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The problem of modern feminism 2 and the world of Female privilege.

Updated on February 25, 2016

This is what feminism looks like

The feminists know it, deep down, they know it.
The feminists know it, deep down, they know it. | Source

Privilege 101

As I discussed in my first hub, "The problem of modern feminism", this world has been made a lot more difficult for men by the feminists and their supporters. Now I would like to focus on how the feminist movement has made the world a near fairy-tale for women- in the West, at least- and what is female privilege.

Now, as it is widely know, women in this world are gaining more and more rights for themselves, some in the name of equality, others- not so much. It is not equality, but it is entitlement, that the feminists are after these days. As I understand, the new laws in the US allow women to be drafted, forcefully, in fact, which is great, since that is actual equality. It is a lot better than those forced government quotas for women to be hired somewhere, or drafted. Now all women who can't make it to college, from a certain age, have to be drafted in the US armed forces. Yay!

Now that that is out of the way, we may discuss female privilege. If we speak about the job market in general, companies in the West tend to chose women over men, often even if the man is more qualified for the job, since they fear getting sued for gender discrimination. This is a huge deal in the US, Canada, Australia and many other wealthy Western states. But choosing a woman over a man just because she is a woman is- dun, dun, dun!- gender bias. So, there you have it, female privilege in all it's glory.

Next example of that same privilege can be seen in court, when separated spouses are battling over their children, women usually get them, or at least most of them. The father often only gets to visit his children a few times a week, or a few times a month. That same privilege is given to women, when it comes to alimony and child support- almost always the father pays both, so many times it's too big of a toll for his wallet and just as many times the mother is cold and careless. The fathers, then, are left emotionally scared and, but not always, with financial difficulties. That is what feminism looks like.

That same female privilege comes knocking, when it come to rape, sexual molestation, domestic abuse and assault court cases. The women are believed a lot more then men, they also get smaller fines and prison sentences, if any. The feminist movement has made it look like as if only men can rape, molest and assault someone. The lives of these men are, in most cases, forever ruined, regardless if the man is guilty or not.

Last, for now, but not least is the case of US colleges and education establishments over all(and maybe some other countries). The education system of many Western states prefer women over men in general, that's why there are a lot more women in US colleges than men, that's why boys in US schools are given lower grades and that's why boyish, if you can call it that, attitude in schools is viewed negatively. Long story short, aggressiveness and competitiveness can get you in trouble.

A world without feminism is a better world

Conservatives protesting against the International Women's day in Warsaw, Poland.
Conservatives protesting against the International Women's day in Warsaw, Poland. | Source

A final word

I can only hope that this hub helped to open your eyes on the subject. The feminist movement is a destructive movement, which is attempting to create a new world, filled with inequality, with dogmas that can almost never be questioned and world filled with evil and malice overall, which is served as good and as something we should welcome. In other words, where black is white and vice versa.

The building blocks of this new world have been set some time ago and, as it is my greatest fear, the foundation for this world has already been set. We as a society must stop this, we must finally open our minds to the truth, we must stop paying attention to their lies and we must look at facts and facts only. I believe that together we shall prevail.

Because buzzwords can't kill arguments

The final word

Do you see feminism as an evil and man hating ideology?

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To help shatter the myth, here's a good read


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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Makes sense. Something must be done to eradicate feminism.


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