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The emissions accelerated air pollution in USA and Europe

Updated on April 17, 2015

Air pollution crossed the limits

Keeping environment free from pollution is essential for happy living with a good health in this beautiful earth. But, pollution, especially the air pollution are now challenging to our earth. Air pollution such a reaction that enters the earth atmosphere and polluted the air we breathing in every second.
The air pollution are exceeded the safe level in USA as well in Europe’s major cities. The condition for Paris is seriously affected than other 15 European’s cities.

What are the causes of producing this air pollution? The opinion and debate comes versatile from different ideas. Most of the scientist and researchers claimed as manmade disaster, where some are saying it is naturally growing up. By the developing of technology and industrial advancement; generating heat are essentials elements. These heat generating plants producing bulk of emissions to the open air and this is certainly a big threat to human living.

New emissions limits regulated in USA

In USA, the emissions level is high. In 1988 USA have fixed up an emissions threshold level, but these were only for adjustable burning rate and due to increasing the industrialization the level already has broken down. Now, the EPA regulated a new rule for control the wood stoves burn rate for their residents. Device like wood heater, wood fired boilers, gas stoves wood stoves etc also come in the new regulation. The EPA, suggested the residents should use such heating equipment which are able to control the bulk fume and emissions. They also work for introducing another new innovative regulation that will be mandatory from 2020.

Paris in alarming by particles pollution

The EEC has published that Paris is in heavily particles danger what are seriously harmful to health. The situation exceeded the regulatory alert threshold they fixed before. Now, EEC announced to control the emissions from vehicle fumes. In 23 March 2013 a strategy of alternate circulation and speed limitation has been declared.

The way to limit the emissions

Now, question is that how to control the bulk emissions and the face the homemade dangerous situation? It is obvious that it is almost impossible to totally control the emissions as the using technology is increasing. But, taking some initiates may help to prevent the emissions and particles pollution. Using catalytic converter is the simplest way to reduce fume and particles from wood stove, gas stoves, boilers plants and so many sources. Catalytic converter maintain different layers what are effective to stop bulk fumes, particles of matters as well as the emissions. It is very effective in cooking and heating appliance.


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