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The real reasons for the world recession. Why the global banking collapse really happened.

Updated on February 14, 2016


What really plunged the world into recession.

How criminals started to cause The Global Recession.

What really plunged the world into recession.

As we move towards the second decade of the twenty first century, one of the principle worries that seem to beset our leaders is how to lead the world out of the recession that we have been in for some years now; or, at least, how to claim credit for doing so. Many reasons have been given out by economists and politicians, and experts of all sorts as to how the great financial collapse started in the first place. Some have blamed the bankers for loaning out too much money to people who could not afford to pay it back. Still others have asserted that our governments were spending too much money at a time when they should have been putting some aside as a hedge against any down turn that might arise. The blame game has been played on all sides. Indeed it could truly be said that, if as much effort had been put into figuring out ways to alleviate the problems as were spent in trying to assign culpability, the effects of the world recession could have been considerably lessened.

The truth of the matter is that the governments know what the real problem is despite all their trying to deflect the blame onto the banks, and all the international summits that all these "great and good" have attended are just so much window dressing to make themselves look big, because although they know the real cause of the global recession they are totally at a loss as to how they can deal with it. They blame the banks. They castigate previous administrations. They spout so much "hot air" about how they will save us all. Believe me when I say, until they steal themselves to deal with the real cause they will get nowhere, and they are so far from grasping the enormity of what happened, and is still happening, as to be almost on another planet. The real cause of the recession was not the financiers. They have been unjustly blamed. There is however a real organisation that is draining the coffers of all the worlds’ governments and financial institutions, and that does not even draw the line at taking the change out of the pockets of the poor. That organisation is an internationally organised affair, more pervasively malevolent than the mafia, and their operatives are scheming not ten feet away from where I am sitting typing this, and from where you are sitting reading it.

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How criminals started to cause The Global Recession.

As The President of The Ancient Society of Secret Historians, and the one mortal person from which no secret can be kept, I am now about to reveal the real cause of the recession. It was not started by the subprime mortgages in The United States. The real and actual cause of the global downturn was, and they continue to spread it, the Lilliputian midgets of Gulliver's Travels fame. Their story is here.

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