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The need for moral societies!

Updated on August 22, 2013

Corruption will not end by enforcement.

It is people’s money everywhere. Whatever we earn, whether through a profession or business or government, everything is basically people’s money. People pay taxes for every little thing to the authorities. Taxes are collected the world over through many avenues. And everywhere, the money is collected from the citizens only. Even if it is a penny worth of purchase, government gets a share of one tenth of the purchase. Where from the Doctors earn? They collect consultation charges from the patients. Likewise, the grosser, the baker, the launderer, the hair cut parlors, beauticians, plumber and carpenter, auto mechanic, driver and dentist, all collect their fees from the common man only. Every transaction involves hard earned money and the other party always earn a little more than the common man. No doubt, people pay for the services received from others or for the things they purchase.

When the economy of a Nation fails, the most affected man is the poor common man. He is in the bottom of the rung. Hence he cannot pass over the losses to someone else. The government easily raises the taxes to minimize the deficit from the poor public. Traders and transporters quickly raise the cost of commodities or the transportation charges as soon as some hike is announced by the government. At least those who are in service in organized sectors gets a hike whenever there is an increase in consumer price index. But those who serve in the unorganized sectors do not get any hike in their pay or allowances. Government has to mitigate the woes of those people who have no backing during economic upheavals. If we observe the tax laws of many governments in the world, the rich are shielded by the government. The lower middle class and the poor one are the most affected during the escalation of prices for essential consumables.

The basic items that are essential for everyone is food, clothing, medicines, fuel for preparing food, and a tolerable shelter to save from rain and sun. Hence every government is bound to provide these basic needs to the people who live below poverty line. The government should subsidize the cost of these basic items of need to the poor. Even if such schemes are passed by the government, the real benefits do not reach the people as envisaged. Toots and middleman siphon away the subsidized items before they reach the hand of the poor. The problem is more rampant in third world countries. Corruption has become a style of functioning for the politicians as well as some bureaucrats in the government. There are many honest officers and officials everywhere. But the systems won’t allow the honest one to function. Honest officials are shunted away to some insignificant posts or they are done away with by hooligans and thugs. Moral societies have to evolve consciously and not by forceful submission.

Those who are in the lower rung of profession is caught in corruption cases and the real culprits who are high in position is let off. There is a proverb in Tamil which states; “If the fence starts eating the crop, what will happen”. The funny part is that there is a ‘vigilance cell’ in each unit of the administration. If somebody who is manning high powerful post is caught by vigilance cell, he negotiates with them for a suitable compensation for letting him off the hook. Then we need to appoint one more vigilance cell to watch over the cell which already exists. Where is the end to all this? People should follow the promptings of their conscious. Hence, the need for moral societies. The thief has to mend his ways consciously. No law enforcement agency can transform him into a good citizen who is law abiding!

Mahatma Gandhi, a honest patriot!


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