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The Democrat Party Is Dying and the New Democrat Party Is in Metamorphosis to Be a Political Moth [F2 462]

Updated on June 24, 2019

The New Democrat Party stands for substantial higher taxes, Open Borders and they want everyone to come into the country and that is what they will use you

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The Old Democrat Party is Dead

The Old democrat party started its death roll when democrat senator Barack Hussein Obama won the United States Presidency in 2008.

When democrat United States president was Bill Clinton, it was still the Old democrat party and they have always been diametrically opposed to republican party, but they were patriotic and even had some goals they thought would help the country and the people.

The Old democrat party for the 2008 presidential election took a different tack in their goals. They decided to not back democrat senator Hillary Rodham Clinton for the presidency. With Hillary Rodham Clinton they had a chance to put a woman in the White House, but chose instead to make that election one for the Black Male. This was the death roll of the Old Democrat Party and the metamorphosis to the New Democrat Party. And the new democrat party is a opposite to the old democrat party as is the republican party.

Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton was left with a bankrupt campaign fund and she couldn't even make it to the democrat primary. Did Hillary Clinton take one for the democrat team or did she turn her back for too long, and not see the political knife that was slowly but securely being thrust in her back. In any case, Hillary's bid for the presidency was as dead as her political career in the 2008 presidential election.

The republicans bid for the US presidency with senator John McCain, and his running mate Alaska governor Sara Palin was also going to die on election day 2008. The democrats made a mockery of the republican's bid to put a woman into the office of the Vice President. Today, when the new democrat party keeps talking about women and equality, we only have to go back to the news coverage of how rude, and vile the democrats were with Sara Palin.

It seems that the new democrat voters don't have any memory about how badly they treated a women that was running for vice president. The new democrat party has no continuity with values, morals or conscience. They live moment to moment and they can turn on a pixel and even reverse direction.

The democrat party that allowed and supported a man that had a track record of taking advantage of women in his abuse of power as governor of Arkansas and then later using the White House Oval Office as a Motel 6 (no offense to Motel 6).

Today, the new democrat party exists without that past record of women being sexually assaulted, because today they have appointed themselves as the defender of women, well actually only women that agree with them.

The new Anti Christ for the democrat party came out of the shadows and the new democrat party lit him up as if he was a spiritual being coming to save the country from the republicans. In 2016, no one thought that Donald Trump had a chance to even stay in the presidential race, much less win the republican party nomination. Then no one thought that he could even come close to Hillary Clinton 2.0 in the electoral college. Then, the worst nightmare of the new democrats was the Electoral College trouncing of Hillary Clinton 2.0 by the none politician Donald J. Trump.

In 2008, the new democrat party amassed a huge election campaign war chest for the unknown Black Male presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama. At the same time they belittled the republican presidential candidate senator John McCain through attacking his weak link the White Female governor Sara Palin.

Contrast that 2008 treatment of women with that of Hillary Clinton 2.0 in 2016. President Obama touted Hillary Clinton as the most qualified president candidate ever, yet he easily beat her in 2008 in the democrat primary. The DNC amassed a $1.2 billion election campaign war chest as they did for Barack Obama in 2008. To the democrats, especially the new democrats that winning elections especially the presidential elections was all about having a significantly bigger and deeper election war chest fund. It worked for Barack Obama in 2008 taking out Hillary Clinton and John McCain.

From 2009 till 2017 the new democrat party with their very powerful Barack Obama in the presidency aligned themselves with the media and the deep state. Define and explain it however you choose, but the deep state is real as evidenced by the demotion, and firing of top management in the DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA and the State Department.

The new democrat party was so confident that Hillary Clinton would win in 2016 they didn't bother to hide their criminal activity. Why should they because with Hillary Clinton as president and the congress controlled by the democrats who would be able to investigate their criminal activities. Even today, with the Trump administration the deep state is still protecting themselves from congress, the president and the people.

When Barack Obama became president and the democrats had control of congress they started their mutation from the old democrat party to what it is today. What is that you say, well the new democrat party is not patriotic and it uses the federal court system to employ the distortion of the US constitution to change the entire political landscape of what was America. There has been a democrat and republican conflict since both parties were created and that predated their names of democrats and republicans. Today however, we see that the new democrat party is manipulating the US constitution to make changes that support and enforce their new paradigm of social justice and socialism.

Why the change, part of it comes from their control of the main stream media. The main stream media which had been the fourth estate no longer is the police to keep the government in line by investigating and reporting to people whatever wrong are being done by the government. Controlling the main stream media allows the new democrats and president Obama to do their dirty dealings under a mask or a shroud that would not be seen by the people.

Even today, the main stream media protects the new democrats, and at the same time creates an artificial and untruthful depiction of president Trump. They have whined their way into a two year investigation that was built on their crime but calling it a collusion of Russia and Trump as the reason why their queen of hearts lost the presidency.

At the same time, they have prevented the investigation on themselves and especially on president Obama and secretary of state Hillary Clinton. The main stream media with their insiders in the government have been able to leak most of the classified information to keep the pressure on their investigation of Trump, while deflecting any and all investigations on them.

When you vote Democrat Today what are you getting for your vote?

A vote for the democrat party today is a vote to allow the new democrat party to divide the country. And the old saying of divide and conquer is certainly true as ever today. This dividing the country started under president Barack Obama, and continued when Trump became president.

When you vote democrat what do you think will happen to your old democrat party. The new democrat party has mutated so much that only the name remains. For those people that have been lifelong democrats, it is sad to say your democrat party died in 2008, and it started dying at the turn of the century.

Your loyalty of voting for a democrat politician has been accepted by the new democrat party without having to give you any of your expectations or goals.

The new democrat party has changed their goals to one where you are either for them or against them. And if you are against them, you are the enemy. And in this political war there is no protection from the US constitution nor a Geneva Convention.

Things that will happen in the future, as early as next month if the new democrat party gets control of congress, will reverse most if not all of what most US citizens and loyal party voters think is the American Way.

1. Males - If you are a male then you are the problem because males have had control of the country and world for too long. The shift is to now make the males of the country subservient to the women, under the guise of calling is equality. There will be nothing equal if you are a male, as the women, but not all women will rule.

2. White - The new democrat party will target the white race, but they will be immune from themselves being called racist. This includes white males as well as white females.

3. White Males - All white males are now considered by the new democrat party as being part of the white supremacist group. Racism is defined by and controlled by the new democrat party. They also have made it a political diode, that is racism only flows in the direction of the the party;s opposition. It like a diode cannot flow back to them. They also use the word Racist with the same connotation as the words Conspiracy Theory for the purpose of taking control of any arguments by the opposition. These words are deemed to mean we have won the argument, and the opposition has lost it.

4. White Females - The new democrat party sees white females that are not loyal to the democrat party are also the enemy. And as the enemy they will also be targeted an attacked. Because the white females voted more for Donald Trump in 2016 than they did for Hillary Clinton the new democrats say they were being used by their men.

5. Blacks - The new democrat party is not happy with the black voters from 2016 and especially not now. The old democrat party had groomed and fed the blacks, and they didn't like it when they see the blacks moving away from their loyalty to vote democrat. The fact is that the blacks of today see the advantage and benefits of getting jobs and careers that allow them to break away from the chains of the democrat party, especially the new democrat party. They have this political independence because they no longer need the freebies from the democrats.

6. Black Males - To contain the blacks to remain loyal to the democrat party, the new democrat party has made Black Males the purported victims of the US criminal justice system. Anytime, there is a confrontation between a black male and a police officer it is viewed by the new democrat party as an abuse of police power, and an example of racism, and police brutality.

In these instances, the new democrat party now only embraces the constitutional premise of the presumption of innocence of the black male, but at the same time they apply the presumption of guilt to the police officer. This is another example of the new democrat party's use of equality through their political diode.

It should be noted, that when these black males don't have jobs, they are more prone to commit crimes. The prisons and the jails have a predominant number of blacks because of that, rather than the view they are victims. As in the US criminal justice system there is always a possibility of innocent people becoming victims, but that is not the rule, it is the exception, and it applies to all people.

7. Women - The 1973 five to four decision of SCOTUS in Roe v Wade has been unsettled by the women as seen in every election since then. This year it became a major issue for the new democrat party because of president Trump nominating another conservative to the Supreme Court. The party took this move to mean the imminent reversal of the Roe by court that is more conservative.

The democrats took no prisoners, and were bounded by no rules of decency, fair play or the American Way. They treated judge Kavanaugh worst than they have claimed how badly the US treated Muslim Terrorists in Gitmo. They stripped judge Kavanaugh of his spotless legal career, and impugned his character while disregarding any notion of the presumption of his innocence. Yet, this is the party that go so many unequal things to be adjudicated as equal. Here they didn't give the same treatment of Dr Ford that they gave judge Kavanauagh.

8. Illegal Aliens - The new democrat party is now the champion of all illegal aliens, including those that committed and were convicted of felonies on US soil. They want to keep the US borders open and allow everyone to trespass across the US border.

They say the US doesn't need a wall, and further they say it is UnAmerican to keep all these people out of the country. They don't care that these illegals also include criminals associated with the drug cartel, as well as other criminals, sick people, and maybe even some terrorists. Of course they say, that isn't important, as they focus on who is going to pay tens of billions of dollars for the wall. While they avoid the reality that these illegal aliens cost the US taxpayer almost 100 billion dollars.

9. Higher Taxes - for the working people to pay for more freebies for the illegal aliens.

10. Single Payer Insurance - This will benefit those that don't work getting yet another freebie. When did any country successfully nationalize any industry better than the private sector. This is just the thin edge of the axe, and it will end like Venezuela.Obamacare will be a bright light compared to this travesty of logic.

The plan for the new democrat party is to take away your independence and have the government treat you like their child. The only thing you will have left of your adulthood is the ability because of your chronological age to vote. But like the tens of millions that are at the end of the stick trying to get the carrot you will have no choice but to keep voting them in to get any piece of that carrot


This article is over 2200 words and it isn't complete, maybe I will add to it later.

Here is something to think about when you want to stay loyal to the democrat party.

A top guy in the Allegheny Democrat National Party in Pennsylvania was fired for posting this in his facebook page, one year before he was fired.

His post was as follows:

  • " I stand for the Anthem, and I kneel before the cross"
  • This summarizes the values of the new democrat party
  • No patriotism No loyalty to the US No God

US Political Parties

What do you think about the democrat party

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    • profile image


      7 months ago

      Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, and Nancy Pelosi

      The very old democrat left

      Add the Squad and they are left of the very old left.

      Add both of them together and they have not accomplished anything for the country as they only have focused on trying to undo the 2016 Presidential winner Donald John Trump.

      They have totally failed their oath to office, and their duty to their constituents.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      20 months ago


      Do you think that that pre Obama democrats are different than the post Clinton democrats?

    • profile image

      breakfast pop 

      20 months ago

      Admitting to being a Democrat is the same as admitting that lying is okay, violence is no big deal and voters are just there to be used.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      21 months ago

      The simplest way to reduce US Income Tax is to reduce the size of the US government. The US went on for over one hundred and twenty years without having a US Income Tax.

      The creation of the US Income Tax was permitted by having the US Supreme Court to rule against the Interstate Commerce Clause and its apportionment.

      The Income Tax would be use to change the small central government envisioned by the founders, into a central government that would grow and grow and no matter how big it got, the Income Tax could and would be increased to fund it.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      21 months ago

      The democrat party once a political butterfly has undergone a metamorphosis becoming a political Moth!

      The butterfly is pretty and beneficial, but the moth is ugly and a pest.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      21 months ago

      Gavin Newsome the major of SF is running for governor of CA and his platform is to protect CA from president Trump.

      SF is the official sewer of CA with its dump dropping homeless and drug users taking their drugs in plain sight and dumping their needles in the street. Newsome's idea of protecting CA is to hire people to clean up after the drugee homeless people.

      This is yet another democrat that has made CA the no accomplishment statement, they only excel in making costly regulations, and raising taxes.

      The real reason that people come to California is the climate, but the political climate has been democrat ruled for the last several decades. And if you want to see the democrats in action and their no accomplishments just look at CA.

      Voting for democrats to control congress and the presidency will turn America into California. Nice weather but a hostile environment for white people, and conservatives.

      We have a high speed train that hasn't seen wheels in a decade, and what started out to be $30 billion project and running by 2020 is now closer to $100 billion and expected to be running by 2030.

      Is this your measure of accomplishment.

      Remember that the democrats said they will immediately raise taxes significantly when they get control. They will then use that money to give the illegals their freebies.


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