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The symbol of the Leopard Dr Shadi Kgathi

Updated on June 28, 2015

Dr Shadi Kgathi Makhuvele


The Symbol of Pure Kindness and Grace Dr Shadi Kgathi

Dr Shadi Kgathi Makhuvele Symbol a Female Leopard.

Complexion Golden brown and fluffy white patches of

wisdom acquired through grace age and experience.

Loyal and protective of her family loved one and close


Born free and wild taming circumstances only goodness

dwells in her heart.

Never Complacent.

Counting blessings in the mists of adversity.

Clarity is in the mists of her, grasping and

understanding what dwells in her heart.

Her strengths compliment her weaknesses.

Just as a new day is born when the sun rises, no

grudge in her world will see the moon light of that

conspicuous rivalry.

We are condemned by our choices and lose hope when

darkness lurks in the mists of our bad choices in life.

Eliminate doubt by conquering what we fear inevitably


Yet what are we doing to materialize our dreams while we still have life?

Fear not my child, love unconditionally take caution the

decisions we take daily are like a puzzle.

Reality is made up of the world of our dreams.

Thoughts mold logic.

The mind is the beauty of all the earth blesses us with.

Time is precious treasure it.

The comfort of your home determines your social class.

When ever in doubt, Pray ( Meditate) questions weigh

your Options.

Do not leave your fate and happiness in the hands of another soul.

You are complete, with your shortfalls, stay steadfast in your faith.

What is pure is not of this world.

It is fine if you do not fit in.

What ever gifts you may receive monetary, spiritually all

that gives you life.

Be Thankful.

Acknowledge the source.

Give to those that wish you well.

Don't dwell on the past should it be Painful.

Now is the moment we can shape tomorrow to comfort our pain.

When you feel like giving up and there is no one by

your side.

Remember the good you have done in the world.

No one can live your life for you.

Your life is a gift from your mother father grand parents

those that came before them the universe and God


For Dr Shadi Kgathi and Mr Makhuvele.

May your journey be filled with Comfort Success and

Happiness. Family friend

Nkosinathi Ncala


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