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The Left Once Again Makes a Mountain out of a Hole in the Ground

Updated on January 17, 2018

From the day that Donald Trump won the presidency the Anti Trump left has used every thing that he does to try and remove him as president

Now they are going after Shithole countries. The so called statement by president Trump was made in a private meeting at the white house.

  • “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” Trump said of Haiti and countries in Africa, according to the Post.

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) said Tuesday he stood by "every word" of his statement that President Donald Trump referred to foreign countries as "shithole countries" during a bipartisan meeting on immigration last week.

  • Now, the point of this article is that even if president had said exactly what senator Durbin said was true, why is this is so bad that CNN had to say "shithole" one hundred and ninety five times on air?
  • The democrat Durbin and the democrat biased media like CNN are certainly not credible, or impartial. When have they ever told the truth about president Donald Trump?

Durbin's story of what happened has been contested by his Republican colleagues, with two GOP senators denying the president used such language.

The point to be made here is what is the significance of even the biased version of the statement alleged to be said by president Trump behind closed doors?

President Trump first yearly Health Exam

Just like everything else that the democrats and their media have criticized the president. From the Tax Bill, Obama care, North Korea, the Russians, Syria, the Fire and Fury book, Jerusalem just to name a few. This week they even interrogated the doctor that examined president Trump and gave him a "Excellent" health rating.

  • Yet where was the media when in 2016 Hillary Clinton had all of those health episodes, and especially the one during the 911 attendance. You remember she had to leave early, and there was video coverage showing that she collapsed and lost her shoe being carried into the van.
  • There were the head jerks, and the coughing spasms, but the media put a lid on it.

With president Trump they interrogated his doctor with question, or actually accusation after accusation, on how could he be given excellent health eating cheese burgers. The doctor put a stop to it finally, by answering them with, it is good genetics.

The Democrats and the left Media want us to remove the sitting president Donald Trump

That motive of removing the president has been made clear, and attempted every single day since Donald Trump won the election.

  • So it is no surprise that they took this opportunity to make it another removal accusation.
  • They are and have been motivated as they call it, the resistance to having Trump as president. They have admitted that they will use and all means to get it done. They have admitted that they don't even care if the country is taken down with Trump.

The Budget is another opportunity to put their agenda of taking down the president by shutting down the government over this alleged "shithole" statement.

The president was clear from the beginning that they would get their DACA deal, but that he also wanted

  • Border security,
  • no chain migration, and a
  • change to the immigration system
  • away from the lottery system
  • to a merit system.

The democrats want only DACA and they don't want Trump to get the rest of these items.

Why do the democrats think more of foreigners than they do the Americans and legal immigrants in the United States?

Border Security

  • All the way back to president Clinton, he said that it was wrong for illegal immigrants to get into the US.
  • sensible approach to immigration.
  • needs to be open.
  • needs to be nondogmatic and nonbigoted.
  • firm but reasonable how we deal with the problem of illegal immigration.
  • get as many of our immigrants who want to do so to become citizens as quickly as possible

president Clinton went further

  • Deployed more Border Patrol agents than any previous Administration.
    That is what president Trump also has done.
  • increased Border Patrol agents southwest border 40%
    That is also what Trump has done.
  • strengthen anti-smuggling efforts to reduce the criminal transport and exploitation of illegal aliens.
    President Trump wants the wall
  • Strengthen enforcement of sanctions against employers that hire illegal immigrants.
    The democrats not only have sanctuary cities, California has now declared itself a Sanctuary State.
  • President Clinton Executive Order to keep federal contracts from going to businesses that knowingly hire illegal workers.
  • Removing a record 51,600 criminal and other illegal aliens from this country in 1995 alone.
    How does that compare with Sanctuary State and cities, that harbor convicted illegal alien felons. These illegals have already committed felonies in the US, so why do we want them to stay here?
  • Reimbursing states for a share of the costs of incarcerating criminal aliens and assisting with education and medical care costs.

The history of the Border Wall

Trump wasn't the first president to want the Wall?

The Secure Fence Act of 2006

The Secure Fence Act of 2006,

  • passed by a Republican Congress
  • signed by GW. Bush,
  • authorized 700 miles of fencing along certain stretches of land between the border of the United States and Mexico.

The act also authorized the use of

  • more vehicle barriers,
  • checkpoints and lighting to curb illegal immigration, and the
  • use of advanced technology such as satellites and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Senator Barack Obama, senator Hillary Clinton and senator Chuck Schumer were all members of the Senate.

  • They and 23 other Democratic senators voted in favor of the act when it passed in the Senate by a vote of 80 to 19.

But look what happened just because Donald Trump is now president?

  • Much of the support for the wall is not there.
  • The democrats are now against the wall simply because Trump is for it.

Currently, 702 miles of fencing is in place today?

Chained immigration, and the lottery system of immigration.

President Trumps desire to protect the US from Terrorists, illegal immigration, drugs, human trafficking, and its criminal activity has become a problem for the democrats and some of the republicans.

Shouldn't everyone in Congress strive to protect the country as president Trump is doing?

  • Why should the democrats be more concerned about "shthole" countries, illegal immigrants, and terrorists than its own American Citizens and legal immigrants?

    The original immigration in the late 1800s and early 1900s vetted the immigrants, and checked them for diseases, What they didn't do for them is give them anything other than entry into the US. Contrast that with the give away to not only the legal immigrants but the illegal aliens.

    • The illegals are given welfare, free education, free medical, and even driver licenses.

    Merit Based Immigration

    Besides getting rid of chained immigration, president Trump wants to bring more people into the country based on merit. Based not on what we can do for them, but what they can do for us.

    The democrats want to spend and increase our taxes for the benefit of illegal aliens and people that have little to no skills and need welfare, and medical.

    They make it easy for these people to vote in our elections, because they opposed Voter Id. But they also claim that our elections have been influenced?


What have the democrats claimed that president Trump needs to be removed from office have any merit whatsoever?

This is the question that needs to be answered in the comment section here.


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      bradmasterOCcal 2 months ago from Orange County California


      I have to disagree with you, Trump does have a lot of friends and they are the people in the country. The no friend list includes the Main Stream "News" Media, the Obama friends embedded in the executive branch, and the waves of those people coming into the US with their pockets empty and their hands out.

    • emge profile image

      Madan 2 months ago from Abu Dhabi

      This is all part of politics. The opposition will always try for a comeback. Trump has not many friends and that is one reason for mounting attacks on him. He will have to live with it.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      bradmasterOCcal 3 months ago from Orange County California


      So true. And I call them Demogandists because they put out Demoganda.

      CNN repeated the word Shithole 195 times, and then people wonder why they are considered Fake News.


      Coney Island Knishes all around today.

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 3 months ago

      The left exists just to torment Trump and his supporters. They have no other purpose on this earth. Obama called Libya a s***show, and everyone yawned. The hypocrites are multiplying!

    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      bradmasterOCcal 3 months ago from Orange County California

      And now they are not happy that president Trump got a excellent health report. What kind of sick people want another person to have bad health. And in this case, they went one step further, not only hoping for the bad health of the president. They now speculate that his doctor lied, and they make a big deal about an inch in his height.

      It is beyond childish, it is stupid.

      There apparently is no cure for Trump Deranged Syndrome.