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The new South Africa

Updated on May 16, 2017

The Presidency

People spend a lot of time criticising the government instead of building on them selves and making the change they want, It is said that if you want to see change , you first have to be the change. I have witnessed a lot of fighting between those who lead this country. the main reason for their conflict being money. "Money makes the world go around", that what we should be focusing on building our country instead of destroying it, being in the presidency shouldn't be about earning more money, it should be about serving your countrie people and making sure that the countries economy grows instead of sinking. being in the presidency should be about identifying the needs of the people and not of a group of people. The new south Africa, sounds good when you say it but think about it, how many people out there are homeless?, how many children die because of poverty?, how many people out there are uneducated due to a lack of financial support?, how many graduate are there sitting in homes because there is not enough work opportunities for them?. and ask your self this how long are we going to surfer and keep quite while those in power remain in power with no change or whatsoever to better this country. I for one will not stand down. So my fellow South Africans let us change so that we will see the change we want, never be ashamed to give to the needy. never be too lazy to give a hand, never be too afraid to voice your opinion. your country needs you so play a part and together we will make a change in our society and in our economy.

Look back

let us look back and observe. Years ago we were fighting to all have a peace in this country, Our heros such as Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko fought for all of us to live in a peaceful and well shared environment. there is a saying that says and i quote "We are all humans before race separate us, wealth classifi us, language limits us, and skin color differentiate us ". But now we are fighting for power, and wealth. we see things that are terrifying, such as those women that throw away their babies on the bins, those young girls that do abortion because they still incapable to raise a child, the lives that are taken everyday just because someone wanted to money buy drugs. the kids that give up on education just because their parents are unemployed and have little to no information about different funding agencies. let alone the graduate that chose to become thieves because there is just no company that will give them a decent job. this is my definition of life: Living In Fear Everyday.


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    • Clinton kev profile image

      Mathemahle 11 months ago from Durban

      I feel you need to be more in depth