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The Pride of the Republican Industry

Updated on May 8, 2017

Perhaps at another time we can not believe the following, but the transient statements of the Republican candidates, in the pre-Trump world as a single candidate, and an observer of the American Right's thinking, and a simple scrutiny of their initial election programs and debates over the past year and the beginning of the present, Of the effort that Donald Trump may be the wisest, and most courteous and understanding of the style of US rule, although he is the least in political practice!

We have Jeb Bush, the second son of the family of George Bush Sr., and brother of former President George W. Bush, saying in a debate televised last year that his brother, during his presidency period from 2000 to 2008, has «maintained the security of the country», which called for Trump's immediate response by reminding them, in front of millions of viewers, that «kept the United States security already and towers trade witnesses to that», response cynical and logical, which is superior in such a debate, as well as answer pocket «semi-bloody» spirited «certainly, I'm going to kill him if I had opportunity to do so », in response to a question he supposed to enable him to travel through time, and killed a Hitler's Wolf as an infant in its infancy, and a third permit for sure which cut off all government aid to «PPFA», or the American Family Planning Association, because they do not take care of women's health issues! As well as the use of Trump's «invasion», the biggest American error historically, he said, every time he attacked the pocket.

The comments seem to explain the results of one of the less successful candidates in the primaries, and also seem to explain the great confusion he had when he used his mother Barbara and his brother George to support him, after his big defeat to Trump, despite his mother's criticism of his candidacy at the beginning. The defeat in South Carolina, one of the strongholds of the Bush family's political core and major, alongside statements that exceeded what Trump often say.

"The world is burning, yes, your world is burning," he said spontaneously to Julia Trant, the three-year-old frightened girl, before trying to correct what he said. Reassuring him that «will be present a better world».

Mr. Cruz's statements do not end, from the burning girl's world, with the full support of the late Republican senator Jesse Helms, who has a long history of opposing civil rights and liberties laws that tried to prevent Congress from making a public holiday on behalf of Martin Luther King, This senator believes that they need in the House of Representatives «a hundred of it», to deny the global warming College, saying that his denial of him «like Galileo», and also climate change, which he said «the problem of climate change that not a single day in the history of the world and change In which climate ", without irony.

This is not the case with other candidates, such as Carson and Mike Huckabee, and it is very interesting to question what the Republican Party is producing presidential candidates and about the general trends of its members. This may seem like a "defense" of Trump, The real purpose is to quickly monitor the deterioration of the "elite" level of the Republican Party. It is also important to note the state of anger, which is strongly critical of Trump's continuing successes, and some believe that this objection or anger is not because of the "folly and extremism" of the billionaire, A right-wing republic, enough to represent the slit B in the presidential elections.

Will Trump destroy the Republican Party?

A survey by the Pew Research and Studies Center shows that the Americans' preference for the party is at its lowest level since 1992. Only 33 percent of Americans favor the party, compared with 62 percent in the United States. Has a very negative impression of him, and they do not prefer him in any way, which has nothing to do with the Trump nominee, which has been consistently decreasing since 2009, when it was 40% for the favorites, then dropped in mid 2011 to 34%, and continued to fluctuate slightly until we reached the ratio The Gallup Institute's latest survey, however, brought the percentage difference between "who is considered." "To 8 percent, 49 percent to Democrats and 41 percent to Republicans, the broad margin of current American attitudes and the image of the Republican Party, which is constantly worsening.

Many Republicans in the party see Trump as a "lost opportunity" to renew the image of elephants in the minds of Americans, a party that has for decades marketed itself, based on "four basic principles": a limited government, low taxes, This is a picture that has been shaken by Americans. Many believe that Trump has contributed and will continue to spoil it further, as well as deepen the divisions and divisions within the party. This may seem incorrect based on the image of the Republicans in the last two decades, and depending on the structure weak party in the same period, Balad Presidential candidates to spyware Republicans are the secretion of normal tissue «elephants» Republic, even though it seemed a good texture dun Romney, for example.

In any case, Trump does not seem to bring the end of the world. In the end, he is one of the least right-wing Republicans, competing for the highest position in the American system. But he remains in the intertwined and overlapping system of governance in Washington, Popularly, the chances of the Democratic Party represented by Hillary Clinton and even Bernie Sanders may seem much better in the face of Trump, according to most current polls, but no one knows what the next few days will bring, and what publicity campaigns and adversaries can do. and Trump, and even mid-Ala M past, most of the world did not expect that he can overcome the three candidates favorite among Republicans, but he did it and became the only main candidate, in a phenomenon worthy of standing in front of her long.


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