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The horizons of mediocrity.

Updated on August 31, 2014

Hearts filled with dreams.~

“How do you think of your future son?”, asked an elderly man to his friend’s son who was in IIT Kharagpur pursuing BTech and was in his second year. He answered, “I think, being in IIT has an advantage. So, some big MNC would dig me out in college placements and I’ll earn good 6-8 lacs per annum.”

I wonder, why? There must be some proficient reason that out of a country of 1.2 billion people, only less than 10,000 get admitted in IIT’s (Indian Institue Of Technology, the best IT institution in India) each year. There must be some distinctive spark in this lad that he has got into the best IT institution in India. There must be some distinguishing features separating the students of IIT and of other sub-par institutions. Not all are meant to work under someone, earning something sufficing their ‘needs’. All that I am saying is, some must be meant for greater glory.

The agenda I want to emphasize on here is the lack of ambition in people out here. I know, for a fact, that Indian education system is not really made for people thinking big. It is too short sighted, as in not reaching out to the students' real potential, and is very much constricted to academic and grade-growth, which doesn't really imply that people are going to make big things happen in the real world. I'm not proclaiming that the heights a man will touch, entirely depends upon how good an institution he has gone to. It’s up to the man himself, having the mettle, the determination to thrive in the bloodbath in corporate world today. Money is a major telling factor, obviously, but still I don’t think the dollars you earn indicates your achievements. What I'm trying to stipulate here is that people today are somehow afraid to follow their dreams. Literate or illiterate, crooked or healthy, pretty or ugly, nothing matters when the real person inside you in throwing flames of the fire in his belly to reach out to what he really wants from life. An illiterate person might establish an orphanage and be happy with how it helps those poor little kids to have a piece of joy that they deserved but could not get because of their misfortune. It hardly matters if it doesn't really yield him money, at least to him, it doesn't. It was his dream, it came true, he is upbeat and satisfied with what he does, and only a fraction of our population encounters this stage of their life when they are satisfied and happy with what they. That is what matters.

For me, it’s not about being just ‘content’, it’s about being ‘totally satisfied’. And, I have reasons to support my motion. The man has lived on this earth since forever, and every single time, he adjusts to what is being given to him. A man possibly accommodates anywhere and everywhere. With the gradual and constant ticking of time, he will learn to live with what he has. One or the other day, he will be content with what he has. I say, a man is as big as his dreams are, as his thoughts are. A person being totally satisfied with what he has done in life can tell you what euphoria is.

Now, as far as the analogy of expectations and disappointments goes, it is very easy to be a cynical pessimist about all of this. There will be people who will be intentionally neglect the idea of chasing their dreams and some, who even abandon themselves to have them. But, here's the line of segregation that divides the dreamers and anti-dreamers, the line of success. Nobody gets to live this simple word in the Oxford Dictionary, until they have a broader vision of life which consists of enormous dreams and that faith in their own selves to achieve it with all their might.

Now, to top it all off, I'm not saying that everyone in pursuit of their dreams will succeed in clinching them. I'm just saying that you should. It’s just like participating in a car race. It increases the probability of you winning it, astronomically. It’s actually that simple. People really need to get above that level of mediocrity they have been wasting their lives in, and stand up for what they have really wanted, all this while.

I feel all this to be so essential because I would never see the day encountering an inner voice of mine saying out: You backed off a battle just because you were too scared to witness the consequences.

And, all said and done, you have nothing to lose. It’s your life.

Leaving the trails.~

I am not imposing my ideology on anyone but for all I know and believe, if there’s passion, sincerity and a small bag of street-smart skills behind your attempt to make your dreams, your reality, no one can stop them from coming for you.
So, for once, go out there, stand up for something or someone you really want to do or be, in any aspect of life, and literally tear apart the horizon of mediocrity expected from you or the stereotypic future the society has made up for you. If for nothing, but for the sake of telling your to-be grandchildren, “Yes, you little brats, I did chase my dreams, irrespective of any limitations put on me, I realized that after all it’s my life, and it’s about time I do what I want to do with it."

A worthy quote.~

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

-Mark Twain.

A captivating reference.~

There is this popular TV Show, and also my all-time favourite, Suits.

The name of the main protagonist is Harvey Specter, played by Gabriel Macht. I haven't seen a character more endearing than him. Everything about him is pure class and elegance. He is portrayed to be the best closer in New York working for one of the best law firms in the business, Pearson Specter. He is cocky, audacious, into-the-face and absolutely never ready to lose. He is a winner. All the dialogues in the show depict how sore a loser he might be, if he ever had to lose. In the recent season 4, the weak spot of Harvey was unleashed, the emotional side of his persona.

Gabriel Macht, in an interview recently quoted, "Playing Harvey Specter has made me learn a lot of things about life. What I've learned from him is that we can all have self-doubt and be really insecure, but if we can just push through that, our persistence may overcome some failure. I find that that's inspiring from him,""

I took this reference as I wanted to add that nobody has a knack of winning. It's what you make of a situation, like they say, "It's all in your mind." I have loved this show and I continue to love because it teaches a lot of good and bad things about how to live life. There is is this one dialogue of Harvey that reaches out to me the most: "You want to lose small, I want to win big."

Till you don't gamble away something, you don't get anything. Taking risks is an important asset to have in order to achieve what you want.

© 2014 Gaurav Sood


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    • gauravarod profile image

      Gaurav Sood 2 years ago from India

      I understand. Completely. And, responsibility is something one cannot neglect and is the reason why many people's dreams are crushed for the sole reason that their desire is suppressed by the burden.

      Thank you for the critique, Chirag. :)

    • profile image

      chirag gupta 2 years ago

      It is really nice but you missed one thing "resposibility" you know..i have seen many of my friends,who are really talented..some in singing,some in photography,but they cant pursue dat field...cause they have responsibility.In some cases that person's father has passed he has to take responsibility of their some cases the father is a drunkard..spends all his money on booze.So dreams are also broken by resposibility...anyways..well written

    • profile image

      naman 3 years ago

      Awesome it is :)

    • profile image

      Pragya Maini 3 years ago


    • gauravarod profile image

      Gaurav Sood 3 years ago from India

      I think, along the way in life, everyone does come to know of what makes them happy is what they wanna do. :)

      Thanks. :)

    • Himani Aggarwal profile image

      Himani Aggarwal 3 years ago from New Delhi, India

      This was for all those people who know what there dreams are. There are people who still haven't discovered what they will be satisfied with. So I believe everyone should go out of their comfort zones, discover themselves and see how life changes completely.

      Beautifully written. :')