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The shadow wars

Updated on May 24, 2012

The shadow wars begin

Within the last few years the US has been waging wars that the general population has little or no knowledge of.These undisclosed wars have been waged upon several continents and inside countries with or without the approval of the leaders of these countries.As well as the approval of the citizens of the US.Even though there has been no approval or disclosure of the actions the government has taken all signs point to more of these silent or"shadow wars".These shadow wars are being waged by drones,special forces and even more unconventional forces operating under the radar and out of sight of the people of the US and without oversight by citizens. The shadow wars begin.

Predator B Launching hellfire missile
Predator B Launching hellfire missile
Predator B
Predator B

The drones

The CIA has been using drones in Pakistan since 2004 in what started as a Pakistani backed operation along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.Since 2008 when Obama took office these strikes have increased dramatically and spiraled beyond Pakistani control and approval.It is reported that around 700 civilians have been killed out of 2,000 and 160 of these deaths have been children. Late in 2011 24 Pakistani soldiers were targeted and killed which along with other collateral deaths has enraged Pakistani citizens and brought about the Pakistani government to call to end the CIA's drone attacks.The CIA ceased the drone war for about two months before restarting the drone hunter-killer missions against the Pakistani governments wishes.Tensions have caused Pakistan to shut off allies' supply routes to Afghanistan through Pakistan.The Pakistani government has even gone to the UN to file complaints of CIA drone attacks on funerals and mourners. The drone war continues despite the undeniable moral and legal questions.

The CIA has been operating drone hunter-killer strikes in Yemen since 2009 though such strikes have only begun to be known of in the last few months.US drones have killed an estimated 48 non combatant civilians since the start of drone missions in 2009 and early in 2012 the White House approved and broadened the CIA's legal ability to execute these widely indiscriminate attacks.The people of Yemen have no voice of opposition to the attacks and live daily under fear of unforeseen death from hellfire missiles.

Somalia has been the latest arena of drone killings along with Libya and Iraq.The UN has spoken out against the drone assassins but any disapproval has fallen upon deaf US ears.Few if any mainstream news organizations have reported the extent of drone wars as well as the disapproval expressed by the UN and US allies.


Special Operations Forces

SOF groups such as Navy Seals,Army Rangers,Marine Force Recon have also been very busy though few reports are being made public as to the "who,what,where,how,and why"within the US. The US.Navy Seals have been performing missions in Afghanistan,Pakistan,Yemen,Somalia and Iraq hitting high priority targets and intelligence targets.US cargo class ships have been seen anchored off the Arabian peninsula and coast of Northern Africa,these ships are rumored to have been converted into forward operations bases and housing facilities for SOF operations throughout the entire region.

Even more unconventional forces such as Seal team six,which is made up of operators from many different branches not just Navy Seals have been carrying out many shadow wars along with the infamous Army Force Delta which the US totally disavows even exists.Such unconventional groups are the men that carried out the successful mission that inserted and killed Osama Bin Laden and freed Americans held hostage by Somali Pirates.

The only hints to activities come from deployments of these forces and sightings of journalists and military experts within these regions.


New US morals and rules of engagement

Only small bits of information can be obtained about the movements and actions of these Shadow Warriors and the patriotism and valor of these soldiers are not in question,the agencies and government leaders ordering and planning the missions of this new secret type of war fare are acting without oversight and approval of the people of the US.Many members of the military top brass along with foreign relations experts are opposed to this "new"type of war and the controversial ROE(rules of engagement)arguing that this aggressive and indiscriminate policy has created more anti American sentiment and has begun to strengthen the resolve of US enemies as well as swell the ranks of these enemies with the family members of the many innocent people killed by the CIA and it's rogue but White House approved tactics and indifferent strikes.

Without public approval US agencies such as the NSA,CIA,The Obama administration and Congress have taken on a new foreign policy of "strike first ask questions later".Yet the mainstream media have completely turned a blind eye to these events even at the risk of being seen as corrupt or censored without any degree of objection. These shadow wars are only in the beginning stages by the direction in which the White House has started moving.Secretary of State Clinton made an un announced appearance at The Special Operations Forces Industry Conference in Tampa Florida May 23 2012.This conference is just a trade show of equipment and material along with tactical services for members of the SOF community.Clinton showed support and spoke of a continuing and closer relationship between the White House and SOF shadow warriors and special commandos. She spoke of a new "diplomat/commando"type of team tactic where these teams worked to prevent low intensity conflicts but would spring into commando tactic action if conflicts did arise.Clinton praised Adm. William McRaven, chief of Special Operations Command and in return received praise and approval of the Admiral.Showing a new alliance of State with unconventional Spec Ops forces.

What does this new policy and tactic mean for the people of the US?Government bodies acting out of sight of the people are not representing the will of the people. The US has always taken a stance of justice and moderation and this type of policy and these new tactics are questionable at best.When did the US begin to accept the death of innocents to strike "suspected"targets?Yes suspected targets,most of the targets within Yemen are singled out due to "suspicious activities" that are determined by satellite and drone surveillance by agents watching from here within the US.These "new"morals are viewed as the will of the people of the US by the rest of the world.Are these the values that were taught to US citizens through out history?US citizens will most assuredly be the targets of any terror groups acting in reprisal to the shadow war.

A government that becomes accustomed to working without oversight can become a danger from within to it's own people as unaccountable power intoxicates and creates a notion of entitled superiority. The shadow war has begun and with it a dark time in the US and the world,of which no one can assuredly say what the outcome may be.


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    • mrshadyside1 profile image

      mrshadyside1 5 years ago from Georgia

      Thank you and I agree that most will think it is exaggerated.The majority of descent honest Americans cannot fathom the immorality and scale of corruption at the top levels.They rely on NBC nightly news for important information,sadly NBC or any of the mainstream news will touch any story that questions their bosses.Then there are the people that believe there is nothing normal citizens can do but what they fail to understand is that added together the men and women that need to be questioned are just a tiny number.The 1% plus all government employees including the military just barely constitute 2% of the population of the US.If unified and determined the citizens of this land could and should set things right.What people fail to realize is that our children and grandchildren will suffer for our lack of effort and complacency.Just as you said,these things have been happening for many years and just keep getting worse and whether people want to believe it or not the US is poised and equipped to attempt a degree of control over the citizens that is unprecedented in our history.

      Again,thank you for your comment.

    • dmop profile image

      dmop 5 years ago from Cambridge City, IN

      These under the radar missions have been going for many years, and the general public is always left in the dark as much as possible. Of course, the US government never asks the permission or approval of the citizens before taking action. It is a sad state of affairs and as long as we the people just sit idly by and let them do there bidding it will only continue to get worse. Great Hub, the only problem is that most people will dismiss it as conspiracy theory, or simply look the other way. I voted this up, interesting, and useful.

    • mrshadyside1 profile image

      mrshadyside1 6 years ago from Georgia

      Thank you.

    • Brie Hoffman profile image

      Brie Hoffman 6 years ago from Manhattan

      Very informative..shared and voted up!


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