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The six jobs of George Osborne

Updated on March 18, 2017

Most MP's usually take another job when their time is done in the House of Commons. Some do have other jobs as well as being an MP but ex-Chancellor George Osborne is really taking the biscuit here.

When Ex - Deputy Prime Minister of the Labour Party under Tony Blair John Prescott had two Jaguar cars to get about some questioned the need for this and rightly so. This earned him the moniker 'Two Jags' Prescott and so Osborne may become 'Six Jobs' Osborne. Here is a list of his jobs plus his new one:

Speaker at Washington Bureau

Chairman of Northern Powerhouse

Advisor to American Fund Management Blackrock

Works for McCain Institute

MP for Tatton, Cheshire, England

Now Editor of London newspaper 'The Evening Standard'

As Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn stated why does this man need six jobs? It cannot be that George Osborne is short of dough after all for his job as a member of Parliament he earns £75,000 a year plus expenses. He also has landed gentry in his ancestry and makes a pile of money from his other positions though I believe one of those jobs is unpaid.

When you consider the cuts and austerity the poor of this country and the just about managing (to coin a phrase from Theresa May) having to put up with yet this man has the audacity to work six jobs and acquire a pile of money. Of course, it is entirely his choice how many jobs he works but does this man have any conscience when he realises what this government have inflicted on the less well off yet there he is raking it in.

Some have called for him to resign because of his latest job as Editor at 'The Evening Standard' as an MP and some ask how can he juggle this job and his others yet serve as an MP for his constituency.

George Osborne has spoken of his time at the paper will reflect what Londoners want but how can he square that with being an MP for a northern town in Cheshire, England. There is not much love lost between the north and south of England so with Osborne representing the people of London at 'The Evening Standard' and representing the people of Tatton a northern town won't this cause a conflict of interests? Evgeny Lebedev owner of the 'Evening standard said Osborne was the correct choice as Editor and Osborne who wanted to be a journalist when he was young now has the chance to edit a major newspaper of London.

No MP earns what George Osborne earns although many do have jobs outside of Parliament but none come close to Osborne to find someone you have to re-visit the 19th Century. One CP Scott a sitting Liberal member of Parliament edited 'The Manchester Guardian' who acquired a wealth of funds through doing these two jobs and historically that's as far as you have to go back in time for a comparison to Osborne.

Many suspect George Osborne has ulterior motives in taking the job at 'The Evening Standard' because his Tatton Constituency under new boundary changes will be abolished. So his local Conservative Party may not pick him again to stand as an MP or be an MP for the new constituency because of his southern job with a southern newspaper. So some have said Osborne will use his time at 'The Evening Standard' to make it a mouthpiece to attack this government and its policies. This could be for him at some point when he is no longer presumably an MP for Tatton to stand as a southern MP and get re - elected to Parliament and presumably challenge Theresa May for leadership.

There are also the London Mayoral elections coming up in 3 years times which may see George Osborne challenging incumbent Mayor Sadiq Khan. Osborne is not a man to be under - estimated it seems and he is keeping his power dry and his options open.

Brief Bio of George Osborne

George Osborne
George Osborne | Source

1) Born George Gideon Oliver Osborne

2) Born in Paddington, London

3) D O B: 23 May 1971

4) Attended St Pauls School, Morland Place School, Collet School

5) Attended Magdalen College, Oxford

6) Was member of The Bullingdon Club with David Cameron

7) Father is 17th Baronet Sir Peter Osborne

8) Famous for bringing in the Living wage which will rise as time goes on

9) Said Gordon Brown was a Chancellor who had passed his sell by date

10) Married to Frances Victoria Howell and has 1 boy and 1 girl


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