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The Many Faces and Races in Organized Crime(street gangs)

Updated on September 29, 2010
Charlie Manson was a cult leader
Charlie Manson was a cult leader

Prison Gangs

  1. This hub is on the many faces and races of organized crime.

Prison and street gangs in the United States.

I might add that anybody belonging to a prison gang is most likely to stay a gang member.Habilitation is not working because gangsters make a better living by commiting crimes and are also not welcome in most cities by law abiding citizens.

Once they put those tattoos with gang symbols on their body they are recognized by the majority of people as untrustworthy and makes it hard for them to get a job and or any kind of help.

When Inmates go out to court,if they belong too a gang they are required to bring back,drugs or some kind of contraband to prove their loyalty to the gang.You might wonder how they get contraband into the institution.They will hide it in their mouth,hair,body cavity,between the toes under fingernails,anywhere possible. An obese inmate in Texas has been charged after officials learned he had a gun hidden in his rolls of fat.

The Inmate was charged with possession of a firearm in a correctional facility after he told a guard at the Harris County Jail about the unloaded 9mm pistol.

The Houston Chronicle reported Thursday that the inmate was originally arrested on charges of selling illegal copies of compact discs.

When they receive mail,it has too be inspected thoroughly.Checked for secret codes,drugs information from outside gang members.

During visiting,they are observed continually,because the visitor may have contraband to pass.How is this done?

It can be passed from mouth to mouth,hiding it in the bathroom,dropping it off on the way into the Institution.

Hiding it in body cavaties.

Inmates do work on road crews and have knowledge through telephone conversations as to where the contraband was left.They also work inside the institution on garbage crews,industries,building maintenance,motor pools,yes they do drive vehicles inside the institution.

They are supposed to be with a Correctional Officer or some other work supervisor at all times.A work crew can consist of up to 20 inmates,which makes it hard to observe every move they make.

The inmates are to be searched upon entering the main compounds,every time they leave and return.There are times when they will get into the main compound with contraband which consists of anything,such as drugs,clothing,paper work,tools,food,I mean anything to beat the system.

They are observed at feeding times as the Inmates are the ones who help prepare he meals,At the serving line you have too watch for one person getting extra helpings as this can and has caused numerous riots in the prison setting.In the Dining hall you will have one or two cooks and two officers,to watch over up to 30 inmates preparing and serving meals.

I will point out the gangs that reside in America,and what they do for a living..

Here is a short list and will add as time provides..

These gangs are all active in the U.S. and around the world.

Aryan Brotherhood;

This gang is still active and prevalent in the U.S.

The Aryan Brotherhood (AB) originated in San Quentin prison in 1967. Originally, this gang was established to provide protection for White individuals from Black and Hispanic groups, most specifically the Mexican Mafia.

Some of the original members of the AB migrated from a 1950s gang known as the "Bluebirds." Other names used in the past were the "Diamond Tooth Gang" and the "Nazi Gang."

Although members of the AB ordinarily wear numerous tattoos, the true AB tattoo is a shamrock, the letters AB, and three sixes. Three sixes displayed alone are not AB-specific because they are used by several other gangs.

Only members of the AB are permitted to wear the "brand" of the gang; individuals found to be wearing the tattoo without consent of the AB are subject to murder.

The AB has discouraged newer members from displaying AB specific tattoos to avoid identification from law enforcement officials. As a result, some AB members have removed or disguised their AB tattoos.

Although the Brotherhood is a White supremacist organization, for most AB members crime is their number priority and racial hatred would be a secondary goal, while the true White supremacist’s number one goal is generally racial hatred which they may or may not achieve through criminal behavior.

Since 1972, the Aryan Brotherhood has had an alliance with the Mexican Mafia. The AB has also used the Odinist religion to conduct gang meetings and disguise illicit business practices. Older AB members learned the American Sign Language to communicate covertly.

Although the AB originated in California, it has spread throughout the nation and in the federal prison system.

The leadership of the AB was recently hit with a federal R.I.C.O. indictment. Although the leadership has been disrupted, law enforcement officials expect that the gang will maintain a low-profile and will continue to contract out their criminal activity to such groups as the Nazi Lowriders and Peni (Public Enemy Number One).

Bloods or Pirus;

Were known as the Piru Crips,but busted off and formed their own street gangs;

Blood is an alliance of individual street organizations known as "sets" or "hoods". The Blood Alliance originated in Los Angeles, California. Each Blood set is it's own individual gang and are known to have sub-clicks, blocks, or lines (line-ups) which are like smaller individual sets within the set. Gang members in gangs under the Blood allaince are known as Bloods or Damus. Damu means Blood in the language of Swahili, a language Bloods are known to use to confuse outsiders. Bloods also refer to each other as "relatives". The gangs under the Blood Alliance are mainly identified by the color red which is worn proudly by all Blood members as a primary color. Each Blood set has significant differences such as hand signs, use of secondary colors, and customs. The Blood alliance has significantly branched out of California and has spread throughout the majority of the United States.

Mexican Mafia;

The Mexican Mafia, also known as the New Family, is a militant revolutionary group in the California Prison System. They are known to use violent and disruptive attacks against the California Department of Correction Authority. They engage in rebellion, insurrection and destruction of Prison property. This group is made up of primarily Mexican-American convicts from the barrios of East Los Angeles. They have expanded power outside of the penal facilities and are organized into ethnic groups who are trying to control narcotics, contract killings, robbery and forgery. This group is antiblack and has aligned itself with the Aryan Brotherhood, a white supremacy movement

Skin Heads

Member of an international youth subculture characterized by hair and dress styles evoking aggression and physical toughness. Typical skinhead style includes shaved heads, combat boots, tattoos, and prominent body piercings. Skinheads first appeared in working-class areas of London in the 1960s; during the 1970s and '80s the skinhead phenomenon spread to Australia, North America, and western Europe. In many countries, skinheads are regarded as extreme right-wing nationalists who espouse anti-Semitic and other racist views and engage in violent attacks on immigrants and racial minorities. This characterization, however, does not apply to all members of the subculture

Texas Syndicate;

Development of the Texas Syndicate was initially motivated by self-protection against the historical "building tenders" in prison. After building tenders disappeared, the Syndicate's activities turned to drug trafficking, extortion, prostitution, protection, gambling, and contract murder. Released or parole members who generate money for the Texas Syndicate must surrender a 10% tax of all proceeds toward the gang in prison.TS has a paramilitary structure, headed by a president and vice president elected by the general member population. Each prison unit is controlled by a chairman, who oversees a vice chairman, captain, lieutenant, sergeant of arms, and numerous soldiers. Ranking members in prison are automatically demoted to the level of soldier upon institutional reclassification.


Varrio Santa Rosa Norte- VSRN is the oldest and largest gang in Sonoma County. They cover the Hwy. 101 corridor from Cotati to the rancherias. However, they are predominantly active in the metro Santa Rosa area. They use the color red and the following symbols: "N", "14", "XIV", "X4", "NORTE", and "NORTEÑO" NX4-

The second largest Norteño subset. They evolved from a split by cousins from VSRN. They are active in the Santa Rosa area with influence up to Windsor. They use the same colors and symbols as VSRN and includes "NX4"

Pachuco Loco- A smaller Norteño set. This group fluctuates in its activity. Their main turf is the Apple Valley/ Northcoast area and have been trying to make a name for themselves in 1997. "PL" is their symbol.

Varrio South Park- One of the few true turf sets in Sonoma County. They claim the South Park and Blackwell area of southeast Santa Rosa. They have come and gone but have had a resurgence since 1995 with a series of violent assaults. Their symbols include: All of the preceding Norteño items and "VSP".

West Side Windsor- Also known as Windsor Town Norteños. They are active across all of Windsor. They have taken in East Side Windsor participants. They are predominantly found in the Star View area, but are also near Cockrobin, Windsor Palms Center and Bluebird. They use the symbols: "WSW", "WTN", "14", "X4"," NORTE", "NORTEÑO"

H Town- This is a Norteño gang located in Healdsburg. This gang has used screwdrivers to attack Sureño gang participants. "HT" & "14" are their symbols.

Brown Pride Norteño- We see a few of this group from time to time. They are mostly a Napa area gang. "BPN" is their symbol.

Graton Boyz- As the name suggests, this gang is only in the Graton area of the county. "GB" is their tag.

Nuestra Familia / Nuestra Raza- The Nuestra Familia (NF) is the largest and strongest Norteño prison gang. All of the other Norteños look to this gang for direction. The Nuestra Raza / Northern Structure (NR or NS) is also a Norteño prison gang that ranks just below the NF. The NR is also very active on the street.

Norteño Gang Tattoos / Graffiti Any abbreviation of any of the Norteño street gangs NORTEÑO NF NORTE NR . .... XIV X4 14 RAZA NS Red colored clothing

Asian Gangs;

But what sets them apart is their reach. While traditional mobsters mostly operate domestically, Eurasian and Asian crime groups are transnational. Some report to an established leadership hierarchy in their native lands while others have fuzzier connections, but all require that we work closely with our law enforcement partners in these regions of the world.

Who they are. Eurasian criminal groups hail from dozens of countries spanning the Baltics, the Balkans, Central/Eastern Europe, Russia, the Caucacus, and Central Asia. Although ethnically-based, they work with other ethnic groups when perpetrating crimes. Asian organized crime includes traditional enterprises like the Chinese Triads, Chinese Tong, and Japanese Boryokudan (a.k.a., Yakuza), as well as more loosely organized groups like the Big Boys Circle, the Asian Boyz Group, and Vietnamese and Korean criminal enterprises.

What they do. Both groups are involved in a range of illegal activities in this country, including drug trafficking, extortion, murder, kidnapping, home invasions, prostitution, illegal gambling, loan sharking, insurance/credit card fraud, stock fraud, and the theft of high-tech components. Chinese groups are also involved in human trafficking—bringing large numbers of Chinese migrants to North America and essentially enslaving them here. One of U.S. law enforcement’s chief concerns: the same criminal infrastructure that smuggles people into the U.S. could also be used to smuggle terrorists.

Investigative strategies. Over the past few decades, U.S. law enforcement has had a great deal of success against the major Mafia families using a full suite of investigative methods. Now, we’re using the same set of tools to combat Eurasian and Asian crime groups, including:

  • Intelligence gathering;
  • The enterprise theory of investigation, which focuses on the entire criminal group rather than on isolated members;
  • The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations, or RICO, Act (both the criminal and civil provisions of this law can help dismantle criminal organizations);
  • Cooperation, lots of it, with both domestic and global law enforcement partners; and
  • Time-tested techniques like undercover operations, court-authorized electronic surveillance, informants and cooperating witnesses, and consensual monitoring.



The Crips are a street gang which originated in Los Angeles, California in the late 1960s. During the early 1970s, the gang grew and branched out to other parts of Los Angeles County. These new subsidiary or realigned existing gangs were known as sets, and they used the term Crips in their individual gang name.

Originally, most Crips activity took place on or around school campuses, and these gangs created a reputation for violence and extortion. Although a predominantly Black gangs in most areas across the nation, many other ethnic groups have adopted the Crip name because of the on-going notoriety of the Crips and their rivals, the Bloods.

Crips usually identify with the color blue in several different shades and usually wear a blue rag or handkerchief as an identity item.

They often wear jogging suits and tennis shoes, professional sports team jackets and caps bearing the names of Los Angeles teams, and sometimes Adidas sweatshirts. They also may wear Dickey brand cotton work pants or bib-style overalls. Nike and British Knights shoes are also popular.

Crips refer to each other as "Cuzz" and use the letter C to replace the letter B in their conversations and writings. They have an intricate communication system which involves not only graffiti on walls which mark their particular territorial boundaries, but also the use of hand signals (flashing), displaying their colors, and wearing selected athletic clothing. The initials BK represent their status as "Blood Killers."

Crips seldom wear tattoos, and their graffiti represents past or future gang activity.Crips gangs are found in nearly every city in the United States and have been identified in several foreign countries.

The most prominent traits of Crips are individualism and maintaining a commitment to foster violence upon other gangs. The Crips rivalry with the Bloods gang presents a likelihood of violent encounters between members.

Should the Crips ever become more structured, they could present even more serious problems than created by other recognized gangs in prison.

For a short time, a small group of gang members claimed the word Crip was an acronym for "Community Revolution In Progress."

This was an attempt to gain public sympathy as they mimicked the many other gangs who attempted to make similar false claims.

Despite their temporary claim of being a peaceful organization, the gang is still heavily involved in urban warfare, drug sales and recently violent take-over robberies and warehouse burglaries.

The Games Inmates Play

I am going to write a short story here on how a Con Man gets you in trouble!!!

I am in prison and have a buddy who gets me hooked up with a girl on the outside through his girlfriend.The girl starts writing letters to me and after a couple of letters, I ask her for her phone number.She gives it too me,then I will ask her if she will accept the charges if I call.

The reason is I have no one corresponding to me.She agrees.As you see I now have her address and phone number.I get phone privledges 2 times a week,for 15 minutes each.It doesn't sound like much money spent,Right?Wrong!!The phone company who gets the bid on Institutional telephones charges 3 to 4 times more then Pac Bell.The girl gets her phone bill and finds she can't pay the whole amount,so it keeps adding up and gets her deeper in debt. Hopefully she isn't living with parents.

Now the con gets her to come and visit at the prison and tells her that she will have to bring money as he can't have money on his person.She will be sent a letter from the prison with the rules attached on what she or he has to wear and how much money they are allowed to bring into the prison,usually quarters.After a few visits the con asks her if she might be able to bring some weed in for him or her.He will explain different ways to get the weed hid on her body.If she or he is successful in getting past the check out without getting caught the con will tell them where to hide it in the bathroom or transfer it from themselves to the con by kissing or a hand shake,usually done outside in the picnic area.You might say how do you transfer weed by kissing.The drugs are usually put in a balloon and tied off.The con swallows the balloon and waits for it to be passed in their stool.Now if the visitor gets caught,The sheriff will be called to put her or him in jail.They wll be charged with a felony for bringing drugs into an Institution.The Inmate will be placed on 24 hour watch and each time he goes to the bathroom the stool will checked for the drugs and if found he will be charged with possession.He will be placed in segregation and all visits and phone calls will be taken away.

The next step;

Inmates can have money put on their books by folks from the outside.

This is another example of them getting a friend to visit them so they can get that money sent to their books.

Why do they need money in prison?

So they can go to the commissary and purchase food products.

They are fed by the Department of corrections!!

But they can't get tuna in the can,top ramon,candy,pop,potatoe chips, toothpaste, the chow hall.

Why do they buy food?

To pay for the food or other products the borrow from fellow Inmates.And the most important item DRUGS.

The next problem is packages.

Inmates can have food and candy,plus postage stamps sent to them.This is another way for them to receive drugs.

It also costs the visitor more money.

If they refuse to send a package or to keep accepting phone calls,the con will threaten them by saying I will tell the cops you brought drugs into the institution.This usually scares the hell out of the visitor,so now the visitor is hooked.

Also the con has the address of this person visiting,which means they will be out on parole and could show up at your doorstep.

They also ask their new acquintance if they could spend a few weeks in their home until they can get on their feet.

If the con gets his way,look out you will most likely start missing anything of value.Credit cards,Social Security #s,And maybe even your money if they get hold of your bank account.Remember most people have their bank account on line.It won't take much for con man to get your password once he wins your trust..

Observing Inmate Property

 This is one of many incidents that happen in the prison system,when staff do not observe the Inmates coming and going from work areas.Usually cleaning agents which have to be under close observation when Inmates are using them.We sometimes get lax in our duties on the job and bang it happens.

The incident happened in the recreation area of the Victorville Federal Penitentiary. Bureau of Prisons spokesperson said the device was found by a staff member during a "routine search of inmate property". She said it "detonated upon discovery."This is a lucky Staff member as this device could have been laced with a toxic agent.

A bomb squad from the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department and F>B>I> bomb technicians were called to the prison to examine the device and make sure it didn't pose any further danger. 

Identity theft

 Criminal identity theft

Another trick criminals play on people

When a criminal identifies himself to police as another individual it is sometimes referred to as "Criminal Identity Theft." In some cases the criminal will obtain a state issued ID using stolen documents or personal information belonging to another person, or they might simply use a fake i.d.When the criminal is arrested for a crime, they present the ID to authorities, who place charges under the identity theft victim's name and release the criminal. When the criminal fails to appear for his court hearing, a warrant would be issued under the your name. The victim might learn of the incident if the state suspends their own drivers license, or through a background check performed for employment or other purposes, or in rare cases could be arrested when stopped for a minor traffic violation.

It can be difficult for a criminal identity theft victim to clear their record. The steps required to clear the victim's incorrect criminal record depends on what jurisdiction the crime occurred in and whether the true identity of the criminal can be determined. The victim might need to locate the original arresting officers, or be fingerprinted to prove their own identity, and may need to go to a court hearing to be cleared of the charges. Obtaining an expungent of court records may also be required. Authorities might permanently maintain the victim's name as an alias for the criminal's true identity in their criminal records databases. One problem that victims of criminal identity theft may encounter is that various data aggregators might still have the incorrect criminal records in their databases even after court and police records are corrected. Thus it is possible that a future background check will return the incorrect criminal records.

This is why it is best you report lost I.D.s to the police dept.and also lost crdit cards to the credit card company and also to the three credit check companies.

Identity theft;

The problem here lies in the court system,as a person is arrested on I.D.theft,wrong drivers license,phony money,selling I.D.s,drug sales or drug usage,etc.

He is prosecuted at the expense of the taxpayer which costs over $10,000 and only gets probation or sent to jail a couple months,then maybe to rehab for 3 months.But the cost doesn't stop here.You the taxpayer will support the children of these offenders through welfare,food stamps,houseing,medical expenses,etc.Say the offender has 4 children!This welfare price adds up to $3000 or more when it is all said and done.

Now do you think this offender wants to find a job or stay on welfare?My guess is they will violate probation or parole too keep this money flowing in.Once the person has been incarcerated,they find out that jail isn't so bad after all.You get 3 meals a day and a place to sleep,plus recreation,basketball,weightlifting,school,art,woodworking, and don't forget conjigal visits with the spouse for a couple days a month if you are a model inmate.You can even get a college education in jail,who supports the tab?The taxpayer.It costs close to $35,000 a year to house a prisoner. Take $35000 times forty years of taking care of Charles Manson and you come up with $ 1,400,000 of tax payers money.There are many more just like Manson in prison,so now you know the rest of the story,very expensive to house an inmate..

Don't be weak

To keep yourself from becoming a victim, you really have to understand how a would-be attacker thinks.

 Experts say violent criminals don't prey on people who look like they will fight back, and it starts with the way you carry yourself.

 Against Family Violence says sexual predators are lazy. They don't want to have to fight for the kill. They want the easy,

that's why they go for the weaker and that's why they go for children because they are less apt to fight them back It's just like in the animal kingdom.

Like what happened to this girl at the age of eleven.Found after 18 years in the bondage of a sexual molester. 

"The diligent questioning and follow-up by the parolee's agent of record led to Garrido revealing his kidnapping of the adult female," the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation said in a statement. "It was further revealed by Garrido that she was Jaycee Lee Dugard, and that the children were his."

Garrido brought Dugard and the two children to the parole meeting. He admitted kidnapping after meeting with his parole officer.

Dugard and her children were kept isolated behind Garrido's home.

"None of the children have ever been to school, they've never been to a doctor," El Dorado County Undersheriff Fred Kollar said. "They were kept in complete isolation in this compound, if you will. There was electricity from electrical cords, rudimentary outhouse, rudimentary shower, as if you were camping."

The predator often attacks the slowest and weakest in the herd. First, they stalk the prey. And, when the time is right, the predator will attack.

 You cant look submissive. If you start looking submissive, you look like you could be a victim, said Scott. Researchers say body language like slumping, having a downward gaze, or even a stride too big or too small for your height can mark you as a potential target.

Being distracted doesn't help either, and experts say its an invitation for trouble.You have to have a motivated offender to commit a crime.

There's this theory called routine activities It says you have to have three elements for a crime to happen: you have to have a motivated offender,

 a suitable target, and lack of capable guardianship In other words, know how to protect yourself.

Experts say it starts with the way you carry yourself. Walk with purpose. Look like you know where you're going and how to get there.

Don't let people stop you. Be aware of your surroundings. Most importantly, look potential attackers in the eye.

Posture means a lot. Someone who is confident, who is upright, makes eye contact when they talk, is less likely to be attacked, because they are not an easy target.

This Con Mans Poem could cost you plenty

It goes like this.

A little fun,just now and then.

Is relished by the best of men.

If you have nerve,you may have plenty.

Five draws you ten,and ten draws twenty.

Attention given,I'll show to you.

How umbrella hides the peek-a-boo.

Select your shell,the one you choose.

If right,you win,if not you loose.

The game itself is lots of fun.

Con mans chances,though,are two to one.

And I'll tell you you're chance is slim.

To win a prize from con man Jim..   

Sometimes when Inmates are brought in from the jails or other institutions,there can be a hit out on one of them or an inmate has known enemies at this institution.

As I have stated before inmates have too take sides in these situations to provide protection for yhemselves.The games inmates play.

 A riot broke out at Chino State Prison on Saturday night, leaving an unknown number of people injured.

It started when inmates at the prison, also known as Chino Institution for Men, in the medium security Reception West Facility began rioting at around 8:20 p.m. on Saturday, according to authorities.

The riot then apparently spread to six additional units in the prison.

The number of inmates injured in the riots is not known at this time, but some were taken from the prison for medical treatment.

It's not believed that any prison staff members were among those hurt.

In addition to prison security personnel and fire crews, police officers from Chino and Ontario, as well as deputies from the San Bernardino Sheriffs Department, were called to the scene.

People in the area of the prison had reported hearing gunshots and explosions coming from the facility, but officials have not confirmed whether that's what those sounds were.

Approximately 1,300 inmates are housed at the facility.

Where do you suppose organized crime originated from?One might say New York or Chicago,because that's where most stories originate from right.

Well the truth is New Orleans,Louisiana is where organize crime started.

It was started by two familys.Their names were Matrangos and Provenzanos.They were from Sicily.They started their organized crime syndicate around 1870 after opening a saloon and brothel,the Matrangos began extortion and raketeering by extortinting the Italian dock workers out of portions of their wages.They even extorted the Provenzano family.The Provenzano family owned the docks but the Matrangos wanted a piece of the pie,and getting it by threats of violence.

Eventually both familys went to war and brought in extra help from the Sicilian Mafiosos.

One member was killed and placed in a barrel and left on a corner.This was a way of warning others to pay up.

A police chief investigated the murder and brought the factions to trial but they were acquitted and retaliated by killing the police chief.While the police chief was dying he stated that the (dagos)did it.

A lynch mob was organized and stormed the jails and killed and mutilated some 20 Italians,some not associated with the crime.

This was the first mafia murder on a peace officer.


Black and Mexican conflict



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    • profile image

      Grand Master Flash 

      7 years ago

      Tortilla?? Blahahaha - now that's racist!

    • AuniceReed profile image

      Aunice Yvonne Reed 

      8 years ago from Southern California

      Wow. Very interesting hub, firead45. Lots of detail and information. This could've actually been several articles with all the information you've presented. Great work. I realize I'm coming a bit late, however.

    • flread45 profile imageAUTHOR


      11 years ago from Montana

      Thanks all for the comments

    • William F. Torpey profile image

      William F Torpey 

      11 years ago from South Valley Stream, N.Y.

      A very thorough description of the gang world, flread45. The gangs are more numerous and organized than I had thought. With some 2,000,000 inmates in our American prisons, they must outnumber the criminals who are on the outside. I guess those of us who have no contact with these groups are fortunate. To put up with the gand lifestyle, these must really be lost souls.

    • Coolbreezing profile image

      James Dubreze 

      11 years ago from New York, New York

      Very interesting, i learn a lot. thanks for this hub

    • bgpappa profile image


      11 years ago from Sacramento, California

      Great detail in this Hub. Very informative.

    • packerpack profile image

      Om Prakash Singh 

      11 years ago from India, Calcutta

      Thinking about any gang one will just think that all they do is loot, murder, smuggle and freak out. But you have presented lot more then that. I am really impressed by the details that you have mentioned about each gang. The best thing is the ideology of these gang that you have mentioned here. Very good Hub!

    • CJStone profile image

      Christopher James Stone 

      11 years ago from Whitstable, UK

      Hi firead45, can't say I know anything about any of these groups, except the skinheads as they were originally an English phenomenon. Not really a gang, more a style and a fashion statement, and also not originally racist, their music being Jamaican ska, and the original style being derived, in part, from the West Indian Rude Boy style. They were hijacked by the Right Wing. There's a good movie about them called This Is England which I highly recommend. Here's a link:

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 

      11 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Scary information for sure! Pervasive as graffiti is on buildings almost everywhere, I guess gangs have also multiplied into most places also. I had no idea that so many gangs exist in the beautiful wine country of California!

    • LondonGirl profile image


      11 years ago from London

      American prisons sound like fun places with all that going on!

    • goldentoad profile image


      11 years ago from Free and running....

      Did you get inside information on your hub?


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