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The fight for Citzenship: The story of Leeland Davidson.

Updated on August 30, 2011

Yesterday , when I logged onto Yahoo I was greeted with the story of Leeland Davidson. If you haven't read this article you should. In a nutshell Mr. Davidson is a 95 year old man from Washington State. He, was born in 1916 in Canada to American parents from Iowa. When our country needed him he enlisted in the US Navy and served our country during World War II.

Recently, this gentleman went to this local Department of Motor Vehicles to obtain a special adaptation to his driver's license so that he could go to Canada to visit family. In the middle of this process he was informed that he was not considered a US citizen due to a paperwork snafu that occurred when he was born in 1916. Simply, put his parents didn't register his birth with the US government.

Because, of this oversight by his parents nearly a 100 years ago this WWII veteran he is now facing possible deportation or loss of his Social Security benefits.  In addition, he could also loose his rights to a Military Burial if he is found not to be a US Citizen.  I find this to be incredibly offensive and we as a society need to seriously look at our immigration policies. Particularly, when hundreds if not thousands of people enter this country illegally on a monthly basis. In fact, many illegal aliens receive state and federal benefits with less than real documentation or no documentation at all.

And yet, Mr. Davidson is being (for lack of a better word) punished by our government's backwards approach to immigration. When he enlisted in the Navy he was told by officials that there was no problems with his citizenship status. Now, nearly a 100 years later it is a problem and he needs to prove that his parents were US citizens. Keep in mind his parents were born before Iowa started keeping birth records.

Mr. Davidson, should not have to prove that his parents were legal citizens. He has served his country, exercised his right to vote, and paid his taxes. He should not have to face deportation at the age of 95 or the loss of his Social Security benefits. After all he paid into the system and served his country. He should be given his citizenship no questions asked.

I am sure that some of you that are reading this think that I am against immigration. I am not. I believe that if you are receiving the benefits that the United States offers to us and immigrants that you should do it the right way. Come in legally, pay your taxes, keep your culture but learn ours and speak our language. But, don't come in through the back door.

I hope and pray that Mr. Davidson is granted his wish to know that he is a legal and true citizen of the US before he dies.


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    • Lindy's World profile imageAUTHOR

      Lindy's World 

      6 years ago

      Jessica thanks for your comment. This is a tragic situation. I find it just awful that this poor man served his country with pride yet...he is punished. So unfair.

    • Jessicapotter24 profile image


      6 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      This is really a sad story indeed! How can he ever prove that his parents were really US citizens? It is really unfair that he has to undergo all this stress at this age of his life, in spite of his service to the country.

    • profile image

      Nancy's Niche 

      7 years ago

      "I believe that if you are receiving the benefits that the United States offers to us and immigrants that you should do it the right way. Come in legally, pay your taxes, keep your culture but learn ours and speak our language. But, don't come in through the back door."

      Nicely stated Lindy and I agree with you 100%! I haven't read the article you wrote about but, it doesn't surprise me that our government is taking this stand. I think it's deplorable the way he is being treated while others illegally in this country get a free handout and can't prove legal status...Of course if they had a baby here that's all they need to get all the benefits.That's why the "Birthright Citizenship Bill" needs to be changed to read; at least one parent must be a "natural born" citizen in order for a child born here to be considered a legal citizen.


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