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SOPA and The powers of Web Unity

Updated on December 12, 2013

SOPA was real and its had the web in Uproar

We all have a voice, today it shall be heard - Censorship of our Social Powers, as connected human beings will not prevail

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SOPA Saga- How it all cranks out to Math & Numbers

For many years people have been held down by big businesses, corporations, and the government as they continue to regulate many issues, both on the ground and on the web.

We have faced a moment of epic proportions, and history was been made, with the people winning this time, with our very first ever digital web victory against S.O.P.A. also known as the online piracy act.

"The outcome was in the favor of the people, but this article stands as proof of one moment that will never ever be forgotten on the web and in terms of online unity." read more below...

Unity will always prevail against Control - Unity is powerful

The Web Black's Out - Written prior to the victory

All the web giants are responsible for huge numbers of people worldwide, freeing their mind from dependencies on the media moguls, such as those in the Movie Industries, Television, Music, Books, Sports, & many other media avenues dispersed throughout the world.

People today have had the opportunity to somewhat escape from such a clutching grip, using the Internet as a sort of escape hatch, and all who use such powerful networks like Google, Facebook, and Wikipedia, all currently have web powers at their disposal with the means to communicate across vast regions of land, via telecommunications gadgets, wired, wireless, and via satellite.

The fear that the US government can take down such web based freedoms, and social powers of expression with the click of a button, is now dawning upon us all, the integrity of the web as we known it is at stake here, and the war is raging on.

Salman Khan Explains it the best - SOPA explained by every angle, and the potential crushing force it wields on the web

Internet Pressure's Points

This all boils down to the pure and uncut mathematics of numbers, the strength of Unity vs the strength of division. Who do you think will be victor, in what appears to be an all time struggle for balance of power. I think the government is in fear that the people are going to win, and all them filthy companies, that have exploited us for years are soon to go up in smoke.

Math is something very definitive, and once the numbers game settles, we will soon see that the strength in numbers & stats weigh heavily against the true opponent here, which is control. Hence the same distinctive issue that the Movie The Matrix - "The Matrix Revolutions", has pointed out to all its viewers many years back. Ironically, the Hollywood film director of the movie, must have had some sort of incline, that something of this nature & magnitude was to occur some day. Today is one day to remember indeed, the people of the web will never ever forget. "Sopa Blackout Day!"


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    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 5 years ago from New York City

      Thanks Joer for sharing your perspective on the whole SOPA saga, I also think the people shall win over the government in due time.

      Even if such a Soap opera as SOPA or PIPA, appears to be a threat to the overall integrity of the web as a whole. We are currently in times of true transitional change, and may the best prepared for battle win. The Epic SAGA continues..........

    • joer4x4 profile image

      joer4x4 5 years ago from Philadelphia, PA

      I was never big on math. The one thing I took away from math classes is that it provides a path or tendency to simplify the description of a complicated real world.

      I look at it this way. With money pouring in from Hollywood and big business politicians are happy to oblige.

      Many politicians have wanted to censor the net for some time. So under the disguise of intellectual property (which is a idea - and how to you copyright a thought?) and with a dose of their own language, are trying to shove the door wide open.

      This is no doubt an attempt to gain more control by government as the Feds are shutting down sites everyday.

      This is not over by any stretch and the government will prevail at least temporarily. But the outcry and hacker revenge will win to free the net once again.

      I think it all happens this year. There may even be a short period of time when the web will be completely shut down. If the web is shut down it may be the right time for hackers to strike. All those mainframes out there are still connected to live phone lines because business has to go on.