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The Charleston Massacre - A Vile Act of Racism

Updated on June 23, 2015

Charleston Massacre – My response written on 06/18/15

Where do I begin? My heart breaks for the family and friends of the victims of the Charleston Massacre of 06/17/15. I am also disgusted at this white supremacist system that would harbor maniacal terrorists like the murderer who committed this atrocity. Furthermore, I am enraged at the media and political system which has so internalized its racism, white supremacy and altogether blatant denial of a problem so much that they will not even acknowledge that this was a race issue.

First and foremost, I send love to those who lost loved ones in this massacre. I ache, as I imagine how my anguish, sorrow and outrage would be compounded if I had lost a family member and others whom I loved as they attended a bible study in their church. This unimaginable atrocity is made so much worse when acknowledging the longstanding history that surrounds it.

This was not an isolated incident and this terrorist was not just a Lone Wolf. Even if it was not part of an organized plot, which I cannot comprehend how it would not be, it is still a symptom and an outpouring of the evil mindset within white American politics, media, education and finally - religion. There is no way that in 2015, this can be happening. Just the other night, I was weeping over the Birmingham bombing, in which 4 very young girls were killed and many other were injured by white supremacists who held very similar views to this radical-right-winged-racist.

For those who have watched Fox News' take on this massacre, and perhaps, have not heard any other perspective – It is very important that I make this situation clear to you: This man was a terrorist, committing a planned hate crime against a bastion of the black community within a very racist state – South Carolina. This young man, 21 years old & filled with hate, travelled to this specific historic black church and sat in on a bible study for an hour, before murdering 9 people. These 9 people included 6 women and 3 men. 4 (I believe) of whom were Reverends. One of these Reverends was a State Senator. I want you to understand very clearly that this was an assassination. This was a white supremacist hate crime committed by a right wing, white supremacist radical.

These are facts that we cannot escape. The only way that Fox News has escaped acknowledging this, and has kept their viewers ignorant of what is actually going on is by not acknowledging the facts of the situation. The murderer told one survivor that he was (paraphrase) 'allowing her to live so that she could tell everyone why he did what he did'. As he was in the act, reloading his weapon up to 5 times, a member of the church was attempting to talk him out of what he was doing – in response the terrorist stated “I have to do this. You're raping our women and taking over our country, you have to go”.

This was CLEARLY a hate crime committed against the black community. It was strategically planned and decided on what date and in what location it would be committed. I also firmly believe that the minister/politician was targeted specifically as well. This was an assassination.

I am outraged and my heart breaks. If I had any scrap of hope in the current state of our country (which I do not believe that I did), it was completely demolished by this heinous act and then beaten while dead when Fox reported on it in the manner that they did. The mainstream media is in support of this supremacy, which is something that I will get to later on, or I may speak about it separately as this is a very in depth situation and there is so much to be said.

This nasty and vile murderer was described in the most positive ways by Fox news. Highlighting that he was an honor-roll student and that no one would have imagined that he would do such a thing – although there is evidence of his racism and his psychological issues all throughout his life. The cops apprehended this vile murderer alive, and Fox news deigned to inform us that he was “compliant” when apprehended. There is a photo of this terrorist after apprehension with a bullet proof vest on and no handcuffs, being escorted by the police....

I will let this sink in. The police apprehended this sick and twisted – armed and dangerous – murderer of 9 without putting a scratch on him. Then they proceeded to protect him with a bullet proof vest and didn't even see the need to handcuff him.

I will let this sink in... If you have been too ignorant, ill-informed and brainwashed to understand how truly terrible this is, let me shed some light on it for you: These cops were able to apprehend this man because he and they are on the same team and they serve the same master – white supremacy. Now, look at the story of Tamir Rice, a 12 year old, young black boy who was playing with a toy gun in a park. He was shot within 2 seconds of the police arriving on the scene. Did he have a chance to be compliant with the police? NOOOO he did not! If he did, I am sure that he would have been – seeing as though he was a 12 year old boy, playing with a toy gun in a park.

Now, here is another part of our cruel reality where most white people will still not feel the emotion and outrage that they should feel as I describe the situation. Do you, white man, have a brother or nephew or son who is 12 years old? Can you imagine him in Tamir Rice's place for a moment? Can you imagine the wreckage that would be caused in your life and your families lives by hearing that your loved one of 12 years old was just murdered, without any deliberation by the police. HE WASN”T ENDANGERING ANYONE!!!! The park was all but empty and it was a TOY GUN! HE WAS 12 year old! This is fucking insane! They are still deliberating whether these cops should be tried for murder?????

I am saddened, because I normally wouldn't expect the majority of white people to understand just how terrible this is. This is because white people, for generation upon generation have been psychologically and subconsciously programmed to only value white life. This is the only way that you can view the countless unjust deaths of black people in our country and not feel any emotion about it. This is how you white supremacist, racist bigots can hear these stories and not relate to them on a human level. YOU, WHITE MAN, HAVE SEPARATED YOURSELVES FROM THE REST OF HUMANITY – MAKING YOU LESS HUMAN THAN THE REST. White man, in his current state is the beast, the savage, the crude, the vile, the evil and the devil - Nothing else and nothing more than the white man. You need only look at the last 500 years of history to see.


Countless cultures have been decimated by the white man and his concept of colonization and evangelicalism. Racism and Christianity and Patriotism are one in the same. This Constitution was never written for anyone but white people. They wrote the Constitution and said that all men were created equal while committing genocide on Native Americans on a massive scale. ANDREW JACKSON, he is still on one of our most popular bills. He is a vile creature who deserves no respect. He was the propagator of the trail of tears, which was one of the greatest onslaughts on Indigenous American (or First Nation American) people of this genocidal era.

I know that I am going from tangent to tangent and rant to rant, but I am truly sickened by this situation. My heart aches, my stomach swirls.

I was born into such a vile system. I was bred to be a perfect operator in this system. My father was a pastor, who trained me to look good in everyone's eyes and to be arrogant as all day and lie to myself until I met the standard of perfection that had been bred into me. My mother was an under-educated, under-experienced woman who taught me to fear the black man – like Malcolm X, as she had been taught by her father and mother. This fear of the black man could only come from an evil indoctrination... and ignorance and pride and under-education, but all of it is vile and corrupt.

Please hear me, I do not wish to bash my parents any more than I wish to bash the entire system. This entire system is vile, corrupt and evil. The white people of today are kept in the slavery of supremacy as much as all of humanity, although they are playing a role that (appears to) benefit them; so they revel in it.

Dr. John Henrik Clarke, a very wise man, has said (and I paraphrase) that there is no true European Christian, for no European actually stands by the morals of Christianity. This, I believe wholeheartedly to be the truth. No Christian, Republican, White or American has stood for what true Christianity would stand for. This is because Christianity is a religion stolen from Egypt - Another way that the white man has raped African culture and African people.

This is made further disgusting by the fact that Africa and Africans are the Mother & Father of the earth and all of humanity. We have had white supremacist scientist, supported by the vile system, who manufactured fake fossils, bones and artifacts to attempt to mislead people into believing that humanity did not originate in Africa, but it has been proven by true and honest scientists time and again that Africa is our mother-land and Africans are the father of all peoples.


This is vile and corrupt. My heart Breaks.

My heart breaks. I must take a stand. I must be a voice.

IF YOU – FOX NEWS – WERE NOT RACIST BIGOTS YOURSELVES, YOU WOULD HAVE ACKNOWLEDGED WHAT IS HAPPENING. No republican that I have seen yet has acknowledged the system. They are holding back the facts as long as they can. Waiting until this story is less headline news and less emotional to divulge what they already know to be the truth.

BUT – MOTHER FUCKERS! This is the INFORMATION AGE! We will not stand for your vile deception!

Bill O'reilley! You are a nasty and vile fuck! If I ever see you, I will punch you in the mouth for your insensitive words toward humanity in this situation. You interviewed a black man who is a Democratic House Representative about this situation. He had told the truth about Fox and its racism on CNN and you attempted to attack him on this issue on your broadcast. You yelled over him as he answered your every question and your fucking evil media people muted him before his interview was done because he was telling the truth. I have news for you, Bill O'reilley and Fox News! YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH! I know this because you WON'T Handle the truth and you DON'T handle the truth. The truth is right before you, yet you neglect it. I am disgusted.

Call me extreme. I have cut off my family for less than Bill O'reilley's indignation against humanity. Call me extreme. I really don't care. The situation is extreme and calls for extreme measures.

Anyone who has a voice, a readership, a following – begin speaking the truth about what is happening! Begin to educate yourself about the indignation that our country finds ourselves in! We must speak up! I hate my race for what they have done. Anyone whose loyalty is more to the white race than to humanity and the well-being of this planet might as well be dead to me. This is the truth.

The KKK and any other white supremacist group should be labeled as a terrorist organization and treated as such. It is only the dehumanization of black life in the white, governmental mind that has kept this from being the case. It is an injustice of universal proportions and the Universe sees the pain of the oppressed and will bring down the oppressor. That is a day that all of us should long for and work toward – no matter the color of our skin.



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