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The death of democratic accountability

Updated on March 27, 2016

In the begining

When parliament took charge of all its affairs from the crown there was hope given to the ordinary men of the country they were informed that they would in future times be sanctioned to actually choose who was to govern the land on their behalf.
Unfortunately those who could be voted for were the very same lords and landowners who currently ruled over them.

However as time progressed so to did the cess pit within Westminster change groupings of MP's were formed into loose affiliations at first with some classified as being on the right (usually noble lords) or the left(some younger landowners and radical thinkers)

Through many differing factions finally there was to become two main politically active parties The @labour party and the @conservatives with a third option opening for those without commitment to either left or right who eventually became the @liberal democrats.

Although forget the thought that any party with democrat in its name would indeed be democratic, as was proven with their joining of the coalition government of 2010 democratic accountability was furthest from their minds as they strove to make the most of the gravy train offered by the Conservatives and to hell with any voters opinion.

This was best demonstrated by the Education policy introduced to charge Students £9,000 minimum per annum to attend university despite pledging during the campaign before the election to scrap all student fees.

Another brave promise was to protect the NHS from privatisation a desire of the conservatives to hand over the health of the nation to private investment and insurance companies is an open secret amongst many of the better educated electorate but thanks to the right wing media services A great number were delusional enough to believe what they were spoon fed by the likes of the Murdoch empire.

One of the most blatant Tory lies was 'no top down reorganisation of the NHS' this promise was in fact broken and rent asunder within 30 days of them being in power when Andrew Landsley the health secretary announced a £3 billion consultation and change to the whole of the NHS to favour provision from any other provider other than NHS.

His successor Jeremy Hunt the well known spelling error had in fact co-authored a book describing how the conservative government would sell off the NHS in the belief that private practices are always better than public services.

He was also quoted as saying there would be no NHS within 5 years if Conservatives were elected to power and to this end they along with Liberal Democrats forced through and act of parliament to ensure elections could only be held once every 5 years regardless of how bad the incumbent party was doing as only by a vote of "no confidence" could they be defeated and as Conservatives are the same as Turkey's they would never vote for their own demise.

Of course the saddest thing to happen in 2015 was the election of a Conservative government with a majority since which time they have ridden roughshod over everyone of their own promises and morals deciding that they are once more ruling by divine right despite only 24% of those eligible to vote choosing them.

The latest snoopers charter being fought over will if enacted allow them to imprison any who criticise them for whatever trumped up charge they wish to throw at them and they don't even have to tell anyone they have locked them up nor do they even have to tell those locked up why they are being held.

The sale of the NHS continues to gather pace and with the implementation of TTIP; should it happen there would be no way to take it back under government control without severe financial penalties. Penalties we would be unable to meet due to the trashing of the finances by the arrogant ignorant George Osborne towel folder extraordinary.

So in short we in the UK have no say in any matter which concerns us and it is designed to stay that way with the ongoing consultation of lowering the number of MP's by 50 majority of which would undoubtedly be Labour party members.

Be afraid Be very afraid should they last until 2020 without imploding entirely over EU membership I for one am praying for it how about you?

Who Do you believe the biggest threat to our democracy within the UK comes from

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