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The economy as of now

Updated on January 27, 2012

We happen to live in one of the most notorious nations around the world, yet as the days go by, it seems the United States gets more and more into debt. Reading the newspaper can make a person realize that our nation isn't as strong as it used to be finance wise. I am sure not all nations do well financially but they tend to try to fix their economy the best they can.
We are losing jobs, people are not making as much money as they should to be able to afford their rent or mortgage or even some of their bills. Some of them are barely making it, causing them to get into welfare and to receive money from the government to help provide for the family. Even the stocks have gone down and don't carry as much value as they should.
I noticed that when they increase the pay at work, the taxes go up. Never fails because I know from experience, they gave us all a small raise, but what happened next, taxes went up, the insurance went up. We were like, there goes our raise.
Sometimes you have to wonder, will our nation get better or worse. We always hope that it will get better, but it seems that as years go by the economy will not be the same. We can always hope for the best when it comes the economy of the United States.


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