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The On Going Clash Between Jeremy Corbyn And The Top Brass Of The Military

Updated on November 28, 2015

Cenotaph - place to honour the fallen.

Cenotaph - London.
Cenotaph - London. | Source

Jeremy Corbyn and Sir Nicholas Houghton.

For 30 years Mr Jeremy Corbyn now Labour leader sat on the back bench of his party whether in opposition or government and has stuck like glue to his ant - wmd beliefs. Now he is Labour leader he leads a shadow cabinet that does not for the most part endorse his beliefs of scrapping Trident.

Yesterday as Mr Corbyn laid a wreath at the Cenotaph in London to honour those who had fallen in two world wars and wars since along side David Cameron and the head of the army who was also present said to the media that he would worry that someone of Jeremy Corbyn's anti - wmd stance should ever get to be Premier of the UK.

Sir Nicholas Houghton head of the army made his views known on 'Remembrance Sunday' when the UK honours those who gave their lives in past and present conflicts. For his part Mr Corbyn has written a letter to the Conservstive government's Defence Minister Michael Fallon asking Mr Fallon to reign in Sir Nicholas Houghton and that Houghton was overstepping the mark as a military advisor to the government when getting involved in politics in the event of Mr Corbyn walking through the door of No 10 after the 2020 general election.

Angela Eagle who is Labour's Shadow Defence Minister agreed with Sir Nicholas Houghton and said she had made her views known to Jeremy Corbyn when he appointed her to that position that she did not agree with his words that he would not push the nuclear button should the UK find itself at war under his watch and also his view of not re - newing the UK's nuclear deterrant Trident.

Conservative MP Crispin Blunt who was a serving soldier and now Conservative MP admitted to the media that under other circumstances he would never normally agree with someone of the calibre of Jeremy Corbyn given his far left views, however, he went on to say that Corbyn was right to say that Sir Nicholas Houghton had overstepped the mark in criticising Jeremy Corbyn and that politics was best left to politicians of whatever hue.

Another statement made by a leading figure in the British armed forces who remains anonymous has stated that the UK's military could rebel against any future Labour administration headed by Corbyn.

A week as someone once said is a long time in politics so to speculate about what may or may not happen to Jeremy Corbyn and his relationship with the UK's military is exactly that: speculative.


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