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The truth is out there Arunachal Pradesh is part of India

Updated on December 30, 2010

The truth is out there Arunachal Pradesh is part of India

The truth is out there Arunachal Pradesh is part of India

On October 22, 2010, People’s Republic of China has launched an official online mapping service and has formally claimed the entire state of ‘Arunachal Pradesh’ and Aksai Chin region of India’s Ladakh region of the State of Jammu and Kashmir as its own territory. Beijing claims Arunachal Pradesh and has named that area as ‘Southern Tibet’. The Simla Agreement of 1914, and the McMahon Treaty between British India, Tibet, and Manchu China had established the McMahon Line as the legitimate boundary between India and Tibet. Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh was under Tibetan domination during early 19th century. Tibetans consider Tawang as holy land as their Sixth Dalai Lama, Tsang Yang Gyatso ( The Precious Ocean of Pure Melody ), a great poet was born there during 1683. However, the 13th Dalai Lama had ceded this territory to British India and had agreed that McMahon Line determines the Indo-Tibetan border. During Communist China’s unilateral military attack on India in 1962, the Indian government had declared that McMahon Line as the official boundary between India and Tibet which came under China’s military occupation since 1950.

China’s military occupation of Tibet in 1950 has subjected India to a variety of pressures. India will forever be subjected to pressures: militarily, politically, environmentally, and now, sharing of River waters if Tibet remains under Chinese military occupation. India, for its own Security, and for the future Security of Arunachal Pradesh needs Tibet to exist as a ‘Buffer Zone’ between India and China. Tibetan People have their legitimate Rights to defend their own Culture, Religion, Language, National Identity, Tibetan Buddhist Institutions and historical freedom to their own way of life. People of the entire Free World must come together and demand Tibet’s Independence from illegal Chinese occupation. The bilateral trade and commerce between China and India has allowed China to loot and plunder India’s natural resources without firing a bullet. China has colonized India and is exploiting its natural resources without the need for military occupation. China may not launch or initiate a large-scale military invasion of India as long as this lucrative trade in minerals and manufactured goods flourishes. However, India cannot afford to ignore this security threat and risk posed by China’s military occupation of Tibet. Tibet’s Independence would be in India’s interest and it would be India’s Security.


China wants just 28 per cent of the 120,000 square kms of disputed area, it said. Beijing also wants New Delhi to concede 2,000 sq kms of territory that it now holds in the middle part of the disputed zone, which China regards as part of the Tibetan plateau besides allowing it to hold on to 33,000 sq kms of Aksai Chin, Ming Pao said. Going by this report, settlement of the border row is round the corner if India agreed to cede just 2,000 kms of territory.

The report has been strongly refuted by the Chinese foreign ministry, which described it as groundless. Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said China is willing to make joint efforts with India in the spirit of mutual understanding and accommodation to seek a fair, reasonable and mutually acceptable solution to the issue… The report gives some idea about Beijing’s desperation to hold on to the Aksai Chin area, which is connected to the troubled Xinjiang bordering Pakistan. Xinjiang, which recently saw bloody riots, has been the hotbed of a separatist movement seeking to create an independent East Turkmenistan nation.

Though Hong Kong newspapers enjoy a lot of press freedom as compared to the state-controlled media regime in mainland China, the Ming Pao report caused a good amount of embarrassment to Chinese authorities. Chinese officials usually give no hint of what is on their mind on sensitive issues including the border talks.


The Chinese Government ignores the McMahon Line and claims Tawang as a part of Tibet even though the Dalai Lama has said that Arunachal Pradesh is part of India. Sixty seven per cent people feel only Arunachal Pradesh has rights over the waters of the Brahmaputra and China must not build dams on the river.


Arunachal Pradesh is an integral part of Indian democracy and there is an elected government in the state. The people of the state want to be part of the great Indian economic boom. For youngsters, Bangalore and Delhi are the places to be in, not Beijing.


Hindi is the medium of expression for the young Arunachalis. And they don't feel it's imposed. It's the language preferred even over English. Aaj Tak is the most watched news channel and 92 per cent prefer Bollywood over Hollywood.


The McMahon Line declared it in 1950, and for the people of the state, that remains the ultimate fact. Eight out of 10 Arunachalis feel India cares about them. Contrary to the common perception, they don't feel neglected and 86 per cent think India has done enough for them. There are problems of infrastructure and education, but 70 per cent respondents blame it on state politicians.


Eight out of 10 people in Arunachal look at China with suspicion. Not a single respondent wants to be part of China. The scars of 1962 are still fresh. The constant claim on its territory is not only annoying, but also a reminder of the invasion five decades ago.


The Chinese troops reached Tezpur in Assam in 1962. China has now built railway lines, roads and helipads right up to the Indian border. There has been diplomatic posturing from India, but nothing much has happened on the ground.

Arunachal Pradesh is part of India

Arunachal Pradesh is part of India

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Arunachal Pradesh is part of India


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    • profile image

      Arunachalee Tribal 

      4 years ago

      Who the h.e.l.l. is Dalai Lama and who is he to decide that? Funny article. it made Laugh My Fcuking As s Off

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Arunachal and North east is the part of China. Neither Indian government nor NE people considered it is part of India. If it is not like that why Indian government ignored in its development and NE people are still fighting indepence from India.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      The Dalai lama lives in India .Tibet should either be independant or belong to India .China Is just a Stalin hungry land grabber as they already polluted thiers

    • profile image

      indian blood 

      6 years ago

      wow wow wow wait a minute .open your eyes, ears,and your MOUTH, just by pronouncing these two words ( ARUNACHAL PRADESH) it sounds INDIAN.undoubtedly it belongs to INDIA.Even a child can guess. DAMNNNNNN.British domination are responsible for this MESS(i mean from the very beginning).("China may not launch or initiate a large-scale military invasion of India"), well what does this means? I am asking this question to myself.

      Come on tell to the indian army to stand tall and not to give up this time, china invaded and we lost the 1962 war. BEST OF LUCK

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      ya that's true we all are Indian even some one outside come and said we are there part ...........


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