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The drive from independence to interdependence

Updated on July 15, 2012

In the 200 year history of the United States of America we have never been so misinformed, dependent, irresponsible, and naive. We put our fate in totalitarian hands with no disregard to the historic data. "Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it." George Santayana 1905

The Original Intent

In the beginning we were a country built on independent services, goods, and labor(most, if not all that labor came from African captives). A country that was well informed and involved with economic and political agendas that affected every day life. People believed in preserving family legacies and understood the imminent danger of corporate oligarchy, ( since most of the citizens had recently left their homes because of ruthless monarchs). The so called "free market systems" basic ideology is what inspired them to take the long agonizing voyage to a land they had never seen, and risk total economic and political upheaval. Corporate business developed rapidly, leading to the Industrial Revolution which led to jobs and small growing family and partner owned businesses around the towns those factories occupied.

Independent entrepreneurial activity played an important role in the shaping of markets and services in the early days of the U.S. development. Tailor shops, grocers, farmers, miners, shoe makers, clothing makers, barbers, family owned retail shops, etc., have the one thing in common, they are all victims of a corporate conglomerate malicious plot to abolish all independent business endeavors and systematically monopolize all business to a hand full of corporate houses, so all independent competition may be quashed. This corporate take over left millions of Americans jobless and forced them into factories, corporations, and the beginnings of the military industrial establishment.

The Result

Corporate take overs have resulted in staggering number of small businesses being shutdown from the inability to compete. entrepreneurs are quickly becoming scarce in an era of political agendas designed to focus on creating jobs and promoting market growth,(but as the market grows the appetites of the corporations grow and the money being exchanged goes in less hands). More would be entrepreneurs are being forced to join their competitors ranks as employees and salaried paid workers. This makes the options of a prospective entrepreneur limited, almost all sectors of business are corporate owned and regulated. Franchising and corporate contracting to small businesses, (for work that is conveniently cheaper to contract then hire full time employees), children are trained to strive to be intrapreneurs for corporations instead of independent thinking business people. Intrapreneurship is a road paved for entrepreneurs so that they will use their natural talents for the good of the corporate machine, and will not present competition that is in the disinterest of the corporate powers that be.By draining all the would be competition of their innovative ideas, energy personal time, and talent, the Imperial powers have strategically put themselves in a position to subordinate the individual and control your mind. Entrepreneurial thoughts are hindered early on in the traditional education (indoctrination) system, we are molded to think we have to get a job and that independent business (responsibility) is risky, going to work is a must and only the extraordinary build businesses of their own.

Dun & Bradstreet president explains to the monopoly committee that small businesses are the stabilizers of the economy.
Dun & Bradstreet president explains to the monopoly committee that small businesses are the stabilizers of the economy. | Source

Reclaiming economic independence

The average person is content being told what to do, and where to do it. The psychological chains of imperialist are well embedded on our souls, to some the mere thought of critical thinking is considered futile. They have instilled in them that those in power over your mind will stay in power and there is nothing anybody can do about it. Since this mental chains are put in fruition by constituents of the ruling elite, (therefore justifying and legitimizing authoritarian powers), independent thought and practice will only be in sight of a few. Original ideas are fast becoming extinct in this commercially influenced society, most entrepreneurs are being manipulated by corporate super powers and stagnated from innovation by bottom lines.


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    • phillip goodson profile image

      phillip goodson 6 years ago

      Great hub! Although I don't see anything changing, I do agree with you.