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The good Samarian (the twenty-first century version)

Updated on April 5, 2010

Imagine, if you are a Jews who got injure in an automobile accident on the ninety one freeway near a town name Corona, California and there are three peoples saw you on the roadside just to flag them down; one catholic, one Baptist and one Nazi with a good heart.

The catholic saw you and he didn’t brother to stop to help you because he don’t want to offend the Cardinal that is in his church who is preaching his church than to having to explained why you were late all because you were helping that injure man out. The Baptist saw you and decided not to help you out because the Baptist think that the one only reason why you are injure from the automobile accident is because you deserved it regardless of who fault is it because the Baptist think that God have put the curse on you. The Nazi saw you on the ground have decided to help to out regardless of the danger that both you and the Nazi are in. This Nazi has put you in his car, drove you to the nearest hospital which is in Riverside, and tells the hospital staff that you need help and the Nazi that took you to that hospital will pay for your hospital bill.


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