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The freedoms we have as a United States citizen

Updated on January 18, 2014

The freedoms we have as a United States citizen many of which are identified in our Constitution is one of the many benefits we have that other countries do not. While some of these freedoms are constantly coming under attack from all sides the Constitution guarantees many under the Bill of Rights. The first ten amendments to the Constitution provide the language that is associated with each freedom and for this we should be grateful.

Many laws and policies are being generated which appear to impact these rights or directly impact these rights. Policy statements sometimes come through regulations generated by individual executive departments and their agencies and if they are in compliance with their responsibilities under laws there is no problem. Laws are sometimes vague in terms of the language written and are often interpreted by those writing the regulations. This interpretation may or may not be the intent when the law was generated.

I am not going to go into detail of the rights granted to us under the Constitution but the more significant ones involve freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press. Another significant right is the right we have against unreasonable search and seizure which has recently been in the news. Our constitutional rights are always going to be under attack by those individuals and sometimes they are politicians who want to impose restrictions on these rights.

I understand the need for the government to some extent to protect our country against those who want to do us harm not only inside our borders but outside our borders in foreign lands.

There are however other rights we have as citizens of this great country which are not defined within our Constitution but in the culture of society when our country first began. Our society is a mobile one where individuals can freely move from one state to another without restriction. This right or privilege is something we cherish but it is not one written into any law and it would be difficult if not impossible to get such a law passed through any legislature much less Congress.

Another right we have is that of the freedom to change jobs. If we are unhappy with the job we have we are not restricted in finding another to replace it. While this is a freedom we have it is not always accomplished easily. Sometimes we do not have the qualifications necessary for jobs we want and in the economics of today switching jobs is not always possible. In terms of having the education or knowledge for specific positions we are free to access any educational opportunities to attain these qualifications. Granted there are costs involved in some cases but in others there are free resources available to us to gain the knowledge we need or want. The Internet to a large extent has widened the resources for learning opportunities. We can now take classes online associated with many educational institutions without the need to formally attend in person.

In relation to higher education we are free to choose any college we aspire to attend given the financial needs necessary are in place. We are not restricted from attending any college or university though we must meet certain criteria as established by each institution. We are not restricted in general principle for attending any of these institutions.

Though the rights identified in the previous paragraphs are not engrained to my knowledge in any law it is these freedoms to which we have become accustomed that could be impacted by laws and regulations. Would be have a leg to stand on if these freedoms which have been a part of society were ever impacted and if so would our judicial system side with us or the government. This is an unknown factor if ever this situation should arise. We must enjoy these freedoms and those provided in the Constitution and fight any attempt to either restrict these rights or completely eliminate them. The freedoms and rights we have presented in this article do not encompass every freedom we have but each freedom we enjoy today should be cherished by us all. Those who want to restrict any freedom we have must understand the freedom they enjoy are the results of the many sacrifices individuals have made in protecting the freedoms they enjoy.


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    • Dennis AuBuchon profile image

      Dennis AuBuchon 4 years ago


      Thanks for taking the time to provide your comments. I always appreciate any comments from those who read my hubs.

    • lilylipgloss profile image

      lilylipgloss 4 years ago

      Well I have to say I found this Hub, astonishing!

      With out wishing to pick a fight, its the sort one could only feel is true if you have lived and been brought up in the American system.

      Freedom, really, who was it that said, "a lie told often enough becomes the truth"?.

      If you call freedom: having all emails, phone calls, texts, internet searches, library borrowings monitored. Plus friendly governments of countries personal phones tapped, not being able to freely report on wars America is in, as in body counts, on both sides etc.

      More blacks in prison per capita way beyond other countries, plus the highest prison population than any other country in the world, prisoners being subjected to untested killing methods as witnessed this past week.

      Shall we talk social? The worst medical system in the world for a so called developed system, where only the rich can pay A gun lobby group that continues to allow mass murders, where more people are murdered by guns than basically anywhere.

      Under paid workers for rich businesses, who if they protest lose their low paying jobs, (as witnessed this past week) the working poor.

      You mention people free to chose what University they wish to attend, I mean really!! Sure it they have rich parents.

      A banking system that took their profits from the poor, and that in the end were to "big to fail".

      "Yes but you can protest you say", unless your a 1 precent protester, if so you get capsicum sprayed in your face, even if your practising your constitutional rights".

      A Government that's happy to stick their nose into other countries political running's, more so if they have a president that your government does not like or can do business with. Even if they were voted in.

      A US government who is in bed with dictators in Central Asia despite their human rights records, all due to Oil Gas.

      Being lied to re weapon's mass destruction, "we don't torture" - "we have no grey flights to counties that do torture".

      Is Guantanamo Bay prison free and fair? Do the poor get well represented in US?

      I could go on and on. Please, please get a reality check.

      I'm sorry as one off your Hollywood movies showed in a scene "America is not the greatest country in the world' You can view with scene on You Tube should you wish.

      In fact it is so free, that this piece here will most likely be taken off, have me taken off Hub Pages, and be added to the list of those to watch from the US Government (if I'm not already).

      I mean it's lovely that you believe what you have written, just not everyone else may, more so if they were brought up in a different country.