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The powerlessness that comes from thinking only about mine

Updated on February 14, 2013

From many... many and get your hands off mine

I don't know if anyone else has seen that we are at a critical point in our development as a society. The world has gotten much smaller, and yet even with this increased ability to communicate, we still face the same devisive elements that we have been dealing with for the last couple thousand years. How many times will we get to fail this test? Get over yourselves! This world is not a constant, but a variable. We face increasing chances of extinction while we continue to fight over the same piece of ground. It's time to put your money where your holy book is and actually stand for the beliefs that are written there and frankly, I don't see where capitalism fits into any of this. Show me where it is written that amassing wealth for yourself, while others starve is the way to heaven. Which prophet wrote that profits are more important then people? We need to ALL work together to get off this rock to insure the continuation of our species. Change is occuring whether we want it to or not. I just want to know if we will have the courage to stand together and face this change, or if we will shatter into a million powerless pieces.

Got Apathy?

There but for fortune...
There but for fortune...

What do you think?

Will we be able to come together when it matters most?

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    • mrpotavin profile image

      mrpotavin 8 years ago from Phoenix, AZ

      In a society whose main focus is the selfish collection of material wealth, we are conditioned to be apathetic to the needs of others. As a child I was told to try to be either a lawyer or a doctor, since they make the most money. No one told me to go into either profession as a means to help others.

    • twalker74 profile image

      Tyson Walker 8 years ago from Las Vegas Nevada

      I might be too cynical, but I enjoy your optimism. I do suffer from bouts of apathy which might contribute to this.