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The end of the 2nd Amendment?

Updated on December 17, 2012

A Grief Stricken Nation

As the dark cloud of death and grief drifts across our nation we are left angry, hurting, and utterly speechless. The parents of these 20 innocent angels are distraught beyond belief. The husbands and wives of the staff members killed are searching for answers of how, and why could this happen.

School officials and local law enforcement are analyzing every facet of the scene trying to piece together exactly how this all played out. All across America a very real fear begins to grip every parent of school age children causing them to wonder; "how long before my child's school and perhaps my child is next?"

Feeling grief stricken and powerless they will soon start looking to the government for answers. "How long are you going to allow this to continue? How many more innocent people and children must die before you take action? No where is safe anymore, our malls, movie theaters, and countless schools have become killing grounds."

Shrouded in fear

This is exactly the way the urban terrorist want we, the public to feel, scared and helpless. Now they have the nation and the government right where they want them.
finally the crimes have become heinous enough that there will be a nationwide outcry to take away the guns to stop the killing. For the first time in the nation's history America will be willing to give up it's second amendment rights to save it's children.

This ban on guns will pass, because people are angry and there is no one to go after because the killers are dead. Not to mention in every one of these mass killings the common denominator is the guns. So since they can't get mad at the shooter America will take her revenge on the weapon. Oh sure the NRA will sight the obvious that if we take away the guns we will be more vulnerable and we are cutting off our nose to spite our faces, but it will fall on deaf ears. Because it was those guns that killed my baby, husband, wife, mother, sister or brother. Gun advocates will be met with what will appear to be the voice of reason. "My God, open your eyes can't you see that we are being slaughter by guns, what is it going to take before we wake up and take action.?." They will tell the "gun nuts"( as they call them) that we want to be able to send our children to school, go shopping, or go to a movie without fear.

Gun Control: A short term solution to a long term problem

Yes, we are soon to lose our 2nd amendment rights as we know them, in the name of public safety and for just a little while there will be a calm and what appears to be peace. Until that first suicide bomber walks in to a mall, school, or theater. Then and only then when the real terror begins will we begin to realize and possibly regret the mistake we've made. When it dawns on Mr. and Mrs America that there are types of explosives that are metal free, thus allowing them to walk right through metal detectors housed in a back pack that is a common(unquestioned) item in every school in the world, as well as malls and theaters.

The remorse will be too much, too little, too late, when criminals burst through the doors of our homes to take what we have worked and saved for and we are powerless to stop them. We will cry out that we made a terrible mistake and we need our weapons to be able to protect ourselves, only to be reminded that it was we the American public who demanded the ban on guns to make us safe. The government will then for the first time in history be able to have total control over the American people because we surrendered our weapons. Be careful what you ask for America, you may just get it.


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    • johnnyco12 profile image

      johnnyco12 5 years ago from Pascagoula, Ms

      Well Angela Blair, honored to have you stop by even more honored to have you like my hub. Write on Sis, Write on!

    • Angela Blair profile image

      Angela Blair 5 years ago from Central Texas

      Excellent Hub and profound facts. With the nation's heart broken over the senseless killings in Connecticut the stage is set for the gun control folks to become the most vocal group in America. I'm one of those "gun nuts" anti-gun folks despise and intend to remain that way. It makes not a whit of difference what laws are passed and/or whether owning a gun is legal or not -- I will keep mine until death do us part -- and I don't think "gun control" laws are going to change any of the minds in this country that feel as I do. The entire world is in chaos just trying to survive in these strange times and the mental health of many is tenuous at best. Mental health is the issue that needs to be addressed but I, for one, don't have a clue how to go about it -- and obviously our government doesn't either. I'm also of the opinion that one should have to pass the same stringent requirements to enter a school that's required of a person to board an airplane and schools should have the most qualified security available and in place at all times. If we can't solve the mental health issue, which apparently we can't, then school security is the next best thing and should have been implemented long ago. Again, this piece is of profound importance and thank you. Best/Sis