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The great crisis on humanity!

Updated on October 14, 2015

Who will set right the wrongs?

What is real sacrifice? It is not sacrificing one’s family, properties, friends, profession and other identities. Real sacrifice lies in removing all our bad traits and tendencies. In short, it is giving up of desire, anger, pride, jealousy and pettiness. People consider sacrifice by thinking that ‘sacrificing oneself for the cause of something’ as supreme. Only when an individual sacrifices all his evil propensities, he is fit to be termed as a real human being.

Nowadays, there is great commotion in the external world. Everywhere there is war cry! Kill and destroy seems to be the slogan of terrorists of any name or organization. They freely quote their religious scriptures as sanctions for their acts of terrorism. Sadly, they have not understood the teachings contained in their scriptures. It is the big ego of the perpetrators of crime to substantiate their heinous crimes with quoting from the scriptures.

It is clear that everyone in the world wants supremacy over others. Even within the terrorists’ organization, there is a forced obedience and none dare to question the commands of the leaders. It is not on principles or tenets that they are fighting with innocent citizens everywhere. They want to justify each of their acts in the media by quoting the prophets. Many new entrants there resent their decision later and come out of the fold of the terrorists somehow. Now only, the world has realized that they are unto usurping more and more areas from several countries. The world has misjudged their capacities and capabilities. Now they are capable of defending their lands of occupation in spite of several nations joining to drive them away.

We hear from the media that fighter jets from other countries are shot down by rackets fired by the terrorists. This shows their capability and technological advancement. They have the money power to purchase even the most destructive weapons from the markets. They have conduits everywhere. They have the control of oil rigs which they use to finance their outfits. It is jungle warfare and regular armies or navy or airpower cannot decimate them in single operation. Hence the war is prolonged and the bombings does kill many innocents in the cross fire. The infrastructures are destroyed beyond reconstruction. Governments at those places have become ineffective and they are not able to provide for the poor citizens. Food, water, medicines and other essentials have become scarce.

Hence the poor victims flee their countries to safer destinations and we witness many perish in the mid sea. The countries in the vicinity are facing the problem of many migrants landing in their territories. Every leader is questioning ‘how many people we can accommodate? But this is a huge humanitarian problem. The United Nations must act swiftly to deal with such crisis. The real problem is funding such huge ventures. Politics play a vital part but it is the crisis of humanity. Hence every nation must come forward voluntarily to address the concerns of people of no land. The chief victims are women, children and elderly population who need a place to rest. In these adverse circumstances, God alone can bring peace and harmony in the world!

Where they will land?


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