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Citizens don't want to feel democratization

Updated on May 29, 2016
Edited by: Asmaa Khaled Mohammad
Edited by: Asmaa Khaled Mohammad | Source

Me, Elephant and Our Powers

After the possession of British colonial age, Bangladesh was again monopolized by the Pakistani government in 1947. Between the two wings, the people of East wing fought their last fight in 1971 against the West wing (Pakistan) and pinned them as a sovereign nation on the world map.

In contrast, it seems that they could not attain the absolute freedom. All they could free their feet to neck, except the head. In the later part of my writing I will explain why the head is not a part of it because I want to share a folk tale first. This metaphoric saying of “feet to neck, except the head” is an imagination of me that has a uniformity with this folk tale. This folk tale is also very trite or common to the people but no one found this metaphoric correspond with our freedom.

I heard this tale nearly two decades ago when I was five or six year old kid. The folk tale is about an elephant, which can’t see its gigantic body by turning the head behind its ears. Elephants’ two colossal flabby ears made them unconscious about their robust and vast body behind those ears. The tale purported, “If the elephants could see their own huge subsistence, they might have destroyed the whole living milieu around them and made the world a trash”.

In this stage, the reader could surmise the trope about the folk tale and the freedom issue I contradicted. Now I am going to resemble the idea succinctly that formed my aforesaid metaphorical issue. As we believe Bangladesh is a democratic nation where the supreme power stands with the public, who pulls rickshaw, who begs on the pavement or even who owns a mansion aside the pavement, everyone as equally. But everywhere we can see that people are like that metaphoric elephant who can’t see its power it owns. By the same token, people like us are not also searching for our true powers and rights though we must not act like an elephant as indeed, we are the transcendent of all creature. But in reality, this metaphoric ear is something made up of so powerful “causes” to let our head turning to see our rights. To demonstrate the ‘causes’ there would appear a myriad of issues related to government officials and their whole systems, our educational yardstick and different social strata’s structures.

By the way, I have no intention over the politics arena of our country even though my most sensible part of anger management stimulates against politics. Because the literalistic meaning of this English word ‘politics’ in Bengali is ‘Principles pertaining to kings’, of course we all are aware of the noble virtues a king should have inside him but I see the opposite of it. To put it another way, I see that politicians are in such prodigious and prominent profession where they can save a million lives or cause a million deaths. At the same time, I believe that both education and social structure are more primary focal point behind this aversion of turning the head and see their powers and rights because government officials and politicians are always predictable with that manner. So, I blame our aversion to raise our voice for our respective powers and rights. For instance, innumerous general people call the police as ‘sir’, who is just a petty government official and this sighting this incident I feel perturbed and intense agitation inside me. Why I should call the police ‘sir’ where he is a public servant and reversely he should call me ‘sir’. In this case I will never blame that officials rather myself. That is why we should do our part and raise our voice and arms when it’s needed.

All things considered, I want to conclude by sharing an epigram in real in my loving democratic nation.

The first question asked to a citizen after entering to a police station:

Bangladesh police officer: “Hey! What do you want?”

US police officer: “How can I help you, sir?”

Once a wise man said, “In other developing or developed countries, people are innocent until proven guilty but in here, people are guilty until proven innocent”.


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