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The maps of the world and the Revelation of John: Part 1

Updated on May 15, 2016


It was in 1915 when a German Meteorologist Alfred Wegener revolutionized Geology when he published the Continental Drift Theory. According to this theory, all continents were once united in a single landmass known as the PANGAEA. For millions of years, this PANGAEA remained unruffled until about 180 million years ago when this super continent suddenly fragmented slowly and patiently resulting into its present condition today. Science had known that the continents are driven by the semi-fluid layer lying beneath the earth. What Science failed to identify was the reason behind PANGAEA’s split.

In the Holy Bible, the strangest book in the realm of science comes forth a voice from the One Great Entity known as the Almighty GOD, declaring upon Mankind;

“I have created all things”,

“The Earth is mine and all its constituents”,

“I make all things happen for my own ends”,


No other Beings, neither in Heaven nor on Earth, made as tremendous as this claims. Even so, GOD is to prove it on these very last days.

Science had skyrocketed from the base to its pinnacle, from the least to its finest for only a few decades into which this generation is the posterity. But science itself had proven that everything under the action of gravity after rising, fall! Not even the glorious kingdoms that existed on Earth escaped. After you finished this article, Human‘s Science might be in danger of trailing the same transition.

“For over 1900 years,

the token of God’s sovereignty upon all the Earth has been delivered.”

There in the rocky island of Patmos, Fifty miles offshore from Miletus in Asia Minor. God sent it to His servant John exiled for refusing to worship the image of Emperor Domitian. God sent it by way of an Angel as the Book of Revelation accounts.

But God sealed that sign and hid its meaning, thus, tormenting human mind and intellect, puzzling the wise and the prudent and discouraging the many believers. Mankind was deprived of the game by that token for not one is able to operate its controller by virtue of its intellectual complexity proving the very superiority of the Designer in contrast with the Player.

Yet mankind, by the power fueled with the advances in Science, Engineering, Geology and all funds of human knowledge, polished by time, still, strangely, managed to tap God’s secret.

Mankind, himself, had proven God!

May the Lord of the Hosts guide you as you unravel the truths regarding the four Beasts of Revelation and every living creature in the midst of His Throne.

Part I. The revelation that narrowed the gap between Man and God

It was during my early stage of studying the Holy Bible and arrived at the Book of Revelation when I encountered these four beasts. For me, that experience was both crucial and a stumbling block. I mean, what are these four living creatures? How can I understand? I lay down on a bed and asked God for their meaning. A couple of minutes later, I decided to rise and read other materials for a change of atmosphere. The unluckiest book I picked from the shelf was the 1986 edition of “Earth’s Geography and Environment”. Way back then, I was completely ignorant! I don’t even have the slightest idea it was all that I needed to solve the questions bedazzling my mind.

* I opened the book and began turning its pages, then paused at the 32nd and 33rd!.*

They have the title, “The World: Political” at the top left and some abbreviations of countries and a sort of measuring scale below.

These pages captured again my attention. Whether divine or not, they captured again my attention.

“It was really a beautiful and colourful representation of the world!”

I sighed; not knowing that the scenes to follow will later become melodramatic.

When I was about age 16, I had taken up the subject World History and had been using this reference to memorize the different countries of the world. Even at that stage, my mind had been recognizing unusual image in the midst of this political map which I have not been seeing on any other references.

The colours, the highlights and the capture effect are pretty much perfect that when altered, the image loses value and can never be recognized.

Since then, every time I turn the book and reach the pages, I pause. And, once again, it captured my attention.


The vast land of Union of Soviet Socialists Republic resembles the hair at the back of his head.

The concavity of the coast of Southwest Africa pictured his mouth when opened to the fullest.

The curves of Mauritania, Senegal and nearby countries are well to define its nose.

The Mediterranean Sea and the participating Islands thereof justify an eye.

The peninsular shape of the southern portion of Africa is just tolerable for a chin; in fact it’s like the chin of SIMBA’s uncle in “The Lion King”.

The layout, the choice of colours and the highlights - all aid together to portray the side view of a Lion’s head and hair.

It may be vague or it may be abstract but it was my first impression towards it which I have adapted saved up to now. And, as the time passes, the clearer it gets into my mind.

But what’s in store for me to say? That a strange and funny thing happened to earth???

Whatever rationale there is to it may be, my wisdom at that time was only enough to conclude things were nothing more than a coincidence.

When my sight grew weary and my head dizzy staring at this figure, I threw it onto the continent of North America.

And so the story goes that after years of seldom glancing at this image, once upon a time, the writer through whom this message was sent,


  • Preconceived of the first idea about the image of the lion, thought of having a good time with another continent,


  • Was blindly stimulated to do so,


  • Simply put, arrived to a point-blank where the end is determined by the laws of probability.

The third, I only included to cover up for unwanted biases from the readers but, a little later, you will realize is a big no option!

And so it goes. And as it goes, the next thing that sported my imagination was the word – chicken. It looks like a chicken.

“Behold, a chicken!” – I silently exclaimed!


The northwest Alaska spreading up to the northeast Canada pictures its wings totally opened as in a flying eagle.

The eastern portion of Canada curved to resemble the shape of a chicken’s head, neck and beak.

I could have concluded it into a flying eagle if not for the vast and stout areas of United States of America and the lower portion of Canada demanding for a fat-bodied chicken although in other references, the body is much slimmer.

The Mexico and all the lower part of North America pictures its feet bent and lifted upon the air.

It looks like an ugly chicken!

Nevertheless, no other images picture North America as closely as the image of a flying poultry animal like that of a chicken.

I could have thought of even greater things had not for that object just below the chicken’s feet.

The thing tuned my concentration. It hypnotized my bare-naked eyes.

It was too perfect, it was too clear!

Of course I was referring to no other else than the continent south of North America.

Again, a resemblance of another kind of image appeared even more finite than those I previously saw. It’s unmistakable, a slightly cataract stricken person could perceive of the same thing.


Seriously if you have an access to the book Earth’s Geography and its Environment, turn it to pages 32 and 33 and observe South America for only a few seconds and you can name the image for yourself. But first, avoid trying it from any other maps if you do not want to get discouraged. It is only here, in these inspired pages, that you will see a very convincing picture because of the highlights and proper selection of colours.

The image I have been referring to is the side-view of a face of a man tilted 45 degrees with respect to vertical axis. The mouth, the nose, the hair, the ear – the face; all possesses satisfactory definition. Nay to the lion and woe to the chicken but notice South America and you might as well say wow!

*It’s unmistakeable, a slightly cataract stricken person could perceive of the same thing.*

Now, to him who is reading this publication after his very own eyes have recognized the same images I saw. Take a little advice from me. Take a deep breath and try to relax yourself a little.


Pause and wonder…

The world partly resembles three images – lion, chicken and man…….

How crazy, how absurd! Isn’t it?

“The supercontinent of Pangaea did not and it cannot by itself break into pieces to resemble these images. The world does not have a conscious brain or any sort of pre-programmed microchip to conceive any of these three.

No way! The probability is zero percentage.

And further, in any rational argumentation, mankind, since civilization begun did not fight and wrestled one another, claiming lives, properties and resources by millions shortly to build reflections of lion, chicken and man.”

But still, assuming that there was indeed an intention, mankind can never be capable of its imposition. Civilizations had already sprung up for more than 6,000 years ago, thus, founding and shaping and re-shaping geographic borders culminating today.

Yet only when did we have a glimpse of the earth?

Only when did we become capable of hacking information about the planet?

*Was it not only at the end of the 20th century?*

Prior to it, humanity is cut off from knowledge of the earth itself.

Therefore mankind is naive as to how it is going to form itself.

Get the right notion!

Mankind cannot control the earth and all its affairs. The earth too cannot command people, for it is dumb! Both were cut off from each other and that is the plainest of the truth!!!

Now, where will these circumstances leave us!???

There were probably two!

“It’s either you believe that there is an intelligible force constantly acting in between and powerful enough to impose its will or you accuse me of eccentrically creating world disorder by means of malicious propositions.”

But first,

Hold your temper.

I am not yet through!!!

The revelation is just starting. :)


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    • bdn9385 profile image

      bdn9385 15 months ago

      part 1 is only 10% of the story. Please read parts 2 and 3 as well specially part 3 which puts into account the Philippines. Nobody could have possibly anticipated Philippines at the center of world events until recently when President Duterte started befriending China and Russia and turning its back on its long time ally, USA. Who could have predicted this? and I am of the opinion that this is just the beginning.

      I think that the setting of abomination of desolation is the abandonment of democracy and establishment of communism in the Philippines in perhaps 1 to 2 years from now. This will start to oppress the people but one in the name of King Cyrus will liberate the Filipinos and restore everything. One whom the elites have long anticipated and branded as antichrist so that people would oppose him. Because they could not find him and kill him before the appointed time. One whom the elites could not figure out who, no, not even the head of nation who build a million dollar house for him. One who is the subject of many songs, stories, myths and movies around the world. One who goes by many names in the ancient prophecies. One whom Jesus Christ Himself prophesied of. And he certainly is not Donald Trump! Lol.

    • Ivan Tod profile image

      Ivan Tod 15 months ago from Chester, ny

      You can attribute anything to anything if your mind is set to do that. The fact of the matter is that fissures were generated in the earth as it cooled after coalescing and the shape of the continents after separation were highly influenced by those fissures. So if North America looks like a chicken to you it's because you want it to, not because God made it to look that way.

    • Oztinato profile image

      Oztinato 18 months ago from Australia


      you don't understand, I believe in God.

      I was merely saying that your own ideas are idiosyncratic.

    • Philanthropy2012 profile image

      DK 18 months ago from London

      Without being too cruel, I would like to bring your attention the fact that the maps you are using are the old Mercator and are not to scale. Africa is in reality far larger than Russia and the USA and so your pictures fail to work. Your 'revelations' are based on a faulty old map.


      Have a good day :)

    • profile image

      Norine Williams 20 months ago

      Precisely what they say of me "He has a demon!"

      "But wisdom is proved right by her deeds."

      Give GOD the Glory!

    • bdn9385 profile image

      bdn9385 20 months ago

      Matthew 11:16-19

      16 “To what can I compare this generation? They are like children sitting in the marketplaces and calling out to others:

      17 “‘We played the pipe for you,

      and you did not dance;

      we sang a dirge,

      and you did not mourn.’

      18 For John came neither eating nor drinking, and they say, ‘He has a demon.’ 19 The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, ‘Here is a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners.’ But wisdom is proved right by her deeds.”

    • bdn9385 profile image

      bdn9385 20 months ago

      I see Oztinato. it is God whom you rebuke not the absence of His proof. In fact if you would see Him personally, you would probably say He's just an illusion concocted by talented people and projected in front of you. Tell me what kind of proof do you want? Making you rich? Giving you a sports car? Giving you all the affluence in life? Eternal Luxury? Tell me that I may know where you are coming from. Thank you.

    • profile image

      Norine Williams 20 months ago

      He who has "ears," let him "hear!"


    • Oztinato profile image

      Oztinato 20 months ago from Australia


      in my opinion the ideas are too idiosyncratic to be widely accepted. They refer to a highly individualistic concept that would not have a lot of meaning to others.

    • profile image

      Norine Williams 20 months ago

      Hallelujah! I'm on my way!


    • bdn9385 profile image

      bdn9385 20 months ago

      Lol!God heard you from heaven. Part 2 has been published. Please read it. :)

    • profile image

      Norine Williams 20 months ago

      Great HUB! Can't wait for Parts II and III to see if "The Four Beasts" align with the four countries GOD has revealed!

      Patiently awaiting!