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The mind of Egoism

Updated on February 15, 2014

The Mind of Egoism

The purpose of this article is enlighten and to aid in the evolution of conscious minds.

In the mind of egoism the person that is ego minded is not fully conscious of self and does not have a good sense of self. The individual operates on lower energy levels. This sort of mind holds on to animalistic ideas and worships animalistic values. The individual may carry its own definition of ideas for what something ought to mean, and it does so according to the animalistic values that is held, not knowing that its small point of view does not rule the whole world. So, the individual only knows of its small world, and is not aware that there is a whole world out there. This form of thinking comes from not opening the mind to other possibilities. Not wanting to grow and not having the want to be in continuous evolution is a deep seated life of ignorance, but can be innocent if the person does not know, but it is the worship of the lower energies. For example individuals that do not want to grow spiritually because they want to please others, the individual fears to have an independent mind because he or she has to play follow the leader in order to be accepted.

If everything physical was broken down into subatomic particles than into dust there is nothing left. When an individual dies his envy’s and thoughts die with him and didn't mean a thing unless it was spiritual. Everything passes away, but the only thing that lives on is the spiritual, and things of the spirit. If you say one day, “I have destroyed the inhabitants of this land and took its riches.” In a thousand years it would mean nothing. People of lower mind put so much emphasis on the wrongs they've committed that they do not know that they are worshiping their own ego. They have manifested an image that keeps count of wrongs and gives pats on the back for it. This image in the lower mind is prideful, and feeds off evil works; it is the root of all gangs, crimes, use sex as sport, genocides, poverty, and all things that rival against the spirit. Ego is physical; anything that carries substance is physical. It is idolatry, the worship of this image that’s has took many down to hell though they do not know it, and stun the growth of their spirit with in. The individual that is lost in the lower energy’s if not awaken will never know their higher true self. Worshiping lower energies makes their heart so dark that they laugh at wisdom, and their minds so immersed in the lower energies that they see kindness as weakness because of lack of knowledge.

The ego minded does not know truth. It has to be dictated by the conscious mind to do good, but the ego mind when in conversations that are made to reach a solution to a problem throw curve balls, insult, and make fallacious lies because it has no goal of getting to the truth in the first place, it is selfish and is a worshiper of itself. It is the reason for the death of many innocent people, murders, rapes, and sociopaths getting away with murder, etc.


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Well said Jefsaid.

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 

      5 years ago from Shelton

      interesting thank you

    • Jefsaid profile image


      5 years ago from London, UK

      Ego is ignorance. It is the inability to recognise others opinions and the World around them. It is borne of selfishness and arrogance. Ego can lead to criminality as it sees no wrong in what the effected individual perceives to be correct in their mind. This is completely different from self-belief or confidence which is normally accompanied by a degree of moral consciousness.

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 

      5 years ago from Shelton

      wow isn't this something so egoism can consist of criminal thinking..yeah?


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