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Too much political power could make a grave mistake

Updated on December 15, 2012

It is an adage we have learned in school: That to err is human. But suppose we make grave mistakes in a career that not only affect our livelihoods, but also the welfare of the country you are living in; would the clemency you are pining for be wholeheartedly granted?

A dalliance between two lecherous persons could jeopardize the careers of the two. It takes two to tango, so everyone knows who are involved in this scandalous issue. There can be no other avenues to evade the bedevilment of the media, except for admitting one's mistakes and shaking hands with their colleagues with teary eyes, and then preparing for the media to pillory him.

Embezzlement has also been the reason why politicians are forced to resign. Overestimating one's echelon can beguile him into misappropriating revenue that are meant for the maintenance of the legislative body. Committing larceny at such a stage would only bring humiliation, and the people will wonder why a politician still cannot be satisfied with an already substantial salary.

As politicians, they must not let down the redoubtable legislative body and renege the promises they had made before elections. They should adhere to the stringent creed of high-ranked professionals and espouse the sanctity of probity. It would be such a lost if a politician, who had toiled much and attained new status, become besotted with things that are deemed for the ruffians and the uncultured. The allure of the women's body must never be taken into account, and it is advised to consign these ribald images into the rubbish bin.

Throwing away a vital career is a thing that we do not desire. By then, we must appreciate the fact that a stream of income has been obtruded and we have to start the whole job-hunting rigmarole anew. Therefore, we should be shrewd and suppress our desires. Although it is human nature to be infatuated with the opposite sex, there are undeniably a group of people who has lived an ascetic life and vowed to be chaste, including Buddha himself. If they can do it, why can't us?

It is certainly true that we are always bombarded with a surfeit of sex scandals in the media. However, the outcome must be positive, and not negative. We should see a dip in related scandals in the near future, when people have become more wise and charitable. The actions of a powerful politician will present the whole country with either benefits or problems. And the fate lies largely in their hands.


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