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The Left Blames Trump for Everything Even When They Existed Before He Ran for the Presidency!

Updated on June 20, 2018

The latest Democrat distraction is blaming president Trump for the illegal alien children separated from their parents.

The latest and the lowest attack by the democrats on president Trump is his enforcement of the immigration laws dealing with illegal alien children. This has spread around the world. The UK prime minister Teresa May and Pope Francis both have dumped on the US for the acts of the illegal aliens.

Congressional Hearings on the Obama administrations DOJ and FBI

Is it a coincidence that this issue on children and the immigration law has been floated to the top, while the congressional hearing into the investigation of how the Obama DOJ and FBI were shown to be biased and acted with that bias to letting HRC off the criminal indictment for her private and unprotected email server that had been found to contain many classified documents.

In addition, the FBI and the DOJ were not actually pursuing and criminal investigation into that issue. Also, the head and lead investigators in the FBI that led that HRC email probe inquiry were also the same ones that started and pursued the Russia Trump probe.

During the current congressional hearings it has been shown that the Trump investigation started with the presumption not of showing any Russia Trump collusion but to provide false evidence and spy on the Trump campaign by the same investigators that summarily exonerated HRC.

While that puts the Democrats and the Obama administration in a very bad light, the democrats have set into motion this red herring distraction to take the heat of them. This illegal alien children immigration policy has been pinned on president Trump by them for the sole purpose of taking the public attention from the congressional hearings.

This immigration issue was inherited by president Trump. It has existed since 2005 and both president GW Bush, and president Obama did their share of this separation of parent from children. In fact, when the democrat biases media put this issue into circulation they forgot to take the date off the photo that showed children behind chain link fencing. It turns out that the date of that photo was 2014, yes that was during the Obama administration.

And today, it doesn't matter that it was the Obama administration as the beat goes on against president Trump.

The question and the focus today should instead be where were the critiques of the child separation from parents during the 8 years of president Obama doing the same thing, and the 3 years of GW Bush.

They and now president Trump were merely executing the law. A law that could have been changed by the congress during GW Bush, Barack Obama and now under president Trump.

The fact is that it only became an issue under president Trump. It is clear today why it is an issue because it spawned from those that are afflicted with TDS. They have and continue to use any and all things that are opposite of what president Trump does, considers to do, and even what they think he might do in the future.

If you are smart and intelligent and well versed in the world, why would you believe the current attack on president Trump. Here is some more information to help your opinion. The illegal aliens are using the asylum laws to come to the border and get asylum trying to use their children as a way to get the public against the president and the immigration law. This number has increased in the last year, and about 80% of these cases have been found to be fraudulent. From the fact, that the children were not related to the so called parents. This is a loophole that is being used by the illegal aliens.

Congress creates that laws that the president enforces. And both parties in congress are responsible for the current condition of the US immigration laws.

Is there any intelligent reasoning made by Anti Trumpers?

What Ties does President Donald Trump have to Russia?

  • Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton have ties to Russia
  • Both of them had ties with Russia on Uranium One.
  • Bill Clinton was paid a half a million dollars for a ONE Hour speech by the Russians, and the Clinton foundation received millions of dollars from the Russians.
  • Hillary Clinton and the DNC had ties with the Russians when they paid for the creation of the Steele Report. Steele used Russians in creating that report.
  • Does president Donald Trump have any of these kind of Russian Ties, or with Russians at all.
  • The Hillary Clinton DNC opposition paper that they paid twelve million dollars to get is a tie through Christopher Steele.
  • The Steele report has been debunked.

What people has President Trump disrespected?

  • Does anyone have anything they can share as facts showing that president Trump disrespected one?
  • Don’t use the sh hole comments as it has never been verified, and therefore cannot be deemed a fact.

Why should president Trump believe in Global Warming?

There is a claim that scientists over whelming say that Global Warming exists. Even if they were right, and there is no evidence that they are right. What could we do to reverse it or even slow it down?

  • The global plan that president Trump got us out of would prevent the US from doing anything in this country, while the so called developing countries would not only be allowed to pollute, they would get the money to do from the US.

Not a good plan. Also, even with our technology and super computers we still can’t accurately predict the weather. Yet, the Climate Change supporters think that they can reverse something. When has that ever worked out well for us?

President Trump and Gun Control

  • First, gun control is not the solution for random acts of terrorism.
  • Second, we have plenty of gun control laws in the country, but like the Immigration Laws they aren’t enforced as they should be.
  • Third, what have the presidents and congresses of the past fifty years done for stopping these acts of terrorists?

Obama brought in millions of unvetted refugees from the Middle East terrorist states. Is that a good move?

  • Half of the gun deaths in the US are from suicide. What has been done on solving or reducing these deaths?
  • The recent Parkland school shootings could have been stopped. But neither the local police, nor the FBI acted on the tips or crimes committed by the shooter Nikolas Cruz.
  • The Broward Sheriff department had an assigned armed Broward Sheriff Deputy already at the school. This deputy never entered the school while the shooting was going on. And neither did three of his fellow deputies that responded to the call.
  • How many of the 17 lives could they have saved if they actually went into the school. Instead they hid behind their patrol cars.

Who was responsible for the Charlottesville Attack?

Why would anyone say that President Trump is a Liar?

  • Since President Trump became president there have been many leaks in the White House. Mostly from left over Obama people.
  • Trump for example had to fire acting DOJ Attorney General because she refused an order from Trump.
  • These people serve at the pleasure of the President. And firing FBI director James Comey was well within his power. There was no need to justify the firing.

People mistakenly call a change in direction a lie. Would they rather have a president stick to a bad plan just so he wouldn’t be called a liar? These people call every thing he does a lie.

The Job of the president is to protect the Nation from all threats foreign and domestic.

  • In that vane, he issued a TEMPORARY travel ban form 7 Middle Eastern Countries.
  • These were war torn terrorist filled countries.
  • These countries appear to be Muslim controlled countries, and it wasn’t a ban on all Muslims nor all Muslim countries. There are 47 Muslim countries and the Philippines has the largest Muslim population.
  • The purpose of this 90 day Temporary ban was because these 7 countries couldn’t properly vet these people. The 90 days was to allow the US to generate an adequate and effective vetting process.

Finally, the United States like any other country, in the World CAN say which people they want and which people they don’t want. No foreign people have a RIGHT to demand entry into the US.

Conflict with North Korea

President Trump has been in office for over one year, and we are still not at war with North Korea.

  • What did all the presidents and congresses do about North Korea since the armistice of the Korean War in the 1950s.
  • Donald Trump wasn’t in politics until 2017.
  • But many that are in congress did nothing to stop the North Korea build up of nuclear weapons.
  • And this is especially true of the eight years under President Barack Obama. Instead of blaming President Trump ask why the politicians before him did nothing?

President Trump and Obamacare

Obamacare was a lie by president Obama. It was also a TAX to have mandatory compliance with it. And Obamacare still exists.

  • President Obama flat out lied, and that lie impacted millions of people.
  • The lie, If you like your health plan you can keep it.
  • If you like your doctors, you can keep them.
  • These two alone adversely affected millions because their health plans were replaced by Obamacare. As well as the doctors that come with the plan.
  • People for example, that had terminal diseases relied on the doctor in the plan they had to treat them. When their health plan went away, so did their doctor. And not all doctors are the same. Just as when you find a good service person, like auto mechanic you want to stick with them.

President Trump has only been able to take the TAX out of Obamacare mandatory health care coverage.

President Trump has been able to once again have the World respect the United States, and not bow to world leaders as did President Barack Hussein Obama.

· The United States is the major support for the UN, as it pay disproportionately compared to other members.

· This is also true when it comes to supplying troops to support UN actions.

· The United States also gives millions and more to countries around the world. Even countries that hate the United States. And even countries that have rich resources and wealth, like many countries in the ME and Africa. Those countries have their wealth in their ruling class, while the people in the country live in poverty.

The countries around the world may not like President Trump, but they have to respect him.

Without his Twitter Account we would never be able to hear about what he is doing without it being filtered by the left biased media.

· I personally like his Twitter messages.

And for any of the other issues that the left and especially the anti Trumper’s have made there emotional, irrational and un-American vile and rude name calling, I would say Trump assumed the problems and the issues afflicting the US, but he didn’t create them, he just inherited them.

To look for the guilty, go back through US history to see what the presidents and the congresses before him did in these issues.

The answer is little to nothing because they never got solved, and persist from election to election.

Barack Obama and the democrats divided the US based on racism. Racism they themselves created and fueled.

The democrats of this century are favoring the Illegal Aliens, and even the convicted Illegal Alien felons over the American People, Legal Immigrants and the United States.


As far as the unequal distribution of wealth in the country, it is rooted in the Federal Income TAX system that was enabled with the passing of the 16th Amendment.

That was the work of the democrats, but since then both parties have contributed to it. It is the Internal Revenue Code that gives the tax loopholes to the rich.

The middle class don’t have these same choices because they are wage earners. And the 1986 TAX Reform Act took away the few they had. That was thanks to President Reagan.

President Trump has just followed suit with the decades of the politicians. He didn’t make it better or worse for the rich. They still have the Internal Revenue Code, but the tax was lowered for those in the middle class.

The poor either don’t pay taxes, or so little it doesn’t matter.


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      6 months ago from Orange County California


      Excellent job of summarizing the reasons for Anti Trump.


    • Sharlee01 profile image


      6 months ago

      Brad, I do understand how this hysteria lead to the Liberal's view of our President. It started with a well organized political smear campaign that snowballed with a bias media, that skews almost every statement that comes from the president. It is very easy to do, leave off parts of sentences, cut and tape footage. They progressed to insult his looks which our society does without problem, "If you are outside the circle of name callers, they will call you names". This kind of hysteria is easily spread.

      Although, many did not realize he would do so well. IT's hard to be found so wrong, so the tear down Trump campaign has gotten much worse. The problem for those that continue to be hysterical, calling the same old names making the same old assumptions. Even when facts are surfacing to prove them wrong, makes them look very foolish...

      To sum it up. President Trump is keeping promises, and working daily to make America a better place to live. His accomplishments speak above hysteria. His very determination speaks loudly... It smothers out the bias, it smothers out ridiculous, It reaches the people with common sense. That's why he won, that's why he will win in 2020.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      6 months ago from Orange County California

      Thanks again Sharon.

      I really don't understand the views of the anti Trump. It is illogical, emotional, irrational and they can't seem to explain it. They use vile, rude, and name calling about Trump personally. They did it since he stated his election campaign. Actually the Republicans started it, but the anti Trump from the left started when he won the primary.

      Anti Trump say they can call Trump Hitler, dictator, fascist and others because Trump uses names against people. The difference is that he is engaging personally with them, and he doesn't call them Hitler. And they can defend themselves. But the average anti Trump person has been called any names.

    • Sharlee01 profile image


      6 months ago

      I enjoyed all the hard work you did on this hub. It certainly prompts one to take a good hard look at how unfairly President Trump has been treated. Yet, it also makes one wonder, what happen to so many peoples common sense? A form of hysteria like no other before has infected America.


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