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The two party system is destroying America!

Updated on July 21, 2015

Let's get ready to rumble!

Voting in a box

The two party system that we are utilizing currently, is destroying our Constitutional Republic. It is not only polarizing, but it gives one the sense, that if you don’t follow the platform for one party or the other, that there is something wrong with you and your views. Just as our nation’s Universities have become re education camps for young people, teaching them not how to think, but what to think, Republicans and Democrats have found a formula, in which the country is fractured into 3 parts. You are encouraged to vote Republican or Democrat, and anything in between is said to help “the other guy” get elected. Ask any registered Libertarian, how frustrating it is to agree with portions of each platform (R and D), but feel like a pariah, because your vote is seen by the partisan hacks, as irrelevant, and helping the other side. All of this, because someone has the tendency to think for themselves, rather than follow the other lemmings off the edge of the cliff. “Freethinkers” what a horrible thought. Our country was built by hard working freethinkers. All of this divisive, partisan, nonsense, and what happens at the end of the day? Both parties unite to royally screw the American people big time! After all, the universal definition of bipartisan is, “everybody gets the shaft”. Except for members of congress of course, because they are normally exempt from their ridiculous legislative creations. Our system of government is a joke, and has been transformed into a “Piff the Magic Dragon” act, where the Federal Government utilizes some tricky sleight of hand (Unemployment numbers, Consumer spending spin, etc), then slaps together a ham sandwich and eats it in front of us. It is almost surreal, to witness what is happening. After the election dust settles, each cycle, and congress has survived the onslaught of opposition, they spend a year acting completely irrational, until they start to approach the next election, then they start behaving, a little bit. It is too bad, that the average American voter, has such a short attention span.

Republican party hides behind self righteousness

The Republican platform is a self righteous one, in which government control manifests itself, in the form of Government regulation and licensing of marriage, that has segregationist origins, enforcing victimless crimes, put forth by the so called ,”war on drugs”, that in some cases, puts people away for decades for selling marijuana. Land of the Free? Really? Sure Republicans come out for tax cuts, but how often do they actually follow through on those promises? It’s a good campaign pitch I guess. But even when we get cuts, it’s “revenue neutral”, meaning that the tax just goes from one person or group to another, but collectively the tax burden is the same. It is just rearranging the chairs on the deck of the Titanic. It doesn’t matter what you do, the ship is still going down. Republicans are usually the party to give in, even when wielding a congressional majority, in the name of “compromise”. They seem to do this, to persuade people to like them, because the nasty liberals call them names all the time. “Waaahhh!” Cries speaker Boehner.

Democrats working against the little guy, not in favor.

Democrats are for infanticide, killing babies in the name of women’s rights. Tiny lives, sacrificed on the altar of convenience, taking the emphasis off the murder of a child, and focusing on the choice of a sociopath, that happens to be an irresponsible, lazy, female. This liberal issue, showcases the moral decline that is present in modern America. While one could argue that there are a few good Republicans left in Washington, the Democrat party has went full socialist. The party has been hijacked, and has completely fallen off the map. Unfortunately, 40 percent of the country has made this transformation with the party, and will vote democrat to their last breath, no matter who they put forth. I’m sorry, Mr. Democrat, does the word socialist offend you? TOUGH! You don’t want to face reality, then leave. It doesn’t offend Bernie Sanders, he identifies himself as a socialist, and is proud of it. He is gaining on Hillary and packing stadiums of 10,000 + people. His selling point, raise everyone’s taxes, and free everything for everybody. Democrats are also known as the tax and spend party. They claim to be for the little guy, but the little guy (AKA, minorities), their unemployment numbers, and upward economic mobility, tend to suffer when under long term Democrat rule, ie, Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, etc. Dems are experts at destroying the economy, while convincing their base that it is somebody else’s fault, and getting them to unknowingly beg for more poverty, and more handouts. Democrats are also the party of class warfare, and the party of Karl Marx’s modus operandi ,”the end, justifies the means”. In other words, “anything goes”.

Want a scapegoat? Look in the mirror!

This two party disaster leaves voters with a choice, that at least part of the time, is choosing between bad and worse, depending on your personal world view. Some vote straight D, others, R down the line, and people think that their party and their candidate, will stand up for them and their views, and principles. But what if you are a Republican, that is against the “war on drugs”? Or a Democrat that is opposed to abortion? These very realistic scenarios, that place the voter in a box, and going outside of that box can be interpreted by party leaders, and even other voters, as going against the cause, or the party platform. Some of the more sensitive issues such as those dealing with homosexuality and marriage, or Abortion, can be sticking points for voters that are struggling to operate in this small ideological box that they are confined to when they go to the polls. This is why, it is said that there is no perfect candidate. But you have to vote for the candidate, and his values and principles, not the letter behind his name. But many will abandon personal views, and objectivity, in an attempt to follow the party blindly and show loyalty. In the event, that you have a third party candidate in the mix, the fearmongers in both parties are able to convince their base that they have to vote for the party and take one for the team, even though you don’t like the person or their align with their principles. They will say, if you vote for the “other guy” that he/she will take votes from your party candidate, and allow the opposing party to win, even if the “other guy” sounds like a viable alternative. This scares these voters so much, and they believe it to a point, where they are 100 % willing to vote against their conscience, and choose a candidate that they are unhappy with, and goes against their principles, in order to be “loyal” to the party. This two party system is one huge scam, that has been implemented by the US Government, against the American people, and the average American, is psychologically prone to fall for it, hook, line, and sinker.

Our two party political system divides the country, encouraging opposing world views to be at war with each other, instead of agreeing to disagree, and respecting one another’s opinion, even when it differs from our own. This kind of tolerance is almost non existent in America today. If someone has a different opinion, political, religious or otherwise, that person is totally destroyed, professionally, personally, and politically, by opposition, in the form of mainstream media, pop culture, or just the local community. The media is the worst offender when it comes to personal destruction of free thinkers. The government would not get away with half of what they do, if it were not for a complicit media.

Both parties pander, Republicans do it to Christians, Drug war advocates that profit significantly from the prohibition of illegal drugs, corporate lobbyists, etc. Democrats do it for their own special interests, including, but not limited to, homosexuals, (perceived)women’s rights, minorities, (blacks, hispanics, corporations, Islam, etc.) Both parties are guilty of these horrible examples of intolerance, but anyone within either party will argue that their party is justified in their own versions of discrimination and hate, for a number of reasons. Politicians on the Hill, continue to call each other, “crazy”, and, “Wacko birds”, “idiots”, “morons”, accomplishing absolutely nothing, except giving that can a good kick down the road. If either party wants to lay blame on someone, they need to look in the mirror!


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      Brad Masters 

      3 years ago from Orange County California BSIT BSL JD


      I have been saying this for a very long time but it doesn't gain traction.

      The loyal party voter is the root cause of the congress that moves the country to the left and the right but never forward.

      The D and R have divergent goals and they cannot bring the country to the shade of purple that it needs to move forward.

      As for abortion, Roe v Wade never determined when life begins, and that is a problem. That is why in over forty years why there is still controversy about abortion.

      why is it that so many adoptions in the US involve adoptive parents going to China, or Russia or some other country to adopt, when we could have more than enough here.

    • libertyordeath19 profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      I am so sorry I offended you. I am such a horrible person for thinking that the killing of an innocent human life is wrong. I believe that everyone has the right to freedom of expression, I just can't differentiate between people that condone infanticide, and someone that is ok with mass murderers and their actions. Murder is murder, period. You and all the liberal sociopaths that want to rationalize this subject, and throw out straw man arguments regarding rape, do not change the fact that abortion is murder. If taking the life of an innocent, is what you need to quench your feminist thirst for women's rights, then I say, "women's rights be damned". I think you overestimate the amount of women that vote with their vaginas. Women deserve to be treated as real voters. They care about issues like foreign policy, and the economy, and even government corruption and overreach. The equality for women that you seek starts with appealing to womens' intellect, not their genitals. To suggest that this is how women make their decision at the polls, is condescending and downright insulting. Abortion is not an issue, and I am disgusted and ashamed, at the idea that we live in a country, where we have to debate, whether or not it is wrong to kill a baby in the mother's womb. I tell it like it is, if you don't like reality, the don't read my articles. I pull no punches here.

    • Cathy P S profile image

      Cathy P S 

      3 years ago

      You have some good points, but you showcase your ignorance of women. The number as a percentage of population, of women getting abortions as a way of birth control is hardly a statement of how women have lost morality. Men through history have never been persecuted for having sex with more than one partner. Could it be because they cannot get pregnant? Maybe if you could, your opinion would be quite different.

      P.S. I was so ofended, I don't even want to read the rest of the post.


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