be a form of what is known as misdirection to occur and in dealing with anything that humanity has found to be of certain potential for gaining leverage upon.

To bring change to humanity, first the legal system needs to be infiltrated and corrected, because the system itself has been constructed to sort of envelop things in such a way, that citizens will benefit the system whenever they go wrong by doing something that opposes the system.

The funny thing is they are being programmed to do much of all the real things subconsciously and with methods of suggestiveness by being televised to do so using television and movies and now with online entertainment.

Rise of the Food Revolution

The most recent uprisings of what is known as the food revolution has shown to be proof that we can utilize, television and media to do good, but why is it that regular people had to begin a online campaign of health awareness for it to begin to have any effect in the first place.

Why was this country so intolerant to the health facts many activist been trying to expose for so many years, people like Dr Max Gerson, Dr. Sebi (Video supplied up above covers his real world experience of unofficial herbal medicine, which was once denied by the US Government, and State as not a method of curing patients, and today things are leaning that way for some odd reason), David Wolf, and so many others whom have been curing people of all walks of life, whom were all once chemically dependent.

Corruption and greed is unacceptable

Greed is the element involved here, where countless corporations have benefited off of the fact of us dieing out by the millions, contracting cancer (My mother died in 2006 from breast cancer - A in depth article about her struggle and about the cure once denied by the US Government, medical doctors, and the medical field as a whole), dieing slowly from heart disease and having to be treated in medical facilities that cared not to warn us of such harmful toxins in time.

Those whom have been suffering the most are the ones dependent on the system here in America, on the same social programs that fund the food stamps used to purchase such unhealthy food products and to no end people were being used and abused for over 30 years. Greed is to blame here, and the love of money, and this is why things have gone so sour for our economy as well, and why we need to fix it all.

The answer has come in the form of natures best - Organic Food

The Food Revolution was inevitable, and a must for us all to wake up, and snap out of our deep slumber we were placed into as consumers of democracy and commercialism.

People whom are uneducated on these subjects suffer even more. Those who know of it all, but don't have the income today to make the purchase from the higher grades of organic foods currently being distributed at local grocery stores. They definitely cannot afford to travel miles away to make the purchase, at places like Traders Joes and Wholefoods organic food markets or that of any farmers markets. This is especially so for all those who live in low income areas, impoverished areas in the cities, and local townships.

True change can happen, but it shall only occur for those individuals focused on their health. So when they learn to stop feeding their taste buds alone, and start looking into curing their bodies and minds of all the impurities we've all been consuming, then and only then will change be worth making. This all is followed with consistency and repair of all human relationships they have or seek to have in the near future, whether it be family or not.

Obesity truth and its connection to eating sugars, and toxicity, if your looking for proof and answers for change, well here it is

Real change Hot! Poll

Do you think if we correct the drug dependency problems we have in our country as a whole and in the world, that life can change for the better

See results


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    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      5 years ago from New York City

      Yes indeed HeathExplorer, I like your profile name its pretty cool :)

      Thanks for the cool comment and for taking the time to give my hub here a good read.

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      5 years ago from New York City

      @always exploring, I'm trying my bestt to pull as much useful information together to help reveal to people even more that change is possible.

      Health awarness is a huge start, and many of us have gotten the message, but we all need to pull together to spread the word further.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      5 years ago from Southern Illinois

      I can't imagine anyone reading this and not wanting to change/ fix the problems that exist. It scares me that people go with the flow. We must continue to educate ourselves, stay informed. We the people are strong, we just have to believe it..Great piece of writing..Bravo..

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      5 years ago from New York City

      @HoneyBB, thank you as well I tried my best point out all that I feel has been the real issues people tend not to focus upon, or ever talk about, which is the causes for all of our issues we have today in dealing with health and so much more.

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      5 years ago from New York City

      @Lord De Cross, hey bro I been waiting for this moment to begin writing for a true purpose other then just trying to attract more viewers, and now is the time to make it happen for sure, because we all need real change and we need it fast.

      Thanks so much for the cool comment and for sharing with me. I simply unleashed much of the truths that have been hidden behind the scenes all of the time, and have gone unnoticed for the most part for many people whom are born into it all, and to those who've simply accepted things as is for so many years.

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      5 years ago from New York City

      @Faith Reaper, thank you so very much for being so kind to follow my series here on Hubpages.

      I've dug deep into a great deal of things in life, and in hopes to unearth much of the core issues most of us all have to deal with on a daily basis, due mostly to all the ignorance, and corruption all throughout the years.

      I hope others can get into being real today, and towards one another besides just typing away and all, because we really do need to change things in our daily lives, and it takes awareness of why thing are the way they've become to put it all to a halt and simply become real again.

    • HoneyBB profile image

      H Lax 

      5 years ago

      Your passion to help the poor and make the world a better and healthier place to live in shines in this article! Thanks for sharing.

    • Lord De Cross profile image

      Joseph De Cross 

      5 years ago from New York

      Wow! Mike and I thought it was a thought just in my head. But we are in big trouble. First, not all the J.P. Morgans generation are going to be humanly kind. Second, the next generation will be as colder as their cash. And third, our Government has never been that patriotic as expected by our founding fathers. No wonder I smell a rat when I visit a dentist, a doctor, a mechanic or when I open a bank account. All is corrupted and tainted. Thanks for this hell of a hub Mike!

    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 

      5 years ago from southern USA

      Amazing write here Mike! Love these very powerful and thought-provoking series of "The art of being real." I agree with every last word you have written here. I also agree with flashmarkeit, as far as you being a scholar and your expert research in all of these areas. It is obvious you have done your homework.

      Voted Way up, awesome, interesting and useful and sharing everywhere

      God bless. In His Love, Faith Reaper

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      5 years ago from New York City

      @flashmakeit, thanks for the comment, I did my very best on this one, it took me all day to edit it, and I hope it helps folks think about whats really the issues at hand that we all face.

      Much of it is internal within ourselves, much of it is in how we perceive of things, and what we think, but definitely what we choose to consume whether we're rich, considered middle class, or poor.

    • flashmakeit profile image


      5 years ago from usa

      Excellent article you are a scholar and I would recommend you to any one. Vote up for your research. There are many miracles.

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      5 years ago from New York City

      Hey @billybuc, thanks for the comment.

      Yeah man I went hard at trying to assess the issues that all lead to poverty, and to the factors of why it remains a unrepairable issue of sorts.

      I learned much of this first hand from experience of living in the inner city of New York as you already know about me.

      What many people have no idea about it that I been studying these issues for most of my life, and its been much of my life's pursuit to solve as well.

      Thanks to my wife, she has helped me to put the final piece to the puzzle together and I know its our health that needs repairing to put an end to the self destruction process once and for all.

      Thanks Bill for giving my hub here a chance, and for sharing with me as you do quite often, I have loads more of these articles to unleash, but for now I hope folks can use this info to help themselves awaken as I have done myself in recent years.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      You have tackled quite a few major problems in this country my friend. I have never been much of a conspiracy believer, but more and more I am convinced that the government, and major corporations, are conspiring to keep the poor held down so they can't climb out of their hole. This whole economic system is corrupt and designed to milk money out of the poor and middle class to benefit the rich. You have stated it perfectly in this powerful hub. Well done Mike!


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