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The Problem of Modern Feminism

Updated on September 20, 2017
Jens Svensen profile image

David has a BA in History, with a specialization in Roman history, mainly 2nd-1st century BC, and a vast interest for 20th century history,


This best reflects what feminism- 3rd wave feminism in particular- has become over the years of it's existence.
This best reflects what feminism- 3rd wave feminism in particular- has become over the years of it's existence.

The Problem of Modern Feminism.

As the feminist movement has grown to its very maximum in the West and seems to be growing daily everywhere else in the world, feminist ideals have been spreading through nearly every aspect of the modern state, effecting them in every way possible.

Undoubtedly, feminism has effected and even changed the way we see the world and people who inhabit it. Although it has done many great things for women and for gender equality overall, modern feminists are fighting a battle that has long been won- in the West, at least- and are now "beating a dead corpse". What is happening now- and has been happening for decades- is not progress, but rather regress, as the course is now towards a new inequality, a new gender-biased world, where women are the oppressor and men- the repressed.

Chanty Binx, Toronto, Canada.

Big red, as she is known, is at it again, spewing buzz-words and angry swears left and right.
Big red, as she is known, is at it again, spewing buzz-words and angry swears left and right. | Source

What Feminists are Doing Wrong.

Feminism is guilty of many wrongdoings and is on it's way of being guilty of even more. Feminism can certainly be blamed for pinning the modern society against men, straight men in particular. The court system is, no doubt, in favor of women, since they seem to be getting the best of men, when it comes to child custody, alimony, divorce settlements and so on. If taking away a man's child, money and many material possessions wasn't enough, the court is most definitely gender biased, when it comes to rape, sexual assault and child molestation.

Meninism is Also About Equality

The counter-movement is growing strong. MRA's and MGTOW's are also against feminism.
The counter-movement is growing strong. MRA's and MGTOW's are also against feminism. | Source

Because not Only men Commit Sexual Assault.

Although countless publicly known court cases have proved otherwise, it is still widely believed that only men can rape and molest, but women and children are the sole victims, main accent being on women. Since women for a long time have been seen as the weaker sex, seeing them as the eternal victim makes sense with this kind of attitude. But, since feminism has tried to eradicate this kind of attitude, it would make sense that women wouldn't have to be seen as the only victim, but as a perpetrator, too. It hasn't quite gone that way, since feminism, due to it's man-hating nature, sees men as primitive aggressors, sex-hungry throughout their whole life, constantly looking for new victims of their sexual drive.

All of this is making society laugh at and ridicule male sexual assault and domestic violence victims, telling them to "grow some balls", "man up" and so on. In case of male rape victims, the society even calls them liars or gay, since, as the feminists have made it completely clear, no straight man would ever refuse a women sexual favors.

Feminist Logic in a Single Image.


Final Thoughts

So far, feminists of our time are not benefiting the society, but rather destroying it, by trying to demean, degrade, re-shape and maybe, in the very end, even destroy the male. This is not even the half of what they have done to steer the society towards a dead-end. And I know that many might say that what I am referring to is a small, radical group and that they aren't "real" feminists. But this group is the not so small and it is VERY popular. It has spread so far that it's nearly impossible to not see them and their views. And they are "real" feminists, but just the radical wing.

Of course, none of that has gone unnoticed and the society is, yet again, starting to change for the better. Yes, the feminist era has had it's culmination and is in decline. I can only hope, that this nightmare ends soon and that true gender equality, if it is even possible, finally becomes a reality.

The Problem of Modern day Feminism

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© 2016 David


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    • Jens Svensen profile image

      David 2 years ago from Latvia

      It might be a small, radical "sect", as you wrote it, but it is the most popular version of the feminist movement and the most recognizable one. May I remind you that some of the most popular feminist scholars have advocated and still advocate for the radical ideas that this hub denounces, not only that, but the radical feminist ideas I have mentioned in this hub are being fed to the people in many higher education institutions via the "gender studies"/"women's studies" course.

      The radical ideas are also taken seriously by the general public in the West(and not only). I firmly believe that you are generalizing by claiming that most feminists don't agree with the radical opinion, as you can't speak for everyone.

      I can tell you that it is pure BS, when you claim that feminists are the most sympathetic in case of male rape victims. You have no proof, shit like that has never been seen. Men are the ones that have to watch out from made up rape cases also, since women are believed even without any actual proof. And, regardless if the man actually raped the woman or not, his life will most likely be ruined, solely because of that accusation. Now, if that's not female privilege, I don't know what else to call it.

      Also, you can not back up you "most rapists are white males" claim. And, seeing all men as potential rapists is gender profiling. Women have a history of being over emotional and hysterical, so, solely based on statistics, I would have to be careful around a woman, as not to cause her to do something stupid purely out of spite.

    • Michaela Osiecki profile image

      Michaela 2 years ago from USA

      What you're referencing here is the very radical sect of feminism that a majority of us in the movement absolutely reject because all they do is spew man-hating rhetoric and have no regard for the plights of people in other parts of the world....these few and vocal individuals DO NOT represent the message of modern day feminism.

      Feminism seeks to better the lives of ALL people - regardless of gender, race, socio-economic class, and neurology. Feminism understands the problems inherent in the current system and how they harm ALL people, not just women and those of color. Feminism understands that men are harmed just as much by the toxic messages of the patriarchy and that there are hefty degrees of unfairness on both sides.

      In the case of male rape, it is FEMINISTS that are most sympathetic. Why do most men not report being raped? Because the system and OTHER MEN will belittle them and continue to feed the toxic messages of men always wanting sex and that they need to 'man up' - feminism understands how harmful this view is and how this alienates male victims of sexual assault.

      But it is still a statistical fact that majority of rape in the United States is committed by white males and thus, any sane woman has to assume that any male she encounters has the potential to rape her. And that's a sad reality to no one wants to actually live. No one wants to live in fear and that's another component of feminism, trying to change society for the better to ensure less rape happens in the first place.