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The slaves we are and True Sense of Freedom

Updated on May 6, 2011

Are We Free? We like to tell ourselves that we are. We go about our lives with as if we are, but are we really free or living in an illusionary freedom that only serves as our shackles in the prison we live?

I think it is best in Bioshock by Andrew Ryan “What is the difference between a man and a slave? Money? Power? No! A man Chooses a slave obeys.” That line presents a good point so let us think about whether we do indeed choose.

We say to ourselves that yes of course we choose, we choose who we vote for, we choose which job to work; we choose what food we eat and what beverage we drink. We choose which vehicle to drive. We choose what we watch on TV and what we think. There is plenty we choose but are we truly choosing or picking from the options presented to us.

We can choose who we vote for but the powers are pulling the string in the background, both major candidates work for the same forces and that was not better illustrated when both McCain and Obama attended the same meeting in Israel back in 2008 [1] and both attended the AIPAC (pro-Israel first lobby) meeting in 2011 [2], and both have ties to the CFR and Bilderberg. As you can see it doesn’t matter who we voted for both men served the same powers and we were presented with the illusion of choice.

Yet we choose what we do in life and where we work right? Yes and No. Many of us are denied their dreams because they don’t have money or their school were horrible or social circumstances so it is not true that we always choose what we do in life but more accurate to say that we pick from the options available or are presented to us. As for a job consider that we do our jobs to earn Federal Reserve notes as any other currency is illegal so we have no choice practically in what we are paid and then part of our labors are taken from us in the form of unconstitutional taxes (see the constitution) of which you have no choice to allow or the government will come and take everything from you.

Yet if you tolerate this injustice and pay your taxes you at least have what you worked for right? No. You see the Federal Reserve notes have no value as they are backed by literally nothing and as such at any time their projected value could disappear and every note you possess is worth only what it is printed on. This is why the constitution said that the currency was to be backed by gold and silver so that you would actually hold something with value.

Okay that all may be true but at least we choose what we eat and drink; there is no way they have taken that from us right? Well even that is not true. Look at the sodas you drink that are available to you, the contain the same preservatives which have adverse health effects and if you drink diet soda you are consuming a deadly poison called Aspartame [3] and if you want to drink something that has natural ingredients and not natural flavors (flavors mean that it is artificial but tastes natural. Flavored means it is naturally flavored) you have to search far and wide or order it online.

Even our ingredients are no longer safe with the pervasion of Genetically Modified crops which sterilized the mice that they were tested on and yet these ingredients are constantly being shoved in everything. Try to find something that doesn’t have soy in it. This will in fact shock the hell out of you what soy is in and most of that soy is GMO Soy and is highly dangerous to consume.

Though say you want to choose an alternative which is you’re constitutionally given right. Say you want natural unpasteurized milk(mass produced milk cannot be unpasteurized because of conditions the cows live in by natural farming where the cows get to live in grass it is safe to consume that milk in an unpasteurized state) you can do this right? It is your body and you’re right to choose after all. Well apparently the government doesn’t think so as they are routinely raiding raw milk farms and even going so far as to take an Amish farmer to court [4] because he was selling raw milk owe and those taxes that you don’t have a say in paying are paying for them to take your right to consume what you desire away.

Well so everyone has been struck down so far but you at least get to choose your car. That can’t be denied that you get to choose your car but what you don’t get to choose is alternative engine cars or high gas mileage cars which are routinely suppressed to keep them from you. In effect limiting the choices in which you as a consumer have to make or in other words taking from you the right to choose.

Television is a fun entertainment but the government has since realized that they can use it to control you. Yet again here we find the same pervasion of forces just not in the same degree. The CIA has a long standing history manipulating movies in Hollywood as do Zionist (both CFR related) in effect to shove Rockefeller’s New Left down you and your children’s throats. This is called indoctrination, it is where you are slowing taught to accept new things as social norms.

In fact are you even allowed to think for yourself? When was the last time the “News” didn’t tell you what to think? When was the last time you were just given the information and allowed to make the decision for yourself? You are told day in day out that this is what is neccisary to protect freedom but as you have seen you really don’t have freedom. You have the illusion of choice which mimics freedom but you are not free for you aren’t allow to choose and the reason for is because if you were allowed to choose they know that you wouldn’t choose their plans because it would come at your expense.

We were told that we need to bring democracy and freedom to Iraq but what did we bring to Iraq. They have corrupt politicians whose security forces can shoot civilians. They have an economy ruled by American and Foreign Corporation and they can’t afford food let alone get a job. One million of their people are now dead. That is the US governments idea of democracy and freedom. They have been given or rather have had their prosperity and freedom taken away from them by force. When you hear a politicians say that they hate us for our freedoms know this, they don’t hate us for our freedom they hate us for our Tyranny if they choose to hate us at all!


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