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Prison Systems

Updated on March 10, 2014

Prisons and jails are there to rehabilitate and teach young prisoners a better way of life,when they are released.

But do prison really help young Black's and Hispanic men? In Poor community's the greater number of Black's and Hispanic teenagers in jail come out worsen-er than they was before, without trying to do better. Is the prison system working, the answer is no.

To some committing a crime and going to jail is nothing more than a luxury vacation away from home, they eat three meals a day, life weight, watch television and engage in other act ivies. Will these programs help prisoners on the outside? If the average white person was asked, was ask why so many Black's goes to jail, they say would it's because of drugs,alcohol, the lack of education and laziness.

There are teens who wants to work but there are no jobs so they take the easy way out, just to make a dollar. Prison programs are nothing more than a useless piece of paper when it comes to most employers hiring a prisoner.


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