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The fight for a budget that reflects the message of the voters in 2016

Updated on May 9, 2017

It has been said elections have consequences and this past November 2016 this statement cannot be more true but some individuals act as though nothing has changed when it fact is has drastically changed. Voters sent a strong message last November but many politicians and specifically Democrats are not responding to the message sent. The culture in Congress needs to change. There is a different philosophy now in place and Congress needs to react to the message of the voters.

There is a time when political agendas are in disagreement with the needs of the country and efforts to obstruct the will of the people will see the anger of the voters come the next election. Congress in the past has kept pushing the can down the road to the next Congress rather than solving issues facing our country. It is time that those in Congress do what they were sent there to do. The recent congressional budget agreement is not a reflection of the message voters sent in the last election. Some leaders in Congress are bent on obstructing the will of the people in getting the job done with regards to the agenda on which our President was elected. Obstructing the agenda of the President is sending the same message that voters rejected. The status quo is no longer acceptable to voters. They want Congress to take action with regards to the needs of the country not their political agenda.

It is true that the Republicans are in charge of both houses of Congress but there needs to be cooperation on critical issues facing this country and the agenda to put in place to make things right. The position our country is now in did not happen overnight in fact it has happened over administrations of both political parties. It is time for Congress to understand that the public has a right to make their own decisions and not let government make them for them. It is time to do what is right for the country not what political parties feel is the right thing to do. The platforms of both of the presidential candidates were considered by the voters and they chose our current president and it is time for both political parties to work together for the common good.

The recent vote passing the healthcare act in the House of Representatives has seen some statements made that the Republicans will own the legislation but the same is true for the Democrats, they own Obama care which was passed without one vote by Republicans. Obama care or the Affordable Care Act as it has been called is collapsing under its own weight but politicians are ignoring that what they passed is failing. Changes need to be made in this area and others which have been in existence for years. One important topic is our national debt.

Our national debt and how we got there needs to be addressed with decisive action. Congress needs to stop spending money it does not have or find some way to increase revenue so the debt of our country can start to go down. One way in the works is tax reform. Many feel that tax reform involving reducing taxes is going to make things worse when in fact that history has proven this philosophy false. When taxes were reduced in another administration the income of the government and our economy soared and it needs to do so again.

The current environment in Washington is changing but not so much with the help of Congress but through executive orders by the President. It is true however laws have been passed but exposure to these accomplishments is getting little if any media coverage. While there were some good things in the budget which has been passed there are things which have been in it and did not get the light of day. Individuals have been bent on imposing their philosophy in the budget when in fact the voters stated emphatically what they wanted and they did not get it in the budget. It is hoped that the battle to have a budget that reflects the will of the people will be passed come September 2017.

Individuals serving in Congress today are afraid of what the voters will do come the next election. Politicians are making statements that they think they know how the voters will react to the decisions being made by Congress but the polls in the last election were way off and many do still do not accept the voters decisions. The key point is to do what is right for the country and listen to what the voter message was in the last election. Making the right decisions will see voter appreciation but making the wrong decisions will see voter anger in the next election. It is up to each individual to make their own choices and decisions and not let the leadership in both political parties make the decisions for them.


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