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The election results of Indian Parliamentary election!

Updated on May 17, 2014

What went wrong for the Congress party?

The election results defy all calculations of exit polls and various surveys. All exit polls predicted a figure of 280 + for the BJP led NDA and for Congress, a figure of 60 to 80. Actually the NDA scored an impressive score of 330 and Congress alone could get only 44 seats against all expectations. Earlier, many surveys pointed out BJP led NDA may gain around 250 seats and Congress will get below 100 seats. Also, the exit polls predicted huge victory for the left front in West Bengal and for the DMK in the South, around 6 to 10 seats. But the left has cornered only 4 seats in West Bengal and the DMK was decimated in Tamilnadu.

In the whole of India, Congress got severe drubbing that it drew blank in 22 states it contested. Major parties like BSP got blank in UP. Against its own expectations BJP got more than 70 seats in UP. Many Cabinet ministers of Congress have bitten the mud. Congress is showing a brave face in spite of the severe drubbing. Modi magic has woven thumping victories all over India expect in one State. The leaders of Congress were complacent and they have failed to predict the mood of people in the last phase of Assembly elections. They have spoiled their chance in Andhra Pradesh by going ahead with the Telengana issue. Congress thought that they will gain impressively if they act on Telengana. The same boomeranged on them. In Seemandhra region, Congress drew blank as the people of Seemandhra were quite unhappy with Congress.

When India got independence from foreign yoke, Mahatma Gandhi advised Nehru to disband the Congress party. But the leaders have not heeded. How long a party can boast about past glories? Congress has lost credibility to lead the country. Modi and BJP understood the mood of the Nation and they harvested the results judging the poor patronage for Congress. Incumbency is a big factor. People always desire changes for better. Familiarity breeds contempt is a quote. Hence, even the best performer cannot command the same amount of praise from public. Congress has learned a very bitter lesson. It would be better that the people at the helm of affairs recuse themselves from further spoiling the grand old party. Sonia Gandhi was thrust as the President of Congress when there was none to lead the party. The Congress leaders were fighting amongst themselves. Then the well-wishers thought that by bringing Sonia Gandhi, wife of Rajiv Gandhi who was slain under sad circumstances could alone save the party.

When the Congress gained in the elections of 2004, Sonia Gandhi was about to be anointed as the Prime Minister. Since she was from Italy, many opposition parties argued vehemently against her elevation to the country’s top post. Sensing opposition from many, she had chosen a middle path by selecting Dr.Manmohan Singh, a renowned economist. He held the Finance portfolio successfully during Congress regime. He was mild and an eminent economist but he was not assertive. Many people have described this arrangement as a ‘remote control’ arrangement by the Congress President. Whether it is true or not, the coalition politics has taken a toll. The highhandedness of certain allies like the DMK has brought a bad name to the government. Many Cabinet Ministers have acted as though they were independent power centers. None listened to the Prime Minister.

These are the compulsions of coalition politics. To save the government, the Prime Minister had to bend backwards many a time, thus allowing the coalition partners in the ministry to reap monetary gain by going in their own way. The telecom scam, the coal scam and many other scams have dented the government name in public. The second term of Dr.Manmohan singh was the most crucial period. Prices of essential commodities soared to the highest lever. Petroleum Companies were allowed to fix the price of petrol and diesel as per the market condition. Prior to that huge amount of subsidies on petrol, diesel and cooking gas has weakened the financial condition of Petroleum companies. The finance ministry was trying to compensate the same. Finding that as a huge burden on the exchequer, the companies were told to fix the price according to market fluctuations. With the result, people were made to bear the high cost of fuel. This led to price rice since supplies depended on transportation. Public transport companies suffered huge losses.

The price rise affected the poor and middle class very badly. People were disgruntled with the center and state governments. The results of subsequent state elections reflected people’s choice. It was late for the Congress to correct its working pattern. Rahul Gandhi, sensing the poor image of Congress, tried to boost its election prospects much later. But BJP was ahead in the race. They planned systematically and the entire credit goes to the vibrant leader Narendra Modi. He could secure a comfortable majority for BJP and a thumping victory for the National democratic Alliance. Even Modi would not have thought that BJP will gain this much. Out of 543 seats, the BJP has got 280+ seats and the NDA has garnered 330+ seats. This election is an eye opener to many parties in India!


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