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The socialist crimes the United States is committing!

Updated on August 3, 2013

Do we need Socialism to succeed?

One of the atrocities being implemented in the United States, is the mandate of "Obamacare" and all that comes with it. Obamacare was sold on the premise that health care costs would go down, and that it would provide coverage for all because health care is a "right" for everyone? My question is - if public healthcare coverage is the answer, why did the prime minister of Canada go to the United States for heart valve surgery? The answer is....socialism in ANY form is disastrous!

The reason Danny Williams came to the US for his heart that it WASN'T available in Canada, so what gives? Just like any "managed" government program, bureaucracy is the norm, and you lose efficiency. And that is why Capitalism is is the most innovative way and efficient way to get a product to the consumer, and in the United States, we have this idea that socialism will provide solutions to an uneven wealth distribution and provide more opportunities for the middle and lower class. If you think this is going to work, I can only ask you the question as to why in five years of the Obama presidency, has the economy been flat despite the federal reserve pumping billions of dollars into the economy?

Socialism is a utopian ideology that has never worked in the history of mankind. Although there are a few that try to defend it, the truth remains that socialism lowers the standard of yes, you get a more equal wealth distribution, to a lower economic status! You may find that pointing toward a country such as Sweden, with a 55% tax rate, great education system, and a high gross domestic product, is an interesting study in socialism, but would it work here in the United States? The truth is if the United States announce that Sweden was the newest state in the union, it would rank among the POOREST state!

Why is this? GDP numbers can be manipulated to show a high standard of living, but when you compare the currency and buying power, the growth of the economy, and productivity, it would be the worst state in the union. The problem with most Socialist economic theory, is the lack of innovation and incentives to create products and services that improve the quality of life. When you consider technologies such as the personal computer, the iPhone, the Internet, and the high tech industry that goes with it all has the intellectual property coming from a free society, not one owned by the government...or managed by the government!

Through the media, we are inundated with the thought that socialism produces an even playing field, redistribution of wealth in a FAIR way, and that this is what the United States needs to make it a desirable country to live in again. I am amazed by how many people that live outside the United States DREAM about living the US, yet the media portrays us as the worst county in the world for opportunity. I agree that there is some disparity in income, but how to fix that is not to have the government mandate pay scales for the position.

I can't understand how people complain about why they can't cut a tree in their yard, and yet want MORE government in their lives. What has made this country great, is the freedom associated with property ownership and you being able to do with it as you see fit. People sometimes confuse freedom with the fact that they can go to a ball game is they want to, or get in the car and drive to the beach...but that isn't what freedom is. Freedom is being able to OWN something and do with it as you wish to, as long as it isn't injuring or affecting someone else in a negative way. More regulation, more control, less freedom and more power over you is not what this nation had in mind when it was founded.

So...socialism is the answer? Well, for all you wizards of smart, I can tell you the KEY element that is missing in socialism is the incentives to improve the distribution of products and services. You are blind it you don't consider this as the absolute essential part in creating wealth and prosperity for ALL! William Bradford (the Mayflower and governor of the first colony) had tried socialism and/or collectivism because it was an all for one, one for all proposition for those who sailed to the new world. After a very difficult time barely getting by and almost dying in the first winter, William Bradford assigned a plot of land (ownership) to the individual, and basically said, do with it as you see fit.

The enterprising types realized that cultivating and taking care of the crops could bring opportunities for their lives, and not too long after implementing this policy, the pilgrims enjoyed a bountiful harvest. All you have to do is read William Bradfords writings which you cannot deny the truth of what an approach to this type of "government" does to people. The problem? There are many in the world that are essentially free-loaders and they take advantage of the circumstances. This leads to the question from the producers as to why should I work so hard when we are all "equal" in wealth distribution. End result? Very minimal production from everyone, and a terrible economy! Is this what America wants?


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