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Out of control government

Updated on April 4, 2015

Wages should be dictated by the market

Government should not be in the business, of telling businesses what to pay their workers. The one aspect of this that is overlooked, is the effect on small businesses. 99.7% of American employer firms are small businesses.. It doesn't hurt the Wal Marts, or the McDonalds, but it destroys the heart of job creation in this country, that of small business. When a minimum wage is imposed, Federal, State, or otherwise, it is imposed on every employer in that respective area. With our current economic downturn, small businesses have plenty of difficulty operating from day to day, without being told that they have to increase their overhead, by increasing wages. Employers compete for employees, the same way that they compete for customers. Customers patronize, the business that offers the most for the lowest price. Employees flock to the employer that pays the most per hour for the work that is expected. That is the magic that is supposed to dictate the market. One business trying to get one up on the competition.

Banned substances, more harm than good

Government control comes from both sides of the isle. Republicans and Democrats alike, they love power and control. Republicans push a conservative agenda, while Democrats push a far left liberal agenda. The "war on drugs" waged by Conservatives, starting with Ronald Reagan, has been flawed from the get go. The main problem that I see with this attempt to discourage drug use, is consistency. Alcohol is legal, and regulated, the same with tobacco. Marijuana however, continues to be scrutinized. Now I'm not going to say that it is healthy, or that it is good for you, but why do we choose to ban some unhealthy substances, while allowing others? How many crimes are committed, due to someone being under the influence of alcohol? Quite a few, I'm sure. When is the last time you saw some pothead angry and agitated, to the point of murdering someone? Someone that is high on pot, is only a danger to someone if they get behind the wheel of a car. We already have a charge for that, it is called a DUI, or DWI. Otherwise, smoking weed does not automatically make one a menace to society. The only danger around marijuana consumption, is danger to a bag of Doritos. The other inconsistency has to do with the banning of an herb that one can grow in a garden. What kind of precedent does this set for government control. If they can restrict marijuana, what stops them from banning gardens all together, of banning the storage of food. It opens up a Pandora's Box of sorts, and it leaves too much wiggle room for power hungry oligarchs. But, my main point, is that banning of a substance only creates a black market for that substance. This creates big time profits for criminals looking to cash in. Just ask Al Capone, who benefited from prohibition, or currently, one of many Mexican drug cartels that operate inside our borders. We have to start asking ourselves if we are just causing more problems with our, "war on drugs". If it is just a feel good measure to make us feel like we are doing something useful, then it doesn't need to happen in the first place. Results, not warm fuzzies.

Regulation Nation

Congress has been deemed irrelevant by Obama, and he has demonstrated his willingness to step on the Constitution, and break the law when he sees fit. One of the ways that he imposes his ideology on the citizenry, is through the use of his alphabet soup government agencies. NSA, EPA, FCC, and many others. These agencies deal out regulations with no congressional vote or oversight. This is very questionable, because congress is the representation that we as Americans have, to act as an advocate for our individual rights. The heads of these agencies, are appointed by the President, which in the current political climate, with a rogue President, acting as a dictator, and a congress unwilling to call him out on his usurpation of the office, is a partisan disaster. Checks and balances have went away, and the rule of law is only seen as a "suggestion" by the oligarchs. Regulations being imposed by the EPA, will eventually lead to the death of the coal industry. States like West Virginia, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania, that rely heavily on coal production, are to be crippled by these regulations. It is very scary, to watch the acceleration toward policies that will ultimate lead to destruction of jobs, and state economies.


We are currently seeing the unintended consequences, that occur when the Federal Government tries to run our lives. 93 million people have left the workforce, just under 50 million on food stamps with the same amount living in poverty. Government "safety net" programs, have become "hammock" programs, with no incentives provided to break free of government handouts. States like New York and California, pay you more money to collect benefits, than most local jobs. This behavior is not sustainable. It will not end well.

Is our Federal Government out of control?

Do you think that the Federal Government has went too far with regulations, mandates, and disregard for our individual rights?

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      bradly 3 years ago

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