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The chosen ones - making your way back home

Updated on January 3, 2012

The Beauty of Magnetic Storms


Be as One - That will never end

25th September 2011

As we speak to you know there are many that are in fear, many that are unconcerned and many that are only, still, interested in themselves and their own survival.

We say to you now, be not afraid. What ever happens over this next 26 hours we will be adjusting much of the weight of the calamities for you. We cannot sit by and watch as everything is destroyed. It is much better for us to allow some to be destroyed and then save the majority. This is how it will be. The majority will survive the next coming hours as much disaster reins down upon your earth planes.

The impacts will be greatly centred on the islands around Fiji and the west pacific coastline. This will not include those islands of new zealand and australia but will include many of the smaller and softer islands around the idonesian island complexes. It is because of the softness of the land masses that they will suffer greatly. We cannot stop this happening but will attempt to soften the blows of the magnetic storms. It will be heavily contaminated from the affects of Elenin and the Sun blasts which will cause the extreme damage.

Question - Can I give the warnings now?

Answer - We cannot allow you to put this through until your morning time tomorrow. It will cause too much panic and this will not be helpful. If we tell you exactly where the damage will occur you cannot help them. It will happen anyway. Most of the people do not have ways to leave these lands. They are not richly endowed with motor launches, ships or planes. It cannot be changed at this late stage of events. We were not aware of exactly where the damage would occur until Elenin had appeared in her current orbital space. She has many changes that she makes as she moves from one area to another. It is not possible even now to narrow these calamities down to "on the spot" detection, but, we can say that this will be the area of the most assault of the magnetic storms and rages within the seas.

Question - How can we help to eliminate some of the damage and calm the areas?

Answer - Be as One. This is our answer to you now and in the future as the rest of this performance is played out. The easiest way to Be as One will be to forget who you are in this independant life. It is when you forget yourself as one person that you can become All that Is and Will ever be. Do not turn back, do not look back. Do not look forward for all you will see is the energy of the changes occuring. You cannot change all of these happenings but you can change your own experience of them. It is now time to allow these changes to commence so that the end result will ensue.

Question - what is this end result in your own eyes and awareness?

Answer - We speak of the end of time as you understand this. Time does not exist and will never exist for you again. It is only because of the shackles that you are under that you exist within this artificial time span. This time span has been your prison. It is not in the future for you to be held in a prison. You will be free. Free to expand your consciousness and be at one with the rest of the cosmic universe. She is waiting for you. This is why you were all born at this "time". You were to be imprisoned until you asked for your freedom. You are all asking now for your freedom. We salute you now. It will come, but first, over the coming months you will be freed from your shackles. These shackles take many forms, some more physical, others more esoteric. Which means that the coming changes are for your freedom, not for your imprisonment. You cannot complain when you know this. We are freeing you now from the 3D planes of existence. It has not been a particularly happy sojourn that you have had on these earthly planes.

Get ready now to explain yourselves to yourselves when you realise where you have come from and why you took so long to allow yourselves to come home. We do not jest with you over this, it has truly taken a long time for you to wake up but we know how hard it was to let go of the ties that bound you into this frame of acceptance. We do not now need tolerance for you but we have much compassion for the times that you did not hear us calling to you.

Question - Is there anything else we need to know right now?

Answer - Yes, we are here for you, we have arrived in front of your "time" to lesson the blows of the energetic forces. Rest in peace and we will awaken you more when the tomorrow comes. Blessed be those who can hold their power and their fortitude so that less death throes are experienced. We pray with you.



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    • Universal Laws profile image

      Universal Laws 6 years ago from UNIVERSE

      Hi Kiaora, there were incredible light shows in places across the world from the huge magnetic storm which didnt cause too much trouble on land as people had thought it would. will talk about it on next weeks show, this was a special relationship show so couldnt really go into it then. Namaste

    • profile image

      2slowmow 6 years ago

      hi Linda.. Again very intresting.Im a little confused,on what would happen over the "next 26 hours"?(from the 25th).I was listening to your radio show tonight,hoping you would go into it further.. Something changed? .. (we are all spirit,no fear) Im enjoying your UA site to. Kiaora

    • Universal Laws profile image

      Universal Laws 6 years ago from UNIVERSE

      Hi, yes fairly explicit, was channelled 25th Sept, magnetic storm was around 28th,29th September, Fiji was affected by 5.1 earthquake I believe it was, western pacific would also be the horrendous flooding of the phillipines at that time also and maybe other islands affected. Namaste

    • Green Lotus profile image

      Hillary 6 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Linda, this is quite explicit. I've been following your Hubs and I think this is the first time your guides have called our attention to an event that is to take place within 48 hours. Am I correct in this assumption? In any case, I will be looking out for those magnetic storms over Fiji. Namaste. Thanks for the Osho quote too...he is one of my favorite teachers.