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The last Emperor

Updated on August 19, 2011
Nicholas II
Nicholas II

Biography of a prince

It's been almost a hundred years since this dashing, blond, prince ruled Russia. Few people today even know who he was or what transpired during his reign. The Romanov name, however, is very well known, especially in America. Yet the name Romanov is known not for the Emperor of Russia but rather for his legendary daughter, Anastasia.

Nicholas the II was the last in a long line of Emperors, all the way back to Peter the great. Like his father before him Nicholas had inherited the throne but was no politician, nor was he a leader. Nicholas I was made Emperor when his brother refused it. Nicholas, however, had not been groomed for the position of Tsar. Actually, he had never even seen himself while growing up as the someday ruler of Russia. As fate would have it. However, that is exactly where he would up. Nicholas I reign was a turbulent one, and he died with his country at war.

Suddenly, Nicholas II was ruler of the war torn country, but he was no ruler, while he had grown up watching his father, what he learneded from him probably did him more harm than good.. So like his father, Nicholas II chose not to listen to the needs and wants of the people and to continue running Russia's government as an autocracy. Then in an effort to appease the public, Nicholas planned a grand coronation ceremony complete with a giveaway to the public. A public that due to his father's mismanagement of the government was jobless, penniless and hungry.
Four days after his coronation, on May 18th, 1896 the Tsar had planned a grand banquet that included 150 buffets, to distribute gifts to the public and 20 pubs. Each person attending the festivities was to receive a bread roll, a piece of sausage, a gingerbread, and a mug. This gala was to be held in a field called Khodynka, a place filled with gullies and valleys.

Just before dawn at about 5:00 am close to a half a million people had gathered in anticipation of the Emperor's banquet. Then out of nowhere a rumor began to circulate that there wasn't enough give always to go around and the crowd went wild. A panic rush ensued as the crowd began to disperse 2,689 people were trampled by the crowd 1389 of those people were trampled to death by the fleeing crowd.

While some royal wrist slapping took place over the incident, everything else went forward as planned, including a grand ball at the French Embassy on the night following the tragedy. Nicholas chose to attend the ball and displease the Russian people rather than chance offending the French. Many say that this blatant disregard for the public lead to the emperor's undoing, according to Russian history Mystics even Prophesied that Nicholas very appearance at this event had sealed his doom. The Russian royals made an attempt to do some damage control by dismissing some lower level echelon from their post and monetary compensation was made to the injured and to the families of the dead, but for the most part the incident was ignored and the Royal family moved on.

The Tsars bumbling of this event would leave a gaping wound in his Political career. This would prove to be a wound that would never heal for the Russian people. They would hold this grudge throughout the entire reign of Nicholas II.

The Coronation

By the Emperor, for the Emperor

At the beginning of his reign, Nicholas was visited by the elders of Russia. They brought with them a list of the needs of the people. Although he listened to what they had to say, he paid them litte or no attention. After all who were they to tell him, the "Tsar" (meaning Ceasar) how to run his nation. The Russians regarded the Tsar, as the "little father" placing him one step under God. They also believed that it was God who had chosen the Tsars to rule Russian and he was answerable only to God.

Nicholas had visited Europe and sat through a session of Parliment. He had seen democracy in action but left determined to keep Russia an Autocracy. Russian royality frowned on Democratic monarchs as if such things were beneath them,but in reality they feared becoming a figure head.

Emperor Americus

Barak Hussein Obama, Emperor Americus
Barak Hussein Obama, Emperor Americus | Source

"All hale Emperor Americus!"

One does not have to look long at the two rulers to see the comparison, Nicholas felt that he and his government was untouchable, answerable only to God. The one difference that I must make clear is that Tsar Nicholas II was very religious where the Emperor Americus, Obama worships nor bears any allegiance to any god or higher power. He is in essence his own god, answerable only to him. Another difference that must be said is that unlike the Tsar, Obama was not born into his crown but was certainly groomed for the position.

Like Nicholas' Russia, Obama came on the scene when America was in dire straits, this was mainly due to the careful planning of the liberal (or should I say socialist) Democrats that had been grooming him for the job for the past several years. For although he was only a newly elected "junior" Senator in Illinois, he was a prolific speaker, and he had a fresh brazen persona, and best of all he was black. Obama and his "bully" party worked hard behind the scenes to seek out and register the unregistered voters they also targeted the colleges,seeking out the entitled ones who never worked a day in their lives but willingly agreed with the share the wealth plan. They then began their platform of "Hope and change", and when it was time to introduce the future "Emperor Americus" to the public, he mesmerized them, with all the subtility of a cobra charming a bird, and it wasn't long before the majority of the nation was crying "All hale Emperor Americus!"

Silver Tongue, Iron fist

Like Nicholas, Obama cared little or nothing about the public and their opinion, to him the public were merely a vehicle to the throne of power. He was wise enough to know though that in order to occupy that throne he had to careful coax the vehicle. He accomplished this by doing what he did best talking out of both sides of his mouth. On the one side of his mouth he was telling the black voters that he was going to redistribute the wealth, putting everyone on the same level, on the other side he was telling everyone else that he would raise taxes but only on the rich. His speech was so convincing that he had people thanking him for planning to raise their taxes, and even more amazing he had the majority of the black voters convinced that they would rein with him when he came into power, never having to work or pay bills again.

However, when enacting a hostile takeover nothing can be left to chance, he must have absolute allegiance this took a show of force. Therefore if any went against him or his policies,even if they used his middle name "Hussein" his Bully lords would have them investigated,often times interrogated or in "Joe the plumbers" case they would mess with that person's credit report, make fictitious reports to the IRS and have them audited, and often make discrediting claims to business associates to hinder or sometimes completely halt their business or career.  If the person reported them to the authorities the liberal media beat them to a pulp in the news. He even went as far as to resurrect the radical Black Panthers from the sixties to strong arm voters at the polls. His bluff was in and when the 2008 Presidential election rolled around America  fearfully, ignorantly, and blindly crowned him as their ruler.


Quaking house of cards

While Russia Struggles through a World War the suffering of the people intensifies. Now not only are they broke and hungry but their young men are being marched off to war, many of which would never return. Nearly a million Russian soldiers would die during World war I and many Russian citizens died from hunger caused by the food shortages of the war.

Riots broke out in many of the Russian provinces, most of Russia blamed Nicholas for getting involved in a war he wasn't prepared to win. Russians were to the only ones placing the blame on Nicholas, Vladimir Lenin, leader of the Bolshevistic's was appalled at Nicholas and all the socialist who chose to go to war in Europe. He would hold this grudge until he used it to destroy the house of the Romanovs.

As The war waged on and more men died, Russia sank further and further into unemployment, poverty, and civil unrest. Meanwhile Nicholas and his family chose to ignore the state of the nation and Go on lavish vacations, sail on their yacht and buy expensive gifts for each other. The Emperor failed to realize that the eyes of the nation were upon him, and his family. This blatant show of unconcern for poor, starving, and dying Russian people struck a bitter nerve, something had to be done. On March 13th,1917 a call came from the Russian high command for Nicholas to abdicate, two days later he complied. The Bolsheviks would later demand a permanent Abdication from the Tsar and his family in an effort to make sure that a Romanov never again ruled Russia.  

Fall of the dark knight

As Obama began his rein he quickly assembled his thug cabinet, appointing people with less than honorable backgrounds. Then he went about achieving his agenda, he went to work to overhaul the healthcare system. On March 23rd,2010 The affordable healthcare act became a law. In reality this was a giant government power grab which trampled the rights of the people and gave the government access to private bank accounts, forced all Americans to buy insurance or pay a fine, allowed the government to decide who gets treatment and who doesn't. It was little wonder that 2/3rds of the nation was against it but the Obama thug party pushed it through regardless of public oppinion.

Shortly after the "Obamacare" was passed the Obama regime went to work to gain control of the internet  th H.R. 4061 bill gives the "President temperary control of the internet. Then he and the "thug party" began to rally for "the Cap and Trade" bill yet another major government power grab. All the while his approval rating was steadily dropping, how did he deal with it? As with Nicholas he and his family went on lavish vacations. He tackfully skirted around America's problems such as the gulf oil spill and the failing economy. Unlike Nicholas Obama from the start wore a robe of protection provided by the liberal media. Not only would they give him an instant soap box anytime he needed it, but would jump to his defence anytime anyone uttered a negative word toward him. Now however as he basked in his "bully victories" his cloak of liberal media protection began to unravel. Soon the once staunch Obama supporters were themselves making critical remarks of the shining black knight. While he chapter has closed on the once carasmatic ruler, it is becoming Abundantly clear that he has fallen from grace.

Thankfully for Obama we live in a much more civilized society that frowns heavily on atroscities such as Genicide. However Obama and his beer Party regime, will most likely fall victim to "votercide", that will cause him to be relatively non-existant to the voting public and will insure that he nor anyone remotely associated with the Obama name will ever hold public office in this nation again.


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    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 

      8 years ago from America

      Excellent analogy of our president who Rush now refers to as JackAss!


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